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Resin Art Mastercourse

  • 4.2

Instructed By Shivangi K Bakshi

Hindi & English



Embark on a dynamic five-day resin crafting journey, exploring fundamentals, personalized bracelet crafting, and functional art like tissue paper holders and clutches. Participants delve into resin intricacies, mastering ratios and structural considerations. The workshop concludes with a business-focused day, providing insights into market trends, material sourcing, branding, and effective marketing strategies for a holistic learning experience in both craft and entrepreneurship.

Course schedule

  • Course duration

    6 Days

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In 6 Days, you will learn:


  • Day 1

    Live class was held at 03 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Theory, Bracelets & Phone Cover


    - Understand the properties of the resin. - Learn the basics of mixing and pouring resin. - Get detailed knowledge of pigments. - Learn how to make a beautiful bracelet out of resin. - Understand how to personalize bracelets to cater to individual tastes and occasions. - Learn to make phone covers.

  • Day 2

    Live class was held at 04 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Tissue Paper Holder


    - Learn how to make tissue paper holder with resin. - Understand how different materials, such as plastic, metal, or wood, impact the aesthetics. - Understand the usage of resin ratios and poring techniques.

  • Day 3

    Live class was held at 05 Jan, 24. Recording is available.



    - Understand the viscosity of resin and its behaviour during the curing process. - Learn about proper mixing ratios and the impact of temperature on resin flow. - Learn about suitable adhesives and techniques for securing dried flowers onto different surfaces. - Understand the structural elements of a clutch and how to work on both sides without compromising stability.

  • Part 4

    Live class was held at 06 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Clutch (Continue)


    - Explore the types of clasps and chains suitable for different clutch designs. - Learn about the structural considerations for secure attachment. - Understand the final steps in the clutch-making process, from sanding and polishing to ensuring all components are securely in place. - Learn about different finishing techniques based on the materials used.

  • Day 5

    Live class was held at 08 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Tilak Platter with 3D flowers


    - Learn how to make 3D flowers on a tilak platter. - Understand the pouring techniques and how to add flowers to it.

  • Day 6

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Completion of Platter& Business Aspect


    - Completing the tilak platter with finishing techniques. - Gain insights into the current market trends and demand for resin crafts. - Understand the key considerations when sourcing resin materials, including quality and sustainability. - Understand the importance of branding in the resin crafting industry. - Explore effective marketing strategies for reaching your target audience and building a brand identity.

  • Part 1

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Bezel Jewellery

    58m 20s

    -Preparing and mixing of resin -Abstract bezel pandent and earrings -Tint the resin with different mediums -Pouring the colored resin into a Bezel -Doming of resin jewellery pandent

  • Part 2

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Wine Candy & Coasters


    -Making Of wine candy with coasters -Mixing of 3 different types of pigments: liquid, powder & alcohol inks -How to prepare mould -Unmoulding -Safety measure while working with alcohol inks and unmoulding problems

  • Part 3

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Resin Beach Art


    - Multiple resin layer art - beach - How to apply first layer - When is it safe to add the next layer - First resin wave - Removing resin drips - Cleaning of cured resin off of silicone cups

  • Part 4

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Resin Ring Holder


    - Making ring holder - How to avoid air bubbles - Using pink glitter - Cleaning the edges of the artpiece - Using different tools

  • Part 5

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Hair Accessory & Business Aspect


    - Learn to make beautiful hair clips from resin art - Business aspect on how to start your art journey and earn from it.

  • Part 6

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Soap Case


    - Learn how to clean & usage of mold - Choosing suitable dried flowers - How to tackle air bubbles - Finishing soap dish

  • Part 7

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Soap Dispenser


    - mixing technique - Placement of flowers - Compiling the soap dispenser - Finishing it

  • Part 8

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Tea light holder


    mixing and pouring techniques * Demoulding the t-light holder * Tackling air bubbles * Techniques to help the flower not float

  • Part 9

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Aesthetic Resin Clock


    - How to make marble pattern - Learn mixing and pouring using golden mica

  • Part 10

    Live class was held at 09 Jan, 24. Recording is available.

    Clock Finishing


    - Final touches and techniques for finishing - How to assemble the numbers and battery in the clock

  • Meet Your Instructors

    You will be guided through your sessions by these instructors

    Shivangi K Bakshi - Resin Art Mastercourse course instructor

    Shivangi K Bakshi


    Shivangi Khandelwal is a professional architect and interior designer. She received her degree from Bangalore, and after working for a year, she launched her own company. She pursued her passion for interior design by creating functional art pieces, and today, from her hometown of Bareilly, she successfully operates a business. She has more than a year of experience and has taught more than 50K students.

    • Conducted over $em{{30+}} Sessions

      Conducted over 30+ Sessions

    • Teaches in $em{{English & Hindi}}

      Teaches in English & Hindi

    • Rating of $em{{4.8/5}}

      Rating of 4.8/5

    • $em{{4+}} years of Experience

      4+ years of Experience

    • Taught over $em{{50K+}} students

      Taught over 50K+ students

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    • Resin Art Mastercourse suits seeking to diversify your product offerings

      Seeking To Diversify Your Product Offerings

      Those interested in diversifying their product range and offering new options to their clients can enroll in this course, which covers unique topics and techniques that can be learned.

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      Small Business Owner

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    Customer Reviews

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    • 4.2

      Course rating

    • 84%

      Students loved this Course

    • 😍

      6K+ Students loved it!

    • Vry nice and good informative

    • it was very good session, I learned many things from this session Mentors are very calm to answers all queries learned many things and loved it and again I am ready again to take new classes

    • amazing course...

    • The course was excellent very descriptive and easy to understand all the doubts were cleared to the satisfaction of all the students and the knowledge and expertise of the lady coaching was remarkable and wonderful. I was very impressed so I have joined the next course too. Thanks and best wishes.

    • मैंने यह कोर्स आर्टिस्टिक वर्क में इंटरेस्ट होने की वजह से choos किया था परंतु इन दोनों सर्दी का मौसम होने की वजह से तथा प्रोडक्ट्स अवेलेबल ना होने की वजह से कोई भी आर्टवर्क नहीं किया उम्मीद कर रही हूं कि आगे गर्मी के दिनों में गर्मी की छुट्टियों के दौरान रीजन आर्ट का कार्य शुरू करूंगी। तब पुनःआपसे प्रोडक्ट के बारे में जानकारी हासिल करूंगी अगर कोई लिंक अच्छे प्रोडक्ट की जानकारी देते हो तो कृपया सेंड करने की कृपा करें।

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    Can I watch Resin Art Mastercourse course recordings anytime I want?

    Yes, these Resin Art Mastercourse course recordings will be accessible for the lifetime, and you can watch them whenever you want on the Alippo app.

    This Resin Art Mastercourse course was previously held live and is now available as a recorded course.

    We hire the industry's top experts after multiple screening rounds. All our instructors are highly experienced and well-versed with the topics of Resin Art Mastercourse course that they are covering.

    Yes, the recorded Resin Art Mastercourse course contains all of the same information as the live session.

    Yes, you will get the certificate and a fully detailed free ebook with the Resin Art Mastercourse course.

    Yes, you can make with our instructor, you can also take help from the free ebook we provide.

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