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Who doesn't love Chocolate? Choose from milk, dark, or white - one for everyone. Alippo offers you 30+ flavors and varieties of homemade chocolates to satisfy your taste buds and heart.

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Upcoming Chocolate Making Courses ⌛

Chocolate Making Mastercourse

Start your own Chocolate making business now! Through this course know everything you need to know-from the basics to the professional bits! Get creative with chocolate, learn so many types of chocolates, make candies & lollipops, make unique handcrafted and moulded chocolates, and so much more! Enrol in this most creative LIVE, 14-day course, instructed by Chef Nandini!

Starting 27 Dec

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Our Star Instructors 🌟

Chef Bhavika - Our Chocolate Making Expert

Chef Bhavika Our Chocolate Making Expert

Chef Bhavika runs her own government authorized training centre in Mumbai. She is a passionate baker who speci ...See more

  • $em{{3+}} years of experience3+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{1800+}} studentsTaught over 1800+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.2/5}} Ratings - 4.2/5
Chef Aakash - Our Chocolate Making Expert

Chef Aakash Our Chocolate Making Expert

Chef Aakash was employed by De Partie, a significant hotel chain, and he has Management Training Program in Ba ...See more

  • $em{{2+}} years of experience2+ years of experience
  • Taught over $em{{700+}} studentsTaught over 700+ students
  • Ratings - $em{{4.6/5}} Ratings - 4.6/5

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Customer Success Stories 🎯

Take a look at how our customers feel about the courses and the work they've done.

Pratima Nayak

Alippo is doing tremendously fabulous in the field of teaching and bringing up new courses and all the instructors, hosts are amazing. It has always been a pleasure to the part of such a huge family for almost a year now with so many courses under my belt and with full of knowledge. It has made me a confident homebaker now ☺ . This is my first bulk order for chocolate phataks. I almost delivered more than 300 pieces of these chocolates. Alippo has really helped me set up my own business. Thank you Alippo 🥺😍 Thank you so much team Alippo ❤🥰

Sonal Mehta

It was really very great learning through Alippo team. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every session and especially great learning with Chef Aakash and Chef Tanya 🥰🥰 All from Alippo team are so helpful that solving all queries of everyone. Thanks, team Alippo for providing such a great platform.


Healthy eating has become a new norm post-pandemic. I was always looking for healthy snacking options. There are n number of videos and articles available on the internet but only the list of ingredients and recipes won't help you. It becomes very confusing. After joining the protein bars and energy bars course on Alippo it made me confident, as the chef not only shared the recipes but he also made us understand the science behind the art of making healthy bars. It was a very interactive session where all my doubts got cleared & I am actually looking forward to making these bars for commercial use 💪

Abhay Shendye

Dr Abhay Shendye and Ms Leena Palkar have taken basic and advanced courses of chocolate making on Alippo. Using this knowledge we developed chocolates that contain 100% natural fruit. These innovative chocolates have been patented. Yash Agro Dairy Food Park Pvt Ltd will manufacture these premium chocolates under the brand name ChocoElite. Six distributors across Europe have already enquired for these fruit chocolates.

Ruth Snell

This was an excellent course with lots of useful tips from the chef, who was an amazing chef. I would like to thank Alippo and his team for such amazing courses 😍

Merlyn Shenoy

Neethu Mohan

It’s been an amazing experience with team alippo.If you want to be an expert in chocolate making or a home baker, Alippo is the right choice. I took many courses in alippo. Alippo offers a wide range of expert trainers who always solve our queries. Thank u Alippo for giving this wonderful platform

Short Reads on Chocolate Making

How To Make Vegan Chocolate At Home

How To Make Vegan Chocolate At Home

Wednesday | September 21st, 2022

If so, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will share with you my favourite vegan chocolate recipe, as well as some tips and techniques on how to make vegan chocolate.

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  • Why learn Chocolate Making  thumbnail

    Why learn Chocolate Making 🤔

    There are thousands of Chocolate Making businesses generating crores of revenue. Alippo will help you take your dream one step further by introducing you to the world of Chocolate Making.

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    How can it help you ⁉️

    Chocolate Making is not only a revenue generating business, but also a highly required skill, every month there are thousands of jobs created and freelance work being offered around Chocolate Making.

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    Why learn with Alippo 💭

    Alippo currently has offered a number of courses where Chocolate Making courses is one of most well received courses. The starting price of the Chocolate Making course is Rs 149 where you get access to all the Chocolate Making course materials such as videos and PDFs.

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