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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Alippo's Customer

    I have completed makeup course by Alippo..it was amazing experience specially the way the expert handled queries they replied with minute details ...I am attending chocolate baic course right now...for women no other E platform providing such ultra technology with lot of exptise and that is at very reasonable rate..thank you Alippo.

  • Alippo's Customer

    Love you faiza ma'am you have taught us so well just love how you teach

  • Shalini garg

    Amazing courses Faiza. Bring bridal course pleaseee

  • Alippo's Customer

    Alippo has been such a great platform for ladies Learned so much from all instructors

  • Alippo's Customer

    This place has a nice aura to work along. The courses are really affordable and worth the pay. I can only say that they provide different kinds of courses under one umbrella, which is amazing.

  • Alippo's Customer

    Alippo is a brilliant example when it comes to conducting of courses which benefit women who are eager to learn something valuable. Thanks a lot team Alippo😍😍