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  • This app is amazing. I have done more than 40 courses. And I have become a part of alippo family. The trainers are amazing. Their way of teaching is very efficient. And the courses they provide are at very affordable prices. I love this app and alippo courses.

  • I m very happy to enroll myself in alippo . I learn many things over here, it is a one stop platform for all. Alippo team always come with a new concept. Alippo team instructors are very nice they give us easy to easy steps so that we can do it by ouself. Thank u alippo team for your support, keep supporting us and launch new courses for us so that we learn it at our home easily

  • So far I have paid for 25 classes on Alippo and the experience has been great. I am sure I would be taking up many more courses. The courses and the support provided at affordable prices are really commendable. Launching an app as this one has even eased things for me, I don't have to worry about storage space and have all my videos at finger's end. Plus, all that I needed is available in the app right at its launch and didn't have to wait for features being added in a new update. Great job!!!

  • We get to learn about many things ranging from cooking till tailoring. This app teaches life skills and is very very apt to use and build on skills. It is a great experience using the services. Teaching techniques are very convenient to understand and in two languages. Experts give tips during sessions which are very useful. I have done 21 courses and 3 are upcoming. The journey so far has been wonderful.