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  • So far I have paid for 25 classes on Alippo and the experience has been great. I am sure I would be taking up many more courses. The courses and the support provided at affordable prices are really commendable. Launching an app as this one has even eased things for me, I don't have to worry about storage space and have all my videos at finger's end. Plus, all that I needed is available in the app right at its launch and didn't have to wait for features being added in a new update. Great job!!!

  • This was a good experience for me to learn with affordable price. Recipes are well explained and clearing the doubts. Thank you Alippo...

  • Perfect mam gunjan mam classes if we take nd try thn there is no chance for spoil it came out excellent nd thanks a lot for whole team mam for being so supportive so i made it. Allipo team is so supportive in every prospect. They help on every step of the formulation. Means alot. Thank u so much team. Big hugs❤️❤️

  • I am very satisfied with this course