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Perfume Making



    Creating your own perfume can be a fun and creative process. In this Recorded Course, you'll: - Discover the secrets of crafting unique scents, from understanding perfume families to mastering blending techniques. - Dive into the ingredients and composition, explore fragrance wardrobing, and create personalized fragrances. - Whether you're an aspiring perfumer, fragrance enthusiast, or entrepreneur, this course empowers you to create signature scents and explore business opportunities. - Explore luxury perfumes, understand ingredients, and even discover dupes.

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    • Course duration

      11 Hours 12 Minutes

    This course includes

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    Learn-by-doing with recorded classes

    In 11 Hours 12 Minutes, you will learn:

    Module 1 - Introduction to Perfumery & Its Family

    6 classes33min 45sec

  • Part 1

    Introduction to Perfume & Its Types

    6m 43s

    - Understand the meaning of perfume and its creation process. - Discover how natural and synthetic scents blend with alcohol or oil. - Explore various types of perfumes, each with distinct characteristics. - Understand the intricacies of fragrance composition and classification.

  • Part 2

    Fragrance Families & Their Characteristics

    7m 22s

    - Explore various fragrance families such as floral, oriental, woody, fresh, and fruity. - Understand the defining ingredients and notes within each fragrance category. - Learn how each fragrance family evokes distinct moods and complements various occasions.

  • Part 3

    Notes of Perfume

    7m 34s

    - Explore the foundational elements of perfumes/colognes: fragrance notes, the building blocks of scent creation. - Understand how distinct scents unite to craft an alluring fragrance that suits your taste and identity. - Learn about three keynote categories: top, middle (heart), and base notes, unravelling the scent journey. - Gain in-depth knowledge of fragrance notes to guide you in selecting a scent aligned with your style and desired aroma

  • Part 4

    Understanding the Concept of Perfume Pyramid

    3m 26s

    - Understand the concept of perfume pyramids. - Explore the importance of pyramids in perfumes.

  • Part 5

    Fragrance Wardrobing & Creating Versatile Scent Profiles

    3m 6s

    - Learn the skill of fragrance wardrobing, crafting versatile scent profiles reflecting mood, style, and personality. - Explore the practice of selecting scents, akin to choosing outfits for various occasions. - Understand the interplay of fragrances and skin chemistry to curate a signature scent wardrobe. - Delve into creating a personalized expression through diverse fragrances for different facets of life.

  • Part 6

    Personalizing Fragrances for Individual Preferences

    5m 34s

    - Explore the art of fragrance creation and develop a deep understanding of the process. - Learn how to craft personalized scents for yourself, loved ones, or clients. - Understand the nuances of fragrance blending and composition. - Gain the skills to create unique and tailored fragrances with confidence.

  • Part 1

    Overview of Fragrance Extraction Methods

    6m 7s

    - Understand what fragrance extraction methods are and how they are used to obtain aromatic compounds from natural sources like plants, flowers, fruits, and spices. - Explore the reasons behind fragrance extraction, which include creating essential oils, perfume ingredients, and flavors for various products like perfumes, cosmetics, and food items. - Learn about the different fragrance extraction methods available, each suited for specific raw materials and desired outcomes.

  • Part 2

    Knowledge on Essential oils, Absolutes & Resins

    16m 36s

    - Explore the intricate world of essential oils and natural materials, delving into their botanical and chemical properties. - Learn the techniques for extracting and processing these elements. - Understand the fundamental principles of natural perfumery, enriching your insight into crafting fragrances.

  • Part 3

    Aroma Chemicals & Their Role In Modern Perfumery

    3m 58s

    - Learn about aroma chemicals, the foundation of modern perfumery, and their synthesis. - Explore the molecular structures and roles of aroma chemicals in fragrance creation. - Understand various aroma chemical families, such as floral, fruity, woody, and musky. - Explore the trend toward natural and organic perfumery and its impact. - Develop a comprehensive understanding of fragrance chemistry and the art of crafting exceptional perfumes.

  • Part 4

    Synthetic Ingredients & Its Impact on Fragrance

    4m 54s

    - Explore the realm of synthetic ingredients in fragrance crafting, understanding their industry impact. - Learn about the interplay between synthetic and natural components in scent creation. - Understand the technological progress driving synthetic ingredient development. - Discover how synthetic elements contribute to the innovation and popularity of distinct fragrances.

  • Part 5

    Sourcing & Selecting High-Quality Raw Materials

    4m 38s

    - Explore the vital role of sourcing and selecting top-notch raw materials in product-based businesses. - Understand the key factors to evaluate when choosing raw materials, including quality, reliability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. - Learn best practices for raw material sourcing, such as nurturing supplier relationships, ensuring quality control, and staying updated on industry trends and regulations.

  • Part 6

    Introduction to Fragrance Blending Techniques

    4m 52s

    - Learn the art and science of fragrance blending techniques. - Explore the fundamental principles behind crafting captivating scents. - Understand how perfumers create unique and harmonious compositions. - Explore various blending techniques to achieve well-rounded and balanced fragrances.

  • Part 7

    Difference b/w Fixatives, Chemicals & Boosters

    6m 10s

    - In this session, we will explore the differences between fixatives, chemicals, and boosters in perfumes. We will examine their roles in fragrance formulation and how they contribute to the overall scent and longevity of perfumes.

  • Part 1

    How to Make Perfume Long-Lasting

    5m 16s

    - Explore the factors that significantly influence fragrance longevity, gaining a comprehensive understanding of what makes perfumes last longer. - Learn practical strategies and techniques to enhance the longevity of your favorite scents, ensuring you can enjoy them throughout the day.

  • Part 2

    Exploring Scent Profiles


    - Learn about the importance of considering fragrance ingredient compatibility with product formulations for different applications. - Explore the factors influencing the desired intensity and longevity of scents in various specialized products. - Understand the regulatory restrictions and safety guidelines that must be taken into account when selecting fragrances for specific applications. - Gain insights into the key considerations when choosing fragrances tailored to unique product requirements.

  • Part 3

    Unique Fragrance Accords & Blends

    15m 52s

    - Understand various types of accords: Floral, Citrus, Gourmand, and Woody. - Learn about key notes and proportions that define each accord. - Explore the combination of different notes to create unique fragrance profiles. - Discover how accords play a crucial role in crafting perfumes. - Gain insights into the art of perfumery and the science behind creating alluring scents.

  • Part 4

    Demonstration of Accords

    5m 2s

    - Explore the fascinating world of essential oils and aroma chemicals. - Learn the process of blending these elements to create captivating fragrances. - Understand the art of crafting harmonious scents that appeal to the olfactory senses.

  • Part 5

    Perfume Formulation For Different Concentration Levels

    4m 20s

    - Explore the various concentration levels in perfumery, such as Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Parfum (Extrait de Parfum). - Understand the differing percentages of fragrance oil present in each concentration level and how it affects the intensity and longevity of the scent. - Learn about the factors that contribute to the varying strengths and staying power of perfumes at different concentration levels.

  • Part 6

    Equipments Required

    5m 36s

    - Learn about the specific tools and materials that are essential for measuring, blending, and storing fragrance ingredients.

  • Part 7

    Do's & Don't

    3m 17s

    - Learn the essential do's and don'ts of perfume making to ensure successful fragrance creation. - Explore best practices for handling fragrance ingredients safely and effectively. - Understand formulation techniques to create well-balanced and captivating fragrances. - Gain practical knowledge on maintaining high-quality standards throughout the perfume-making process. - Explore safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment while working with fragrance ingredients.

  • Part 1

    Perfume with Notes

    20m 14s

    - Learn about the world of fragrances that are inspired by gardens. - Explore the scents commonly used in garden-inspired perfumes. - Understand the historical significance of garden-inspired fragrances. - Discover how to create your own unique perfume using these scents.

  • Part 2

    Basic Perfume With Readymade Blends

    13m 47s

    - Understanding the process of making perfumes with pre-mixed scents. - Explore the benefits of using these pre-made blends, like ease and creating complex smells without needing to know all the individual scents.

  • Part 1

    Floral Perfume

    17m 55s

    > Hawaiian Jasmine - Learn the process of making Hawaiian Jasmine perfume. - Understand the captivating scent of Hawaiian Jasmine. - Explore the unique qualities of Hawaiian Jasmine.

  • Part 2

    Oriental Perfumes

    17m 55s

    > Oud and spicy notes - Learn the art of crafting a captivating perfume that radiates warmth, sensuality, and exotic allure. - Understand the intriguing fragrance note of Oud (also known as agarwood) and spicy accents. - Explore the intricate and rich world of oriental scents.

  • Part 3

    Fresh perfume

    15m 13s

    > Fresh Perfume with Water Notes - Learn about fresh perfumes and their connection to water notes. - Explore the uplifting and invigorating qualities of water-inspired fragrances. - Understand the process of creating a captivating scent. - Discover how to craft a revitalizing fragrance reminiscent of a tranquil oasis.

  • Part 4

    Woody Perfume

    16m 6s

    - Discover the world of woody fragrances. - Understand Cedarwood, Rosewood, and Sandalwood scents. - Explore the rich and earthy aromas. - Learn to craft a warm, elegant, and deep perfume.

  • Part 1

    Fougere Perfume Vetiver & Oakmoss

    14m 2s

    - Understanding fougère perfumes, focusing on two essential scent notes: Vetiver and Oakmoss. - Explore the aromatic and earthy qualities of these notes. - Learn to craft a timeless fougère fragrance that radiates freshness, elegance, and depth.

  • Part 2

    Animalic Perfume With Musk and Civet

    19m 38s

    - Explore the essence of Musk and Civet fragrance notes. - Understand the unique and alluring qualities of these notes. - Uncover the historical importance of animalic notes in perfumery. - Learn about their connection to sensuality, warmth, and intrigue.

  • Part 3

    Earthy Eau De Perfume

    13m 21s

    - Learn the proper process & formulation of Earthy Eau De Perfume. - Discover the captivating world of earthy eau de perfumes. - Immerse in rich, grounding, and natural aromas of earthy fragrance notes. - Learn to create enchanting and sophisticated earthy eau de perfume.

  • Part 1

    Perfume for Men

    18m 52s

    - Understand the characteristics of Oudh and other oriental fragrance notes. - Learn the process and formulation of men's perfume - Explore the luxurious and exotic qualities of these fragrance elements. - Learn the art of crafting a refined and commanding perfume.

  • Part 2

    Perfume for Women

    21m 8s

    - Learn the process & formulation for making women's perfume - Understand the allure, warmth, and sweetness these notes bring to fragrances. - Explore the art of crafting an elegant and alluring perfume that radiates femininity. - Learn to create enchanting scents that captivate the senses. - Explore the sensuality of Musk and Vanilla in perfume-making.

  • Part 3

    Unisex Perfume

    16m 43s

    - Learn thr process & formulation for making unisex perfume - Learn about French eau de perfumes and their special traits. - Explore the importance of these perfumes in French culture. - Gain knowledge about the art of French perfumery. - Understand the elements of English notes in fragrances. - Explore how these notes create elegant and refined unisex scents.

  • Part 1

    Parfum- White Musk with White Oudh

    16m 54s

    - Learn about the captivating scents of White Musk and White Oudh. - Explore how these fragrances can be combined to make a mesmerizing perfume. - Understand the sensual qualities of these notes and how they work together. - Discover the art of making perfumes and how to choose the right scents. - Explore how to blend these fragrances to create an alluring and luxurious perfume. - Learn the secrets of balancing different fragrance notes for a captivating scent.

  • Part 2

    Eau De Toilette- Blue De With Fresh Toned

    14m 38s

    - Learn about Eau de Toilette and its connection to the color "Blue." - Understand how to create a captivating fragrance inspired by the refreshing aspects of "Blue." - Explore the characteristics of fresh fragrances.

  • Part 3

    Eau De Parfum- Sweet Flavored Mixed Perfume With Nerol

    16m 48s

    - Learn about the concentration of Eau de Parfum (EDP) and how it affects fragrances. - Explore the world of sweet-flavoured Eau de Parfum and focus on the delightful Neroli note. - Understand the qualities of sweet fragrances that bring joy and freshness. - Discover the process of creating an irresistible perfume with sweetness at its core.

  • Part 4

    Eau De Cologne

    15m 17s

    - Learn about the world of Eau de Cologne. - Understand the lively scents like citrus, Neroli, and Orange Crystal. - Explore how these scents make refreshing fragrances. - Discover how these scents can make you feel invigorated and happy.

  • Part 5

    Eau De Fraiche

    9m 38s

    - Discover the world of Eau de Fraiche, a type of fragrance known for feeling refreshing and revitalizing. - Understand how to make a captivating fragrance that mixes the pleasantness of a garden with the coolness of water. - Explore the art of crafting an alluring Eau de Fraiche that brings to mind the experience of being in a vibrant garden. - Learn to capture the invigorating feeling of a gentle water breeze in your fragrance creation.

  • Part 1

    Soft Floral Solid Perfume

    20m 19s

    - Explore the skill of crafting personalized solid perfumes. - Understand the process of formulating a captivating solid perfume named Queen of Night. - Learn the techniques behind creating soft floral perfumes. - Discover the art of making your own solid perfume.

  • Part 1

    Liquid Roll On

    15m 38s

    - Explore the world of liquid roll-on products through an introductory session. Understand how they offer easy use and precise application. - Learn about the benefits of roll-on packaging and how it fits well with different personal care items.

  • Part 2

    Natural Deodorant Stick- Roll on

    20m 43s

    - Understand the process of making a personal roll-on natural deodorant. - Explore the advantages of using natural ingredients in deodorants. - Learn how to create a deodorant that's kind to the skin and doesn't contain strong chemicals. - Gain hands-on experience in crafting your own effective and gentle deodorant.

  • Part 3

    Shimmer Body Mist

    13m 58s

    - Understand the realm of shimmer body mists that carry the wonderful aromas of strawberries and zesty citrus orange. - Learn the process of making a cool, fruity body mist ideal for summer days. - Explore the technique of blending in shimmer particles into the mist, introducing a hint of shine and allure to the concoction.

  • Part 1

    Kesri Mukhallat Attar

    13m 26s

    - Learn how to make exotic Kesri Mukhallat Attar, a traditional Indian perfume. - Explore the unique characteristics that make this perfume special. - Understand the historical and cultural importance of Kesri Mukhallat Attar. - Gain knowledge about the composition of this perfume. - Explore how to apply this perfume for enhancing personal fragrance.

  • Part 2

    Non Alcoholic Eau De Perfume- Rose & Oudh

    13m 10s

    - Learn about non-alcoholic Eau de Parfum. - Explore the blend of Rose and Oudh fragrances. - Understand the captivating qualities of these notes. - Discover how to craft a long-lasting perfume. - Explore elegance, sensuality, and sophistication without alcohol.

  • Part 1

    Chanel no 5

    17m 49s

    - Explore the special qualities and smell of Chanel No. 5 perfume. - Discover what clones are and how they relate to perfumes. - Understand the concept of creating perfumes inspired by existing fragrances.

  • Part 2

    Gucci Flora

    15m 24s

    - Learn about the creation of a perfume inspired by Gucci Flora, a well-known floral fragrance. - Explore the special features and smell profile of Gucci Flora, and understand the important fragrance notes that make its unique scent. - Engage in the process of creativity to make a personalized perfume similar to Gucci Flora, while also adding your own touch.

  • Part 1

    Raw Perfume Fragrance- Cool Water

    16m 43s

    - Creating a raw perfume fragrance inspired by the popular scent of cool water can be a fun and creative process.

  • Part 2

    Luxury Spicy Leather Perfume

    19m 23s

    - Explore the realm of luxury spicy Extrait de parfum. - Learn about the opulent nature of spicy fragrances and their rich qualities. - Understand the ingredients responsible for creating captivating and luxurious aromas. - Gain insights into the process of crafting an Extrait de parfum.

  • Part 1


    4m 19s

    - Learn how packaging plays a crucial role in brand recognition. - Understand the impact of packaging on your brand's visibility and perception. - Explore how well-designed packaging can attract and engage customers.

  • Part 2


    6m 15s

    - Explore the significance of labeling and its impact on brand recognition. - Learn how labeling can enhance your brand's visibility and reputation. - Understand why effective labeling is crucial for your brand's recognition and success.

  • Part 3

    Packaging, Labelling & Presentation of Perfumes

    7m 44s

    - Understand why packaging, labelling, and presentation matter for perfumes. - Explore how these elements make fragrances more attractive and enjoyable. - Learn practical tips to make packaging, labels, and presentations appealing and informative. - Gain knowledge about creating visuals that show the fragrance's character and excellence.

  • Part 4

    Perfume Manufacturing and Production

    9m 31s

    - Overview of large-scale perfume manufacturing processes. - Scaling up perfume formulations for mass production. - Quality control measures and ensuring consistency in fragrance production. - Collaborating with manufacturers and understanding production costs.

  • Part 5

    Developing a Business Plan

    12m 5s

    - Explore the vital steps and parts involved in making a business plan for starting a perfume brand. - Understand the important things needed to make a perfume business successful and lasting. - Learn about how to analyze the market, create a brand, develop products, and plan marketing strategies. - Gain knowledge about making financial predictions and more. - Discover how to create a strong and effective business plan for their perfume brand.

  • Part 6

    Building Relationship

    7m 49s

    - Understand the important parts of forming connections with suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers in the perfume industry. - Explore how to find good-quality ingredients for making perfume. - Learn how to pick reliable manufacturers for producing perfumes. Learn methods and ways that work well for creating strong partnerships.

  • Part 7

    Perfume Stability and Shelf Life

    7m 43s

    - Learn about the crucial subject of perfume stability and shelf life. - Explore the factors that impact how long perfumes last and their overall quality over time. - Understand how ingredient choice and formulation methods affect fragrance longevity. - Discover the role of packaging and storage conditions in maintaining perfume quality. - Gain a complete understanding of techniques to guarantee perfumes remain stable and last longer. - Explore ways to preserve the true scent of perfumes and keep customers satisfied.

  • Part 8

    Exploring Entrepreneurship Opportunities

    9m 8s

    - Understand the world of entrepreneurship in the perfume industry. - Explore the chances to start a business in perfumes. - Learn about making and designing perfume items. - Get insights into building a brand for perfumes & how to market perfume products. - Explore the various methods of selling and delivering perfumes.

  • Part 1

    Room Freshener

    12m 36s

    - Discover the world of delightful aromas. - Explore the art of making personalized room fresheners. - Learn the secrets of blending essential oils, botanical extracts, and natural ingredients. - Craft room fresheners that soothe the senses and enhance your ambience.

  • Part 2

    Reed Diffuser

    14m 42s

    - Understand the process of creating reed diffusers that bring long-lasting delight. - Explore the world of reed diffusers, a stylish way to infuse fragrance and ambience. - Understand the process of crafting aromatic reed diffusers using basic materials and a touch of science. - Learn how to elevate your living or working space with beautifully scented reed diffusers.

  • Part 3

    Car Gel

    21m 52s

    - Learn the art of crafting custom car gels, allowing you to add a personal touch to your car's interior. - Explore the use of safe and eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sustainable approach to car gel production. - Understand the science behind infusing delightful scents, creating a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere during your drives.

  • Part 4

    Scented Wax Sachet

    23m 23s

    - Learn the art of crafting scented wax sachets that infuse your surroundings with delightful aromas. -Explore the world of enchanting fragrances as you create charming accessories for your drawers, closets, cars, and small spaces. - Understand the process of making scented wax sachets through a hands-on workshop with high-quality ingredients. - Discover the versatility of these delightful pouches and how they can add a touch of magic to your living spaces.

  • Part 5

    Cocoa Amour Embrace EDP


    - Learn how to create a seductive and intoxicating perfume that will leave a lasting impression. - Explore the complex and nuanced world of cocoa notes, and how they can be used to create a truly unique fragrance. - Master the art of blending aroma chemicals to create a perfume that is both beautiful and alluring. - Learn about the latest trends in perfumery, and how you can create a fragrance that is ahead of the curve.

  • Part 6

    Amber Dessert Temptation


    - Explore the captivating essence of amber, fusing warm spices and sensuous vanilla into a harmonious fragrance masterpiece. - Learn the delicate balance of crafting spicy accords, infusing your perfume with an alluring kick that dances on the skin. - Discover the secrets of working with vanilla notes, adding a luscious depth to your perfumes that invoke irresistible desires.

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    How will the Perfume Making course class be conducted?

    This course comprises of regular recorded lessons and occasional live lectures to guide you in the best possible ways

    No, you will not be removed from the group. After the course, the group transforms into an open Baking community in which like-minded individuals share their work, ideas, and experience.

    Recorded courses offer benefits similar to live sessions. Our expert instructors meticulously cover all aspects of the topic in these videos. Moreover, if you have any doubts, our experts are readily available to provide answers and support through the chat group.

    Your certificate will be ready for download immediately after the Perfume Making course is over.

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    Yes, you can typically access the videos on various devices, provided you have an internet connection and access to the course platform.

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    How to make professional Perfume at home?

    Estimated time of making: 15 minutes

    Perfume is a fragrant liquid made up of a blend of essential oils, aroma compounds, and solvents. It is designed to be applied to the skin, clothing, or in the air to give off a pleasant scent. Perfumes can be made from natural or synthetic ingredients or a combination of both. The scent of a perfume is created by combining different fragrant notes, which are classified as top, middle, and base notes. The top notes are the initial, lighter scents that are perceived when the perfume is first applied, while the middle notes are the heart of the fragrance and become more noticeable after the top notes fade. The base notes are the deeper, long-lasting scents that give the perfume its staying power.

    Tools Used

    Container, Spoons, Bowls

    Ingredients Used

    1/4 cup of carrier oil, 10-15 drops of your preferred essential oils, 1-2 drops of Vitamin E oil

    Step 1: Choose your fragrance

    Choose your essential oils based on your preferred scent profile. You can choose from floral, citrusy, spicy, or woody scents, or mix and match different oils to create your own unique fragrance.

    Step 2: Mixing

    In a small glass bottle, mix the carrier oil with the essential oils. Start with 10 drops of essential oil, and add more if needed to achieve the desired strength of scent. If you wish, you can add 1-2 drops of Vitamin E oil to help extend the shelf life of the perfume.

    Step 3: Storage

    Close the bottle and shake well to mix the ingredients. Allow the perfume to sit for at least 24 hours to allow the scent to mature and blend. To use, apply a small amount of the perfume to your wrists, neck, or other pulse points.

    Step 4: Enroll

    To learn the professional formulations of perfumes at home. EnrolL in our mastercourse

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