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Beginners Guide to Social Media



    This comprehensive course offers step-by-step guidance on how to excel in the world of social media marketing. From creating captivating content on Instagram and Facebook to harnessing the power of WhatsApp Business for customer support, you'll also learn graphic editing skills using popular tools like Canva. Additionally, discover the secrets of Google Business to optimize your online presence and skyrocket your business. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this course will take your social media game to the next level!

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    • Course duration

      10+ Hours

    This course includes

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    Learn-by-doing with recorded classes

    In 10+ Hours, you will learn:

    Module 1 - Instagram Basics

    3 classes41min 15sec

  • Part 1

    Understanding Instagram

    7m 38s

    - Why to use instagram for business, who uses it - Downloading app, website

  • Part 2

    How to Create a Business Account on Instagram

    10m 15s

    - Understanding types of accounts and who should use which one, logging into your account

  • Part 3

    Building Up a Bio

    23m 22s

    - Learn how to add name, profile picture, links, description in instagram

  • Part 1

    Various Pages of Instagram

    12m 26s

    - Understanding about Home page, search page, explore page, reel page and Profile page on Instagram, add button

  • Part 2

    Types Of Posts

    6m 19s

    - Understand about carousels, live, collabs, prep sneak peek, frequency, sharing background instances, informal approach, keeping followers engaged

  • Part 1

    Creating Your First Post

    5m 52s

    - Understand about feature-packed post creation tool that allows you to pick from a gallery, create drafts, make single or multiple selections, adjust aspect ratio, apply filters, add captions, hashtags, tag people, set reminders, explore partnerships, tag locations, include music, and easily share on other pages or Facebook

  • Part 2

    Advanced Settings For a Post

    8m 12s

    - Learn how to enable advanced post settings including scheduled posting, hidden like view counts, disabled comments, Facebook sharing, and improved accessibility

  • Part 1

    Create Your First Carousel Post

    5m 25s

    - Discover the power of carousel posts - combining visuals, filters, tags, captions, and music to engage, connect, and share on multiple platforms

  • Part 2

    Advance Settings for Post

    2m 43s

    - Learn about advanced settings for a post that include scheduling, hiding like view counts, disabling comments, sharing to Facebook, enabling accessibility, pinning, and editing

  • Part 1

    Create Your First Story

    3m 15s

    - Let's dive into the Stories tab and discover what they're all about, where they're visible, how often they appear, and the awesome stories that await us!

  • Part 2

    Types Of Stories


    - Explore a variety of story types, including text stories, boomerangs, layouts, video stories, dual options, handsfree creations, gallery choices, and filters

  • Part 3

    Story Telling Through Stories

    9m 33s

    - Engage in storytelling through diverse styles, editing, tagging, text, stickers, music, filters, drawing, and saving options

  • Part 4

    Story Settings

    3m 57s

    - The story settings include viewing options for hide and closed friends, the ability to allow message replies, options for saving and sharing, controls, and a flash option

  • Part 1

    Reels Fundamentals

    7m 13s

    - Learn the fundamentals of creating engaging Reels, including introduction, creating from gallery and camera, filters, music, background and sticker buttons, timing and speed control, layout customization, timer usage, dual recording, gesture control, flash utilization, and camera settings with a save option

  • Part 2

    Creating & Editing a Reel

    15m 3s

    - Learn the complete process of creating and editing a reel, including video adding, incorporating clips, pictures, music, filters, stickers, and text, reshuffling and trimming clips, adding captions and hashtags, tagging collaborators, utilizing advanced settings, and saving or sharing drafts

  • Part 3

    Planning Reel Content

    7m 7s

    - Create diverse and engaging reel content by incorporating various types, planning strategically day by day, leveraging trends, utilizing transitional reels, crafting compelling storytelling, and incorporating promotional elements, with examples for inspiration

  • Part 4

    Understanding Reel trends

    8m 49s

    - Gain a comprehensive understanding of reel trends, including the utilization of templates, transitions, and remixing techniques, along with insights into audio management and maximizing reach through remixing

  • Part 5

    Instagram Insights

    13m 4s

    - Learn how to utilize Instagram insights and dashboard tools to analyze engagement, posting times, reach, profile activity, demographics, followers, and story insights for effective social media strategies

  • Part 1

    Difference Between Business Page & Regular Page

    5m 20s

    - Distinguishing factors between a personal profile and a business page include friends versus followers/likes, differing reach, privacy settings, and the use of a business profile for commercial or content-related purposes

  • Part 2

    Setting Up a Business Page

    18m 59s

    - Setting up a business page involves creating a page with a name, category, location, opening hours, contact info, adding a profile photo (logo/owner), selecting a cover photo with the right aspect ratio, syncing it with the profile photo, crafting a bio, using hashtags/owner identification, adding action buttons, including a whatsApp button, enabling invite options, and managing notifications (on/off) with a specific menu option for restaurants

  • Part 3

    Exploring Your Business Page

    21m 41s

    - Explore the features of our business page, including customizable tabs, editing options for bio, hours, privacy, settings, and pictures, along with the ability to like, message, follow, and manage posts, videos, mentions, and featured content

  • Part 4

    Creating Posts on Facebook

    19m 4s

    - Learn how to maximize engagement on Facebook by creating various post types, including text, photo, video, and link-based posts, utilizing captions, hashtags, and the boost post option to enhance the relevance and encourage interactions

  • Part 5

    Instagram & Facebook Linking

    13m 43s

    - Explore the benefits of linking Instagram and Facebook, understand the process of linking through both platforms, explore options for enabling post and story sharing, understand how to check insights for shared posts, explore strategies for improving reach, and gain knowledge on the common option of deleting posts

  • Part 6

    Facebook Groups For Audience Base


    - Explore the concept of Facebook groups, understand content sharing within groups, learn how to target specific groups based on location and interests, discover how Facebook groups work as a filtered audience base, understand the role of admins and group rules, learn effective posting strategies in groups, and explore attaching WhatsApp links to attract and engage audiences in one centralized platform

  • Part 1

    Introduction to Whatsapp

    14m 56s

    - Unlock the potential of WhatsApp Business: Learn its purpose, benefits, and the vast array of opportunities it offers

  • Part 2

    WhatsApp Business Account

    20m 42s

    - Understand how to make whatsapp business account

  • Part 3

    Business Tools

    18m 43s

    - Exploring different tools on whatsapp business

  • Part 4

    WhatsApp Catalogue

    17m 8s

    - Explore catalogue tools on whatsapp business

  • Part 5

    Reaching out People on Broadcast List

    10m 55s

    - How to build a broadcast list - Understand how to promote your products

  • Part 6

    Whatsapp Linking

    9m 1s

    - Linking your insta and Facebook accounts to whatsapp

  • Part 7

    Customer Support on Whatsapp

    12m 5s

    - Addressing customer queries, using Automate messages for quick replies, and away messages

  • Part 8

    WhatsApp Status

    8m 32s

    - Explore how to share content via the status feature

  • Part 1

    Elements of Design

    14m 56s

    - Understand the elements of design

  • Part 2

    Apps for Designing

    11m 42s

    - Learn graphic editing basics, explore popular editing apps including Adobe suite, and discover the advantages of using Canva

  • Part 3

    Introduction to Canva

    24m 56s

    - Discover the features and benefits of Canva, including sign-up, navigation, project creation, free vs. paid options, watermarks, subscriptions, and determining the best fit for a paid Canva account

  • Part 4

    Canva Templates

    11m 56s

    - How to create templates on Canva

  • Part 5

    Creating a Design Using The Templates

    16m 40s

    - Learn the complete process of creating visually appealing designs using templates, including template selection, backdrop editing, text customization, element integration, image uploads, alignment techniques, animations, layer management, color manipulation, and graphic design

  • Part 6

    Creating Design From Scratch

    16m 30s

    - Learn to create unique designs from scratch by customizing elements, selecting backgrounds, and utilizing advanced editing features on a plain canvas

  • Part 7

    Designing Business Cards

    15m 15s

    - Learn to design professional business cards with standard typography, logo placement, cohesive color palettes, and effective use of space while incorporating essential contact details

  • Part 8

    Saving Process on Camera

    10m 45s

    - Learn how to save your work in Canva in different formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG

  • Part 9

    Canva For Business

    19m 13s

    - Unlock the full potential of Canva for your business with advanced skills in creating and editing professional posters, menu cards, pictures, carousels, logos, and standard ad formats

  • Part 1

    Basics of Google Business

    9m 1s

    - Learn about Google Business and how it differs from a website. Explore the various types of businesses on Google and understand how people find you on the platform, specifically its utility for a baking business

  • Part 2

    Setting Up Google Business Account

    19m 21s

    - Learn how to register your business on Google Business, choose the perfect category, and provide location, contact, and verification details. Also, learn how to upload pictures, write a business description, and add business hours

  • Part 3

    Contacting Through Google

    3m 51s

    - Learn how to set up your business on Google, including messaging, phone number verification, and adding your website, along with integrating links to your Instagram and WhatsApp profiles

  • Part 4

    Optimising Google Account

    24m 36s

    - Learn to optimize and manage your Google account efficiently, including setting up and enhancing your business presence on Google, monitoring performance, analyzing analytics, and staying updated with the latest trends while adding products and menus

  • Part 5

    Keywords & Google SEO

    9m 58s

    - Learn about SEO and how it works for Google, explore Google Trends, and discover websites to find relevant keywords

  • Part 6

    Reviews & Ratings

    8m 29s

    - Learn about Google reviews and ratings, including how to gather them, their impact on performance and search results, and managing them through the Google reviews dashboard

  • Part 1

    Video & Photo Editing

    10m 8s

    - Learn the importance of video editing and the basics of video editing techniques. Discover recommended apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Kinemaster for video and photo editing

  • Part 2

    All About Inshot

    5m 14s

    - Learn about InShot, an app that offers photo, video, and collage-making options, available in both paid and unpaid versions

  • Part 3

    Photo Editing

    22m 32s

    - Learn photo editing with features like gallery import, canvas customization, text addition, filters, stickers, and saving options to gallery or as drafts

  • Part 4

    Collage Editing

    14m 21s

    - Learn collage editing with the ability to select images from your gallery, use various layouts, swap and switch images, add borders, effects, and similar features as photo editing, and save your final collage without a draft option

  • Part 5

    Video Editing

    10m 8s

    - Learn video editing with versatile features including combining photos and videos, rearranging content, removing watermarks, adding music, effects, transitions, trimming, animation, chroma key, and various saving options for quality output

  • Part 1

    Instagram Reel


    - Showing the setup for reel shooting - How to set up tripod for shoot and how to use it well - We will be giving them an option for food or product - How to take close up/macro shots - How to work around different shots before and after assembly - How to trim, crop or add transitions to the clips - How to add music and put up captions and hashtags - Elaborating on some tricks for an eye catchy reel - How to add text over reels or give voice-over for reels

  • Part 2



    Live at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    All About Stories

    - What to be posted on stories? - How to tag people ? - How to add links on stories? - How to add stories to highlights? - How to edit stories? - How to add songs and hashtags? - How to use Canva for story edits? - Facebook stories are synced with Instagram

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