Yoga Basic - 5 Days
Yoga Basic - 5 Days
Yoga Basic - 5 Days
Yoga Basic - 5 Days
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Yoga Basic - 5 Days

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Learn the techniques of Basic Yoga in a 5-day course.

Timeline: 5 Days course - 1 Module per day (Each Module is of 40 Minutes)

Day 1 – Fat loss-complete leg, thigh, hamstring, arms, and stomach fat loss asana
Pawanmukta asana, hip-opening asana, buttocks toning and stretching poses, back counter stretch and
twisting asana, tiryek asana , marjari asana, vajra asana, balasana, adho mukho swanasana, ashva
sanchalan with variation, bhujang asana , gomukh asana
Anulom vilom and bramri, meditation

Day 2- Asanas for Hair and Skin Glow
Head and neck rotation, simple stretches, Shashank asana, padangustan asana, sarvangasana, halasana,
chakki chalan, simhasana, ushtra asana,
Nadi shodhan, meditation

Day 3- Asanas for building immunity and body strength
Kadamtaal, tadasana, tiryek asana, back twisting poses, trikon asana, dhanur asana, chakra asana,
pawanmukta asana, matsyendra asana, sputa budha asana, adho mukho swanasana, balasana, full
hamstring and leg stretch
Rapid and intense deep breathing exercise, meditation

Day 4- Flow yoga
Simple breathing and relaxation movements, vajra asana, balasana, surya namaskar with variation, full
leg and hamstring stretch, hip-opening poses
Bhastrika, bramri

Day 5- Asana for full body deep relaxation
Majri asana, budhkon asana, adho mukho swanasana, bhujanasana, back twisting , balasana, kapotosan,
Tadasna, pawanmukta asana, happy baby pose
5 sets of pranayama, mediation and visualization

What you get:

1. Live Classes with Q&A
2. Completion certificate
3. Recordings of all the sessions
4. Active community on WhatsApp

About the Instructor :

Pavitra is a certified yoga instructor an experience of 5 years+, a raw food chef, and a natural cure professional. After having worked in a Fortune 500 company for 6 years, she decided to make her passion for yoga a profession. She has learned yoga from the top schools around the country. She has also attended various workshops on health, nutrition, and has exposure to holistic healing. She has transformed her own health and cured a lot of diseases on her own


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