Cookies and Biscuits

Cookies and Biscuits

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Learn the techniques of Cookies and biscuits making in a 5 day course.

Timeline: 5 Days course - 1 Module per day (Each Module is of 40 Minutes)

Day 1 - Rose Elaichi Atta Cookies
- understanding the difference between using Atta and Maida in your Cookies
- making the biscuit dough with Atta
- flavour variations with the cookies dough
- understanding the baking process
- using white chocolate compound to coat the Cookies
- various toppings like nuts or sprinkles

Day 2 - Honey Nut Cookies
- making the honey nut caramel sauce
- role of honey in baking
- making a sweet pastry Cookies base
- flavour variations with the Cookies base

Day 3 - Thandai Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuits
- making the piping consistency batter for the biscuits
- flavour variations with the biscuit batter
- correct way of baking the biscuits
- using milk chocolate compound as coating
- using various toppings like nuts or sprinkles

Day 4 - Bourbon Biscuits
- making the biscuit dough
- understanding type of cocoa powder to use
- how to roll and shape the dough before baking
- understanding the role of refrigeration before baking the biscuits
- understanding the baking process
- preparation of Bourbon Biscuit buttercream filling

Day 5: Bakery Style Chocolate Pistachio Biscuits
- making the biscuit dough with correct consistency
- understanding the type of cocoa powder to use
- understanding the baking process

What you get:

1. Live Classes with Q&A
2. Completion certificate
3. Recordings of all the sessions
4. E-book/notes/assignments
5. Active community on whatsapp

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