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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Komal

    Amazing courses by all instructors of alippo. It has been such a great platform to learn and upgrade your skills. Loved it

  • Lakshmi

    The course is able to deliver everything it is supposed to. The instructor is excellent as far as both knowledge and teaching style goes. She answers all the queries patiently. All in all this course is value for money and time.

  • Pallavi Dhingra

    It's a very good platform for learning different techniques from professionals in different fields such as makeup, hairstyle, cooking, baking, etc. Friends join different courses of your choice and upgrade your talent through alippo. Thanks alippo for conducting such wonderful sessions.

  • Dhanya

    The sessions were very informative ,along with the practical tips and patient explanation from Yuvraj chef. Alippo also offers classes for affordable prices.

  • Preety

    The way it was handled with ease and the chef's explanation and patience is something that can only be experienced not described. Thankyou Chef and Alippo for making it so easy. Alippo you are extraordinarily impressive.