The insight

Nikhil & Ayushi noticed their mother searching online for cooking classes and realized there was no dedicated platform for 34 crore working-age women to upskill in various fields.

Humble Beginnings

Alippo began as an upskilling platform through Sukriti's rapid experiments. We rolled out courses and expanded into diverse categories like food, beauty, arts, and beyond.

Feedbacks & Love

The platform organically reached 30,000 students in 6 months, boasting a 4.9/5 rating on the Play Store. Your love inspired us, and your feedback propelled us forward.

Going deeper

Customers demanded more: "Don't just teach, help me sell!" Alippo transformed into a complete ecosystem, empowering micro-entrepreneurs to start and expand their home businesses.

Solid Impacts

We hit a milestone with 1300+ entrepreneurs launching businesses in baking, chocolates, candles, skincare, perfumes, etc. Alippo maintains a vibrant community of women and small business owners inspiring one another.

Growing & Glowing

We started getting noticed. Featured in Google's WeArePlay stories with 19M views. Chosen among the top 10 startups featured on Mission StartAb - a show by Amazon Prime. Powered by a kickass team of dreamers, hustlers and doers, Alippo is democratizing starting-up in the country.