Mocktails [5 days Course]

Mocktails [5 days Course]

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Learn Different Types Of Mocktails In 5 Days

: 5 Days course - 1 Module per day (Each Module is of 40 Minutes)

Day 1
- Eye opener mocktail
- Non alcoholic blue lagoon
- Chocolate martini

Day 2:
- Iced ginger coffee mocktail
- Banana Pina colada
- Cranberry is apple's crush
- Classic Shirley temple

Day 3:
- Mirch Mumtaz
- Spicy guava mocktail
- Lychee melon ball spritzer
Day 4:
- Pomegranate berry cooler
- Burnt citrus strawberry mocktail
- Mint zing 

Day 5
-Blue shoe
-Frozen unicorn mocktail(multi layered mocktail)
-Hot buttered spiced cider

Things learned:-
Mocktails from coffee, chocolate, fruits and fruit juices
How to spice drinks
Layering of drinks or multi colored drinks
Mocktails with Indian touch good for festive
Few classics mocktails

What you get:

1. Live Classes with Q&A
2. Completion certificate
3. Recordings of all the sessions
4. E-book/notes/assignments
5. Active community on whatsapp

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