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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • No doubt all the secessions available here are knowledgable and supported me a lot as being a keen on calligraphy. Agree here practice is something which helps to make our work easier.

  • I'm very much happy to join in this class, it is very much interested and very clear explanation given, what are all the queries rises while watching the video, it is answered one after other.. mam was very mean to understand the strokes by student.. while teacheing..

  • it is not worst, it is more like cheating.... Course picture shows if it is like dip pen or fountain pen calligraphy...but in actual it is brush pen Calligraphy...instructor had used ordinary school notebook and low quality notepad for teaching...and top of that there is no practice sheet provided..

  • want a live course

  • excellent learning platform.with a very good teacher.thanks a lot