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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Hello Alippo Team. Its been a wonderful experience. 5 sessions were fun to learn. Eggless cake had been a botheration for me. Pooja madam made it easy. Also wheat flour n jaggery as ingredient replacement was very helpful. Thank you. 😊 Ficassia n Brioche sessions were wonderful. The explanation n query solns well sorted. Tq .

  • It was very wonderful experience with alippo team. They are very cooperative and answer each and every query. Highly Satisfied with what they are doing. Also they are providing a nice platform for women to learn and start business. Also they guide on how we can grow it.

  • I was very sceptical before joining the course. Because who offers workshops this cheap. But then out of curiosity i enrolled myself and I am glad I did. Alippo is doing a splendid job for beginners like me. They guide you and clear all your doubts, during the session and they also offer help after the session ends. And I guess, I'm addicted to Alippo now, cause I've enrolled for another workshop next week. I am so glad I downloaded Alippo. Super satisfied with it

  • Alippo app is a awesome platform to learn, at budget friendly cost, greate support. Pooja and Shahina helped us to learn with such clear and easy instructions, great way to learn from the comfort of our house made possible by alippo. Thank you β˜ΊοΈπŸ’