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Chocolate Making


    Instructed By Chef Maaria


    - Explore the history and significance of chocolate from ancient origins to modern confectionery. - Master the fundamentals of chocolate composition, tempering techniques, and machine-based tempering. - Discover the art of moulding and sculpting chocolate, using various mould types and proper tempering. - Create delightful fudge variations and no-bake florentine cookies with unique flavors. - Learn about pralines, their history, and soft caramel-making techniques and much more in this extensive course.

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      4+ hours

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    In 4+ hours, you will learn:


    2 classes

  • Live



    Live at 5:15 PM - 6:15 PM

    Chocolate Coated Granola Bars

    - Learn to make a delightful chocolate-coated granola bar that combines nutritious components with decadent tastes. - Perfect your skills in achieving the ideal fusion of crispy granola and smooth chocolate coating. - Explore the creative use of diverse seeds and dried fruits to enhance the flavour profile and texture of your creation.

  • Live

    Live class was held at 31 Oct, 23. Recording is available.

    Artistic Chocolate Bars

    - Learn to make drool-worthy chocolate bars with multiple colors. - Learn to make beautifully decorated artistic bars with floral designs.

  • Part 1

    History of Chocolate

    5m 59s

    - Take a journey through time to explore the evolution of chocolate, from its ancient origins to its role in today's confectionery world.

  • Part 2

    Introduction to Single Origin Chocolate

    2m 53s

    - Learn about the significance of single-origin chocolate, its superior flavor characteristics, and the regions that produce some of the world's finest cocoa beans.

  • Part 3

    Types, Varieties, of Cocoa Beans & Origins

    3m 49s

    - Dive into the world of cocoa beans, their diverse varieties, origins, and the unique flavor profiles they bring to chocolate.

  • Part 4

    Chocolate Equipment and Tools

    8m 29s

    - Master the essential equipment and tools needed for crafting chocolate, from tempering machines to moulds and more.

  • Part 5

    Types of Chocolate

    11m 58s

    - Explore the various types of chocolate, from dark and milk to the innovative Ruby chocolate, and understand the differences in ingredients and taste.

  • Part 6

    Cleaning of Mould

    5m 28s

    - Understand the importance of cleaning moulds an right technique to clean it.

  • Part 7

    Ingredients Needed For Chocolate

    6m 3s

    - Understand all the ingredients that you need to make basic chocolates.

  • Part 8

    Melt & Pour Chocolate- Compound

    10m 32s

    - Learn the techniques for working with compound chocolate, a convenient option for quick and easy chocolate creations.

  • Part 9

    Melt & Pour Chocolate- White Kesar Chocolate

    10m 17s

    - Learn the techniques for working with compound chocolate, a convenient option for quick and easy chocolate creations.

  • Part 1

    Composition of the Chocolates

    8m 14s

    - Delve into the fundamentals of chocolate, understanding its composition, the roles of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and other additives in crafting various chocolate types.

  • Part 2

    Importance of Chocolate Tempering

    5m 34s

    - Explore the significance of chocolate tempering, focusing on crystal structures and mastering the techniques for achieving glossy and stable chocolate.

  • Part 3

    Manual Tempering - Seeding Method

    15m 17s

    - Learn the art of manual chocolate tempering, including the seeding method to control the chocolate's crystalline structure.

  • Part 4

    Manual Tempering -Table Method

    21m 10s

    - Discover the efficiency of the table method for consistent results.

  • Part 5

    Tempering of Ruby chocolate

    7m 47s

    - Explore the unique tempering requirements of Ruby chocolate and learn how to create delightful Ruby Cranberry chocolate bars with their signature pink hue.

  • Part 6

    Machine-Based Tempering

    3m 16s

    - Learn the machine-based tempering technique using chocolate temperers and melting tanks.

  • Part 1

    Introduction to Chocolate Ganache

    5m 12s

    - Begin your journey into the world of chocolate ganache, understanding its texture and the importance of quality chocolate in crafting the perfect ganache.

  • Part 2

    Master Recipe of Ganache

    5m 17s

    - Master the art of creating flawless ganache by setting the right ratios, selecting quality ingredients, and exploring the delightful flavors that can complement chocolate.

  • Part 3

    Hand-Dipped Truffles

    14m 44s

    - Learn the intricate techniques of hand-dipping truffles, including shaping, enrobing with ganache, and decorating for stunning and delectable results.

  • Part 4

    Ganache-Filled Chocolates

    7m 9s

    - Discover the secrets to making ganache-filled chocolates, from creating moulds to layering ganache and adding garnishes to elevate their visual and gustatory appeal.

  • Part 1

    Sculpting Chocolate Figures: Easter Eggs

    9m 56s

    - Understand how to make chocolate figures like easter eggs.

  • Part 2

    Chocolate Lace

    5m 49s

    - Understand the right techniques to use chocolate for making lace.

  • Part 1

    Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge

    13m 44s

    - Salted caramel chocolate fudge is a decadent and delightful treat that combines the rich flavors of chocolate and caramel with a touch of sea salt for that perfect sweet and salty balance.

  • Part 2

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

    14m 24s

    - Peanut butter chocolate fudge is a delicious and indulgent dessert made from a combination of peanut butter and chocolate

  • Part 3

    White Chocolate & Cranberry Pista Fudge

    12m 38s

    - Learn to make the classic white chocolate and cranberry pista fudge.

  • Part 1

    Chocolate Coated Dry Fruits

    12m 27s

    - Learn the techniques for coating various dry fruits in chocolate, adding an exquisite layer of sweetness and texture to these delectable snacks.

  • Part 2

    Chocolate Covered Berries

    8m 50s

    - Master the art of dipping fresh berries into luscious chocolate, creating delightful chocolate-covered treats with a burst of fruity goodness.

  • Part 1

    Chocolate Syrup

    3m 30s

    - Learn to make silky smooth chocolate syrup.

  • Part 2

    Live at 3:05 PM - 3:11 PM


    6m 44s

    -Learn about the ingredients and preparation of chocolate spreads, such as Nutella, a hazelnut and cocoa spread.

  • Part 1

    Multilayer Chocolate

    15m 31s

    - Learn how to create a delicious and visually appealing multilayer chocolate bar with different flavors and textures.

  • Part 2

    Oreo & Cream Filled Chocolate

    9m 11s

    - Learn how to make a decadent and creamy oreo & cream filled chocolate.

  • Part 3

    Roasted Almond Chocolate

    4m 47s

    - Understand the right techniques to make the roasted almond chocolate.

  • Part 4

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

    11m 42s

    - Dive into the world of irresistible indulgence as you master the crafting of Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups, a classic combination of creamy peanut butter and smooth chocolate.

  • Part 5

    Rubix Chocolate

    10m 13s

    - Understand how to make rubix chocolate with all the tips 7 tricks.

  • Part 1

    Chocolate Airbrushing

    9m 47s

    - Mastering spray guns for artistic velvet effect.

  • Part 2

    Chocolate Painting

    10m 31s

    - Using cocoa butter colors and brushes to paint on chocolates.

  • Part 3

    Advanced Decorative Techniques

    4m 5s

    - Explore advanced decorative techniques in chocolate work, including cocoa butter transfers and stenciling, to add intricate and unique designs to your creations.

  • Part 4

    Advanced Decorative Techniques - Transfers

    14m 45s

    - Understand the right technique of using chocolates for decorations.

  • Part 5

    Chocolate Show Piece

    54m 50s

    - Creating chocolate showpieces: assembling towers, centrepieces, and displays decoration of chocolate showpiece.

  • Part 1

    All About Pralines

    4m 51s

    - Learn about the history and origins of pralines, a confectionery made from sugar, nuts, and vanilla.

  • Part 2

    Soft Caramel

    13m 44s

    - Learn the different techniques for cooking, pouring, and cutting soft caramel, and understand the temperature range of sugar at each stage.

  • Part 3

    Praline Preparation

    9m 54s

    - Learn to make pralines and how to add nuts into the praline.

  • Part 1

    Whiskey Truffle Bonbons

    9m 54s

    - Understand how to incorporate whisky in chocolate and make bonbons.

  • Part 2

    Assorted Chocolate Bonbons with Praline Fillings

    9m 35s

    - Learn the expert techniques to make assorted chocolate bonbons with praline fillings.

  • Part 3

    Rose jelly & Crunchy Biscuit Layered Chocolate Bonbons

    17m 37s

    - Learn to make rose jelly & crunchy biscuit layered chocolate bonbons.

  • Part 1

    Orange Zest Dark Chocolate Florentines

    12m 11s

    - Learn how to make a classic Florentine cookie with a twist of orange zest and dark chocolate.

  • Part 2

    Cranberry and Pistachio White Chocolate Florentines

    8m 1s

    - Learn how to make a festive Florentine cookie with cranberries and pistachios.

  • Part 3

    Ginger Spiced Milk Chocolate Florentines- NO BAKE

    9m 44s

    - Learn how to make a chewy florentine cookie without baking.

  • Part 1

    Chocolate Power Bite

    7m 13s

    - Unleash your inner chocolatier as we delve into the realm of chocolate power bites, exploring the art of crafting small, nutrient-packed treats that provide a burst of energy and flavor for your active lifestyle.

  • Part 2

    Sugar-Free Chocolate

    4m 56s

    - Discover the world of guilt-free indulgence with sugar-free chocolate, where you'll learn about alternative sweeteners and how to savor the rich cocoa flavor without compromising on taste or health.

  • Part 3

    Vegan Chocolate

    4m 14s

    - Embark on a plant-based chocolate journey, where you'll explore the exquisite taste of dairy-free, ethically sourced cacao creations, all while understanding the environmental and health benefits of going vegan.

  • Part 1

    Cadbury Lollipop

    6m 59s

    - Explore the delightful world of Cadbury Lollipops, where a smooth chocolate exterior hides a surprise soft center, offering a burst of flavor in every bite.

  • Part 2

    Crunchy Centre Chocolate

    6m 32s

    - Discover the satisfying crunch of chocolates like Munch, KitKat, and Crispello, where layers of crispy wafers are generously coated in delicious milk chocolate, providing a perfect blend of texture and taste.

  • Part 3

    Soft Centre Chocolates

    19m 37s

    - Dive into the world of 5-Star chocolates, where a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate coating envelops a soft, creamy center, creating a heavenly treat for your taste buds.

  • Part 4


    8m 11s

    - Learn to make classic rochers with all tips & tricks.

  • Part 5

    Swiss Chocolate

    10m 45s

    - Learn to make classic swiss twix chocolate.

  • Part 1

    Peppermint White Chocolate Bark

    5m 1s

    - Learn how to make a refreshing and minty chocolate bark with white chocolate and peppermint extract.

  • Part 2

    Almond & Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bark

    2m 52s

    - Learn how to make a delicious and festive chocolate bark with almonds, cranberries, and dark chocolate.

  • Part 3

    Pistachio & Apricot Milk Chocolate Bark

    3m 12s

    - Learn how to make a nutty and fruity chocolate bark with pistachios, apricots, and milk chocolate.

  • Part 1

    Introduction to Bean to Bar Chocolates

    7m 10s

    - Discover the captivating journey of cocoa beans from their humble origins to the creation of delectable chocolate bars, delving into the art and science behind bean-to-bar chocolate making.

  • Part 2

    Classic Chocolate Bean to Bar 60%

    25m 40s

    - Explore the fundamental steps and techniques involved in producing a timeless classic - a 60% cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate - and savor the nuances of its rich flavor profile.

  • Part 1

    Branding, Packaging & Presentation

    5m 20s

    - Explore the fundamentals of building a chocolate brand, covering aspects such as branding, packaging design, and the art of presentation to create a lasting impression.

  • Part 2

    Chocolate Quality and Sourcing

    5m 44s

    - Learn the crucial factors involved in chocolate quality and sourcing, focusing on selecting the finest ingredients to create exceptional chocolate products.

  • Part 3

    Pricing and Costing

    5m 54s

    - Understand how to price your chocolates and get detailed knowledge on costs.

  • Part 4

    Marketing and Selling Your Chocolates

    7m 14s

    - Understand the marketing strategies one should use to start selling chocolates.

  • Meet Your Instructors

    You will be guided through your sessions by these instructors

    Chef Maaria - Chocolate Making course instructor

    Chef Maaria

    Baking professional

    Maaria Tanveer is an expert baker, educator, cake decorator, and businesswoman operating 2 branches and a central kitchen of her business, Adoniya Bakery in Chennai. She has been in the business since 2009 and has been teaching all varieties of desserts and custom-made designer cakes since 2014.

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      Conducted over 80+ Sessions

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