Astrology Basic B2
Astrology Basic B2
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Astrology Basic B2

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Course : Astrology Basic B2

Learn all about Astrology in our 5 days Course

Day 1 Sign

  • Introduction to Astrology
  • Significance of astrology
  • 12 Rashi’s/ zodiac signs
  • Characteristics of each Rashis, their significations and importance in Astrology

Day 2 Introduction to Planets

  • 7 Planets + Nodes Details of each planet and their characteristics
  • Karakatwa(Significations) of each Planets including nodes
  • Nature/ Behaviour of Planets

Day 3 Signs & Gender of Planet

  • Zodiac Signs of each Planet
  • Gender of each planets
  • Exaltation/ Debilitation point of each Planet including strong and weak planets

Day 4 Aspects of Planets

  • Friendship/Enmity among planets
  • Aspects / Drishti of planets including good , bad and special aspect

Day 5 Houses

  • 12 Houses of a horoscope
  • Significations of each House in Astrology

What you get:

1. Live Classes with Q&A
2. Completion certificate
3. Recordings of all the sessions
4. E-book/notes/assignments
5. Active community on WhatsApp

Note: All classes will be conducted over the Zoom video app. Once the payment is made, you will be added to a Whatsapp group for all further communication about classes.

Timeline: 11 day

Where: Live on Zoom


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