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PH Colour Changing Lipstick

  • 4.3

Instructed By Arushi Saha

Hindi & English



Get ready for a lipstick experience like no other with our two-day course on color-changing lipsticks! Discover the science behind this innovative cosmetic product and learn how ingredients react with the pH of the skin to produce a personalized color. On day two, explore the fascinating world of color-changing fruit flavors and create your own unique shade. You'll also gain insight into the business aspects of this exciting new market trend. Join us for a lipstick adventure! NOTE: All these formulations are Alippo Lab Tested

Course schedule

  • Course duration

    3 Days

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In 3 Days, you will learn:


  • Day 1

    Live class was held at 05 Jun, 23. Recording is available.

    Ingredient Knowledge & Base Making


    - Discover the science behind colour-changing lipstick and how it reacts to the pH of the skin - Explore the ingredients used in creating this unique cosmetic product and how they cause the colour of the lipstick to change upon contact with the skin - Learn how to make the base for this magical lipstick

  • Day 2

    Live class was held at 06 Jun, 23. Recording is available.

    Color Changing Fruit Flavors Lipstick


    - Explore the fascinating world of colour-changing fruit flavours - Learn the techniques for adding colour and creating the final product, including the formulation of the perfect formula - Gain valuable insight into the business aspects of this innovative product, which is new to the market and highly in-demand

  • Day 3

    Live class was held at 07 Jul, 23. Recording is available.

    pH Changing Gel Lipstick


    - Learn techniques for achieving a smooth, gel-like texture in pH colour-changing lipstick formulations - Understand the stability challenges in such formulations and the importance of preservatives

  • Meet Your Instructors

    You will be guided through your sessions by these instructors

    Arushi Saha - PH Colour Changing Lipstick course instructor

    Arushi Saha

    Expert Formulator

    Arushi is a four-year experienced entrepreneur who runs a buisness and also conduct workshop on organic skin, hair, body care products and unique-shaped candles. Her passion for using only the finest natural ingredients in her products sets her apart in the industry, offering healthier and eco-friendly options. Arushi's attention to detail and design ensures that each candle is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them a perfect gift for any occasion. Her commitment to her craft is evident in the quality and care she puts into every product

    • Conducted over $em{{20+}} Sessions

      Conducted over 20+ Sessions

    • Teaches in $em{{English & Hindi}}

      Teaches in English & Hindi

    • Rating of $em{{4.9/5}}

      Rating of 4.9/5

    • $em{{2+ years}} years of Experience

      2+ years years of Experience

    • Taught over $em{{10k+}} students

      Taught over 10k+ students

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    • 4.3

      Course rating

    • 86%

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      9K+ Students loved it!

    • it's very informative nd amazing session. the final product looks so so beautiful very unique in market.. demanding really loved the session 🥰

    • I was waiting for this since so long finally the course is here super super excited for this one amazing team alippo

    • Alippo is the best platform to learn amazing things. I have been with alippo since 1 year now and I'm so damn excited for this 1

    • Great session by alippo. pls bring more such sessions

    Frequently asked questions

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    Can I watch PH Colour Changing Lipstick course recordings anytime I want?

    Yes, these PH Colour Changing Lipstick course recordings will be accessible for the lifetime, and you can watch them whenever you want on the Alippo app.

    This PH Colour Changing Lipstick course was previously held live and is now available as a recorded course.

    We hire the industry's top experts after multiple screening rounds. All our instructors are highly experienced and well-versed with the topics of PH Colour Changing Lipstick course that they are covering.

    Yes, the recorded PH Colour Changing Lipstick course contains all of the same information as the live session.

    Yes, you will get the certificate and a fully detailed free ebook with the PH Colour Changing Lipstick course.

    Yes, you can make with our instructor, you can also take help from the free ebook we provide.

    For more queries please write to us at

    Still confused about joining the course?

    Don't worry! We will be glad to assist you. Feel free to request a call back and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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