Garment Stitching & Tailoring Course - Kidswear

Garment Stitching & Tailoring Course - Kidswear

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Kids Wear Tailoring

Day1: Reversible romper
- Knowledge about tools and sewing supplies.
-What is reversible romper?
- Pattern making for romper.
- Tracing and cutting of pattern on fabric.

Day2: Reversible romper stitching
-How to set sewing machine?
- Stitching of romper.
- How to attach two sides using reversible technique.

Day 3: Box pleated skirt
- Drafting Pattern of skirt.
- Reuse your old jeans to make a denim box pleated skirt.

Day4: Dungaree for boys and girls
- How to make Dungaree from old jeans.
- How to make Dungaree pattern.
- Cutting of pattern on fabric.

Day5: Dungaree stitching
- How to stitch Dungaree ?
- How to add fasteners in Dungaree?

Day6: Assymetric Skirt
- What is assymetric Skirt?
- Learn to make assymetric skirt pattern.
- Tracing and cutting on fabric.

Day7: Stitching of Assymetric skirt
- How to attach lining to skirt?
- How to stitch assymetric skirt?
- How to add belt?

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