Croissants & Danish Pastry

Croissants & Danish Pastry

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Course : Croissants & Danish Pastry

This course offers high class modules that expands, a deep understanding & knowledge related to Croissants & Danish Pastry

Day 1 - Pastry sheet for Chocolate croissant & Danish Pastry

  • Learn to make buttery, flaky, base pastry sheet for Chocolate croissant & Danish pastry

Day 2  Assembling and baking chocolate croissant & Cherry-pistachio Danish Pastry

  • Learn fruit-flavoured, pudding-like dish which is often used as a glaze or filling for fruit pies

Note: All classes will be conducted over the Zoom video app. Once the payment is made, you will be added to a WhatsApp group for all further communication about classes.

Where: Live on Zoom

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