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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Hello Alippo Team. Its been a wonderful experience. 5 sessions were fun to learn. Eggless cake had been a botheration for me. Pooja madam made it easy. Also wheat flour n jaggery as ingridient replacement was very helpful. Thank you. 😊

  • Thank you Chef Pooja and Alippo team for an amazing workshop on Birthday Cakes - not only did Chef educate us she also made it so easy for us - i used to struggle with fondant - but Chef showed us an amazing way of making a beautiful and pliable fondant. Very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Chef- you sure are an amazing, beautiful and outstanding teacher. Look forward to doing many new classes with you

  • Learning baking with chef pooja is really interesting. My experience of my first course is extremely good. And the staff is really supportive.

  • It's an amazing app if you want to be a baker then go for it.. 🥰😍the way they talk with every student feels like it's an offline class.. Very great experience in just 5days chef puja mam and Lisa both are amazing every recipe comes out very perfect totally satisfied courses here🥰😍😍🥰thank you for your valuable time for us in that way😍they clear our doubt just in minutes 🥰😍

  • very beautiful session