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There's nothing like baking to relieve stress! Baking courses at Alippo - make cakes, bread, cookies, biscuits while learning top-notch skills from the experts!

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  • How to Start Your Home Baking Business

    Find out how to start a home baking business and get your first 10 orders by attending a live webinar

    Host - Sukriti Soni

    Host - Sukriti Soni

    How to Start Your Home Baking Business

Upcoming Baking Courses ⌛

Bakery Style Puffs

Puffs are a perfect snack to binge eat with your friends and family. Though it might seem a task to prepare it, it's actually not. Bringing before you our latest 3 Day LIVE course by Chef Pooja wherein she'll teach you end-to-end preparation of making puff pastries, sweet puffs and savoury puffs which can be a great snack for your business. Do not wait a single moment and join the course to grab the early bird discount.

Starting 06 Feb

Bakery Style Puffs course thumbnail

Quiche Making

Starters should be the most eye-catching and palatable recipes of all. Bringing before you a unique 3-Day LIVE course where you can learn to prepare quiches of different types be it classic, fusion or free form. Learn to prepare these recipes and ace the art of preparing starters. Enroll now and grab the early bird offer.

Starting 08 Feb

Quiche Making course thumbnail

Rusk & Biscotti

Biscottis and rusks are the favourite tea time snacks that all of us love. There is a huge market who wishes to try different good quality biscottis. In this 3 Day LIVE course by Chef Pooja, you'll learn to prepare different types of biscottis and rusks which will make your customers drool. So what's the wait for? Grab the early bird offer and join the course now.

Starting 09 Feb

Rusk & Biscotti course thumbnail

Food Styling & Photography

Quality graphics are said to be the most captivating visuals. Presenting before you a 2 Day LIVE course by Tanya with high-class modules where you can learn top-notch food styling and composition along with food photography. Come and join us to learn about super easy tips and techniques to ace your food business.

Starting 10 Feb

Food Styling & Photography course thumbnail


Entremets are delicious and melt-in-mouth desserts. This course covers a lot of unique techniques and tips which will help you to master the art of entremets. In this course, you'll learn how to create the different components of mousse, and the glazing techniques and assemble them together. You will learn how to make elaborate chocolate flowers for garnish, prepare your molds, and create them into entremet pieces

Starting 11 Feb

Entremets course thumbnail

Tea Time Cakes

Discover how to make the most amazing teatime cakes without fail. This course will teach you how to make 3 easy to learn and unique recipes. In this 2 days live course we'll learn blueberry streusel cake, plum pistachio lemon cake and much more with our most beloved Chef Tanya

Starting 13 Feb

Tea Time Cakes course thumbnail

Eggless Baking

How to master baking? Professional home baker Pooja will walk you through the baking fundamentals from beginning to end so you can bake anything! Join a 5-day LIVE course session and you’ll learn the technique because we’ve got the recipe! From the basics of cake sponges all the way to Frosting, Cookies, Bread Making, Teatime Cake, and much more. Note: We don't have a WhatsApp group for this course instead we have introduced a new feature of in-app chat on our app so the course group will be visible on the app ONLY

Starting 14 Feb

Eggless Baking course thumbnail

Artisanal Breads

With Breads, you can have the freshest and tastiest bread right at your fingertips! Get ready to bake like a pro with Breads. Learn to make artisanal bread at home with our star instructor Chef Minali. In this 3 days live course, you will learn to make rustic brown brioche, challah bread and much more from scratch

Starting 16 Feb

Artisanal Breads course thumbnail

Madeleines & Financiers

Join Chef Nandini on an exciting journey where you'll learn the art of baking classic French treats like Madeleines and Financiers. Explore the world of flavours as you whip up delicious Strawberry Jam and tangy Lemon Jam to fill your financiers. Indulge in the rich and decadent Madeleines au Chocolat and discover the techniques that set these petite cakes apart. Get ready to elevate your baking skills and indulge in the art of French patisserie!

Starting 20 Feb

Madeleines & Financiers course thumbnail

Waffles & Pancakes

Indulge in the delicious world of waffles and pancakes with Alippo's amazing 2-day module! Led by expert chef Ashneet, you'll learn how to master the art of creating these irresistible treats. From classic recipes to exciting new twists, you'll leave this course with a wealth of knowledge and the skills to make perfect waffles and pancakes every time. Don't miss out on this mouth-watering opportunity to elevate your dessert game - enroll now!

Starting 21 Feb

Waffles & Pancakes course thumbnail

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Baking Calculation Made Easier

Baking Calculation Made Easier

To help you manage your business and calculate the cost of your ingredients, we have created a tool to help you calculate selling price.

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Our Star Instructors 🌟

Chef Sushil - Our Baking Expert

Chef Sushil Our Baking Expert

He is a food technologist. Has done a lot of product innovation and research in baking. He has a strong belief ...See more

  • $em{{13+}} years of experience13+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{3000+}} studentsTaught over 3000+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.6/5}} Ratings - 4.6/5
Chef Pooja - Our Baking Expert

Chef Pooja Our Baking Expert

Chef Pooja is the proud owner of Cupcake Glory and a professional home baker in Bengaluru who specialises in e ...See more

  • $em{{6+}} years of experience6+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{3000+}} studentsTaught over 3000+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.9/5}} Ratings - 4.9/5
Chef Tanya - Our Baking Expert

Chef Tanya Our Baking Expert

Chef Tanya is a culinary expert and food entrepreneur from Bhopal who specialises in baking, Italian, Mexican, ...See more

  • $em{{5+}} years of experience5+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{1500+}} studentsTaught over 1500+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.8/5}} Ratings - 4.8/5
Chef Ashneet Kaur - Our Baking Expert

Chef Ashneet Kaur Our Baking Expert

Pastry chef Ashneet Kaur Anand, from ITM IHM, is a devoted home baker who has worked as an intern at Taj. Thro ...See more

  • $em{{4+}} years of experience4+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{800+}} studentsTaught over 800+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.4/5}} Ratings - 4.4/5

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Alippo's Business Women 🔥

Moments of delight by Mayesha
Mayesha Khan
Founded By

Mayesha Khan

  • Baking

Hello my name is Mayesha Khan I am from Indore doing my graduation from lucknow from Babu Banarasi Das University i am a home baker since last 1 year. It has been started as a hobby and now it is my passion I love to bake cakes and cupcakes when I was in class 11th I started generating my interest in baking then I get to know about alippo and my first class was with chef Pooja basic baking then I get the confidence to make cakes more prettier you can see on my Instagram page for more details.

Ankitha K Vyas
Founded By

Ankitha K Vyas

  • Baking

I am an IT professional who always wanted to bake. Whenever I baked my cakes never came out right. At times I felt like giving it up but that baker inside me never allowed me to give it up. I had done a few courses through Alippo and one day I found out about the pro baking course and I couldn’t stop myself from registering for it. I can confidently say that this course has not let me down in terms of what I expected out of it. Our instructor was so patient in teaching us all the techniques and encouraged us to try everything, make mistakes and get back to him with our doubts. He thought us every minute thing which was so insightful and made us learn things from him and built the confidence in us that we can overcome all our flaws in baking and become professionals too. I am confident now to start of my journey to become a professional baker after this course. I’m currently working on starting my journey as a professional homebaker

The Home baker
Sarbjeet Kaur Gosal
Founded By

Sarbjeet Kaur Gosal

  • Baking

I did graduation in fashion designing but chose bakery business beacuse baking attracts me and I am very passionate for baking. In july 2021 I joined Alippo and completed 30 plus food course with alippo, and now my own bakery business with the help of team alippo. Thankyou

Chocolate Delights
S. Sabhia Farzana
Founded By

S. Sabhia Farzana

  • Baking

I’m an Homemaker and an Entrepreneur as well. I have started my business in 2020 and in process of building customer base. Receives orders from Zomato sometimes.

Baker's Paradise
Pallavi Komawar
Founded By

Pallavi Komawar

  • Baking

Myself pallavi komawar, Asstt Professor in Hotel mgt institute, Ngp. I joined this course just to upgrade myself and want to start my own bakery business. This course has helped me a lot and boosted my confidence. Thanks for all the support and guidance. Just a beginning and a long way to go 🙂

Pooja’s bakes
Pooja Hooda
Founded By

Pooja Hooda

  • Baking

Hello, I am Pooja Hooda,, Baking is my passion. I love to bake n serve people. The love & encouragement from my family & friends motivated me to be a home baker. My journey to establish a brand was like a roller coaster. Some days it was up, doing well and then for some days no orders. There was no consistency. One day during Instagram scrolling I came across ALIPPO, quite impressive and decided to join the premium module and very happy that I joined. It really gave me confidence, minutest details was discussed by CHEF SUSHIL. I added so many recipes in my catalog and learnt how can I expand my business via social media. Really grateful to team Alippo. All things under one roof. If any home baker wants to expand its business must join ALIPPO for proper growth. Thankyou team ALIPPO.

Kr cake house
Tanisha Ali
Founded By

Tanisha Ali

  • Baking

I am a home baker. Good teaching, I have learned a lot from chef. Thank you so much for this beautiful platform.

Fresh Byte
Nausheen iqbal
Founded By

Nausheen iqbal

  • Baking

My self Nausheen iqbal. I stay in Kolkata, I started my baker journey with alippo 4 months ago and now I have completed my bakery course recently and started my business as a home baker & I’m very happy. Maine apni journey alippo k sath shuro ki or is course mai mujhe bohot sari facilities mili jin mai se ek khod ki bard banane ka moka mila and now I have a brand called fresh bite and now I’m happy with my brand.

Customer Success Stories 🎯

Take a look at how our customers feel about the courses and the work they've done.

Ritu Jain

I am an architect, interior designer and friend's baker. I used to bake and decorate cakes only for friends & family members. As for my nature I am always trying to experiment and make new creativity with cake but lack of knowledge in caramel, hazelnut, cheese cream. I always make chocolate truffles and black forest cake. I had done my verines and entremets course through Alippo app which was my first course in Alippo. It was the turning point for my cake's flavour. The Chef explained about the cake and its fillings so well. It was a great opportunity for me to learn new and different flavours. I really enjoyed the course and found it very interesting. Now I can play with coffee, hazelnut, caramel & cheese in my cake for flavour as well as decoration. I did 2-3 courses from the Alippo and every time I gain different knowledge from different bakers at a very low cost. I can make different flavours of verines, entremets and cakes. Thanks a lot Alippo and the team. You are doing very great work 💪

Vishwa Joshi

vidya sarate

It was my first time taking an online course with Alippo. The bread & puff course was wonderful & had a great learning experience. Chef Pooja & her team were really good & helpful. I am happy to choose Alippo. Highly recommend it to others🔥

Vanitha Christy

Alippo is the best & most highly recommended platform for those who wish to learn & stand independently. Alippo's chef is fantastic; he explains every step, gives us lots of tips & tricks, and I look forward to doing more courses with Alippo. I really enjoyed the wedding cake session thanks to chef Maria ma'am and I expect her to conduct more sessions in the future ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alippo Customer

Alippo offers a wide variety of baking courses. About a month ago, I discovered them and have already taken 5+ courses with them. You are such an amazing team 😍

Sucheta Kale

Many thanks to Alippo for all the courses that have helped me start my own small business from home. I have taken over 20 classes from Alippo. Proper notes are given for every session to ensure proper teaching and understanding. Once again, thank you Alippo🥰

Ritu Jain

Rashmi Somani

Short Reads on Baking

All about yeast

Yeast is a living organism that is used in bread making to cause the dough to rise. When mixed with water and flour, the yeast ferments the sugars in the dough and produces carbon dioxide gas, which causes the dough to rise.

17th January, 2023

12 Min Read

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Ingredients  needed for bread making

The ingredients needed for bread making will vary depending on the type of bread you are making.

18th January, 2023

10 Min Read

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Equipment’s needed for bread making

To make bread at home, you will need the following equipment: Mixing bowl: You will need a large mixing bowl to mix the dough ingredients.....

18th January, 2023


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Tart and Pie Making Made Easy: Types Of Moulds For Tart And Pie Guide

In conclusion, moulds for tarts and pies are an essential tool for bakers and home cooks. They come in a range of materials, including metal, ceramic, and plastic, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs and preferences.

1st January, 2023

3 Min Read

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Make Your Child’s Day With A Chota Bheem-Themed Cake

This is a basic recipe for making a Chota Bheem cake, but you can customize it to your liking by using different flavors of cake, frosting, and fondant, or by adding additional elements such as trees, buildings, or animals to create a scene from the show. Enjoy!

30th December, 2022

2 Min Read

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Unlocking the Secrets of Shortcrust Pastry Family: An All-In-One Guide

Overall, shortcrust pastry, tarts, tartlets, and pies are versatile dishes that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are a seasoned baker or a novice, these dishes offer endless opportunities for creative expression and culinary delight. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different crusts and fillings to find the perfect combination for your taste buds. Happy baking!

30th December, 2022

4 Min Read

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Baking Soft Bread Rolls Using OTG or Convection Mode or Gas

Baking soft bread rolls can be a delicious and satisfying experience, whether you're an experienced baker or a novice. There are a few different methods you can use to bake bread rolls, including using an oven with a convection setting, using a gas stove, or using an oven toaster grill (OTG).

29th December, 2022

4 Min Read

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How to Make Spiderman Cake From Scratch

A Spiderman themed birthday party can be a fun and exciting celebration for kids!

28th December, 2022

3 Min Read

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How to Make a Jungle Theme Cake at Home: Step-by-Step Instructions

With bright and bold colours, a variety of jungle-themed decorations, and a little bit of creativity, you can create a unique and visually appealing cake that is sure to be a hit with the young ones! Whether you're a beginner baker or an experienced pro, a jungle theme cake is a fun and rewarding project that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. So why wait? Break out the cake mix and start creating your very own jungle adventure today!

27th December, 2022

4 Min Read

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Ultimate Guide to Understanding Dough In Baking

Proofing, also known as fermentation, is the process of allowing bread dough to rise and develop flavor. During proofing, the yeast in the dough consumes sugars and produces carbon dioxide gas, which causes the dough to expand and become lighter and airier.

24th December, 2022

7 Min Read

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Frequently asked questions about Baking ⁉

Why should I enrol for a Baking course at Alippo?

At Alippo, we offer a variety of professional and beginner courses in Baking to enhance your skills. We give you the freedom to learn from anywhere at any time, with the availability of each session's recording on our application. Join Alippo and get access to our knowledge bank.

At Alippo we believe in the inclusivity and diversity of our customers. We offer various Baking courses in regional language (Hindi) and English as well. All our Baking expert instructors take the sessions in a dual-linguistic manner, wherein they instruct in English as well as Hindi.

Classes at Alippo are between 1-1.5 hours long and last for four to five days. This schedule allows you to learn new skills, practice your techniques, and learn more about Baking

No problem! You get lifetime access to recordings of the same LIVE session after 30 mins and you can watch anytime.

We offer live practical Baking courses led by our expert instructors. Every step of the process is demonstrated during the live classes. Furthermore, study materials will be provided.

If you have any inquiries or require more details, please get in touch with us at care@alippo.com

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Learn with the people who share your same interest by taking courses at alippo and becoming part of our growing community

  • Why learn Baking  thumbnail

    Why learn Baking 🤔

    There are thousands of Baking businesses generating crores of revenue. Alippo will help you take your dream one step further by introducing you to the world of Baking.

  • How can it help you  thumbnail

    How can it help you ⁉️

    Baking is not only a revenue generating business, but also a highly required skill, every month there are thousands of jobs created and freelance work being offered around Baking.

  • Why learn with Alippo  thumbnail

    Why learn with Alippo 💭

    Alippo currently has offered a number of courses where Baking courses is one of most well received courses. The starting price of the Baking course is Rs 149 where you get access to all the Baking course materials such as videos and PDFs.