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Love DIY things? Alippo offers a variety of courses on making skincare, cosmetics, soap, perfume, candles, macrame, nail art, and so much more!

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Upcoming Product Formulation Courses ⌛

Men Grooming Kit Products Formulations

The grooming for men market is booming! This is your chance to start a business of men's grooming kit formulations! Know all the tips ad tricks needed from this course! This LIVE course by Heena Bhatt will teach you so many formulations! Mustache styling wax, beard oil and balm, shaving foam and bar, facewash, face scrub, and the list goes on! Do not miss out on this exclusive 10-day course! Note: We will be using mild chemicals & preservatives in this course

Starting 07 Dec

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Perfume Making

What makes a luxury perfume range? Turns out, it's all about the right ingredients. This is a 9-Day LIVE super amazing course with Tabassum on perfume making, with in-depth knowledge of perfumes. We have a wide range of perfume and parfume for everyone to enjoy. Learn from spray perfume, attar, Eau de Fraiche, non-alcoholic perfume for men/women, and much more.

Starting 09 Dec

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Air Fresheners Formulation

Who doesn’t like good fragrance? Do you wish to know the secrets to making the top quality fresheners? We have introduced a new 6-day LIVE course by Tabassum! Learn to make things like long lasting perfumes/sprays, aroma oils and general uses, car gel perfume and so much more!

Starting 10 Dec

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Make Your Own Makeup Products

Want to set up your personal makeup brand line? Beauty coming your way. Learn everything you need to create your own beauty products with formulator instructor Heena Bhatt. You will learn an introduction to ingredients, Illuminating Primer, Concealer, Hydrating Liquid Foundation, Cream Bronzer, Pressed Compact Powder, Liquid Blush, Setting Spray, and many more.

Starting 17 Dec

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All About Oil Formulations

Make amazing mood-boosting, skin-clearing, and healing oils at home! Start your own new business venture of making oils through this 8-days LIVE course by Gunjan! Learn to make facial and body oils, essential oils, hair oils, and so many more types of oils in this single course. Don’t let this opportunity go!

Starting 20 Dec

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Our Star Instructors 🌟

Tabassum Saher - Our Formulation Expert

Tabassum Saher Our Formulation Expert

Tabassum Saher works as a cosmetic chemist. She established her own company, Ts Cosmetics.

  • $em{{3+}} years of experience3+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{1000+}} studentsTaught over 1000+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.2/5}}Ratings - 4.2/5
Gunjan Sharma - Our Formulation Expert

Gunjan Sharma Our Formulation Expert

She is a certified skincare formulator out of passion, a teacher by trade, and a mompreneur at heart. She is t ...See more

  • $em{{3.5+}} years of experience3.5+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{1200+}} studentsTaught over 1200+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.6/5}} Ratings - 4.6/5
Heena Bhatt - Our Formulation Expert

Heena Bhatt Our Formulation Expert

Heena Bhatt is a certified organic skincare formulator .She has done diploma from the School of Natural Skinca ...See more

  • $em{{5+}} years of experience5+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{500+}} studentsTaught over 500+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.8/5}} Ratings - 4.8/5

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Alippo's Business Women 🔥

Jyoti rohan shah
Founded By

Jyoti rohan shah

  • Product Formulation

I’m Bsc graduate in microbiology & now I’m into some beauty products. I started for myself, then due to good results I have started a small business in our town & willing to expand my business.

Archi naturals
Suman chaurasia
Founded By

Suman chaurasia

  • Product Formulation

My name is Suman chaurasia, I live in Varanasi. I have learnt skincare and hair care products making from alippo e-learning platform, this platform is very good for women who wants to start their own home business. Thanks alippo team. I started my business for women empowerment.

Payal Mahajan
Founded By

Payal Mahajan

  • Product Formulation

My name is Payal Mahajan, founder of 'Ark- A Step Beyond Ordinary' an authentic, nature-infused hair and skin care line. I am passionate about self-care and leading a positive lifestyle. I reside in Delhi with my beautiful family. I would describe myself as inquisitive and caring.

 Ark- A Step Beyond Ordinary Payal Mahajan has always believed that a little bit of attention to self-care will make one feel more connected to oneself and the world around. It all started with the passion to infuse nature in her hair and skincare routine. Over time, her creations became her family's go-to hair and skin care products. This motivated her to learn more about the hair and skin care needs out there and as said “the nectar of life is sweet only when shared with others”, it gave birth to 'Ark- A Step Beyond Ordinary' an authentic hair and skin care line.

Arun Kumar
Founded By

Arun Kumar

  • Product Formulation

I am working as a system engineer and I wanted to enter into online selling using the technologies I have learnt. I decided to start with FMCG products and my first choice was Soap. Later I learnt that handmade soaps are premium products and without harmful chemicals. So instead of selling the products without knowledge, I decided to know how it is done, so that i can make or purchase quality products and sell them. Alippo is affordable to learn, affordable to reach people for discussion in the groups, and learn the recent trends in the product making. Now I have learnt 2 formulation courses of Soap making and Skin care. Now I have started a small unit for soap making and other products. After reselling handmade soaps, I felt I could make and sell handmade soaps confidently. Hence now I have started with a brand name and yes a long way to go to reach the goals.

K Kare
Kamal kamini
Founded By

Kamal kamini

  • Product Formulation

I am teacher by profession but learning n experimenting new things is my passion. I started Chocolate making as hobby and wanted to do something related hair & skin care products. My search ended when I came across the alippo app through facebook The first course I started was soap making & now learnt formulations for hair & skin. My journey towards becoming entrepreneurship started. I really thanks alippo for providing a big platform for the women like me who has the passion to do something on their own.

Skin organico
Dr. Apeksha Singh
Founded By

Dr. Apeksha Singh

  • Product Formulation

Hello,I am - Dr. Apeksha, From - Gurgaon, I am a cosmetic dermatologist and I wish to make my own products so that I can make myself and world a confident place with my own products, aesthetic experience and clinical practice. I always wanted to make my own brand but didn’t know the right path. After joining Alippo courses, I met the right path and came to know about the formulations and branding. Now I am launching my brand with the name “Skin Organico”. Thank you Alippo for making my wish a reality.

Imperial  Cosmetic Hub
Ramya Rao
Founded By

Ramya Rao

  • Product Formulation

I am a home maker from Kundapur, Karnataka. I have completed my 3 years of Diploma in Fashion Designing and M.Com. I stay with my husband, 12year old son and in-laws. As I am very much interested in making and selling handmade soaps and cosmetic products, I started joining online classes related to handmade cosmetic products making that were taught by certified formulators and instructors and started to make and give the products to my family, friends, relatives and neighbors. I started getting good reviews on the products. So I thought of converting this into a business and started selling the products.Now I feel proud to say tat I am running a small scale business of home made handmade soaps and cosmetic products all by myself with the brand name,IMPERIAL_COSMETIC_HUB. Last but not the least i want to thank Alippo team because i have learnt a lot through Alippo courses and waiting to learn much more in future.

Simran swamy
Founded By

Simran swamy

  • Product Formulation

My name is Simran. Im pursuing pg in MBA from indore and also doing a job. I love to explore and learn new and more things. Once I was doing a search and suddenly strike up with an idea to start my own business. These was a year ago at that time i never though of make something, I though i can just resell and earn from it. I was working on that and think to start resell product on amazon and flipkart. And one day I was scrolling on Instagram and showed ad of alippo and I thought of learning a course with alippo and that was a perfume making course. I never stopped learning from alippo. I tried a lot time to apply fot gst but due to some property tax paper I didnt able to register it. Till that time i prepared my self and started marketing my products on Instagram and facebook. In October I started and created account on etsy and it took at alot time in that as well to get me registed. And im now registered with it but I started with a big goal from small thing. Selling lip care right know like lip balm lip scrub lip butter lip oil. Not getting much sales and still working on it to make it a good and most important give beneficial products to customers

Azra Ardh
Dr. Aateka
Founded By

Dr. Aateka

  • Product Formulation

Doctor (Homoeopath) Organic skincare & haircare formulator. I started with organic skin care in 2018 wherein I was having a small customer base. As we started to expand, we had more requirements and so we needed different formulations, ingredients and skin relations, etc. So I went with Allippo courses and became a professional in skin care. Since we started to deal with many different products with a variety of functional results, it was necessary to brand them. That's how my brand of organic skincare "Azra Ardh" is born.

Abhikhya Naturals
Upasana Bhatia
Founded By

Upasana Bhatia

  • Product Formulation

I’m a soapmaker and homemaker. I keep experimenting with food, DIYs, gardening, and skincare products. I stumbled upon a video on Facebook which showed how soaps can be made at home with variations. This got me interested to learn more about the process and went on doing courses on soap making, including Alippo courses. I got my brand name registered and started as a small business on Instagram.

Customer Success Stories 🎯

Take a look at how our customers feel about the courses and the work they've done.

Shyla S

Hi am shyla from Ovaimer Organic's. Alippo courses are very useful for beginners, the classes are great, and Ms. Sindhu is a wonderful instructor who explains well and clears all our doubts with courtesy (both online and offline). Overall, I find the course to be very good and it's helped me a lot in growing my business. THANK YOU ALIPPO & SINDHU 🙏

Archana Parab

My first order of body butter, lip balm & detox body ubtan. Thank you so much Gunjan ma’am for the formulation course as it’s amazing. First I used it and the results are amazing. Lips are nourished and body butter is amazing as the skin is become very supple in one night. My Gurumaa too liked it as the hamper order was given by her for laxmi puja. Thanks a ton Gunjan ma’am for such beautiful and easy formulation. 🙏❤️😘🥰

Dr. Bushra

I started formulating few years back, ofcourse didn't started as a beginner with ALIPPO courses. But yes it did boost my confidence & helped to believe in my formulations. ALIPPO courses are great for beginners. And would highly recommend. Thank you Team Alippo.

Krishna Panchal

Dear Gunjan ma’am & Alippo I am glad to appreciate most to Alippo who make me more confident to start up my own business 🥳👏🏻👏🏻 These online classes are very interesting. Ma’am teaches us very nicely. She clears our doubts very nicely and I am very glad to take this class. Thank you for doing this effort and I am very thankful to Alippo and Gunjan Mam 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️😊😊

Guarav Thakur

As per the feedback is concerned than there is no word to describe the knowledge this course has imparted me and the kind of insight being provided by Tabassum ma'am and timely support by Alippo team which nudged me to enroll for advanced course of perfume making which is still underway. Once again thank you for bringing this course for us 😍

Swati Gupta

The formulation was so perfect that on very first attempt the product came out very well. Consistency, aroma and effectiveness, all are great 👍 Highly recommended 💥

Alippo Customer

Alippo is a very fine website and the courses offered are very nice and informative. The instructors are very patient with the questions and answer every question very nicely. They explain everything in detail and given the price alippo offers it’s a great deal ⭐

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