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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Alippo's Customer

    Beautiful sessions chef. Your eggless swiss rolls class is amazing & super excited for the protein bars class was waiting from so long

  • sonal chandrakant mirani

    It was a great session And loved the way ma'am answers all the queries 🥳 Super excited for upcoming sessions🤩

  • Aayushi Khatri

    Thanks for such an amazing platform team I've taken around 16 classes till now & classes are so much content rich & instructors are top notch must say everyone should at least experience this platform once & then there is no go back

  • Alippo's Customer

    Alippo is a platform for all age groups. I learned chocolate bars from chef & it turned out super tasty & amazing

  • Shaina Pahilajani

    Alippo is a very fine website and the courses offered are very nice and informative. The instructors are very patient with the questions and answer every question very nicely. They explain everything in detail and given the price alippo offers it’s a great deal.

  • Asha gupta

    Alippo is doing great in terms of providing online sessions in numerous fields plus the way they guide us even after the courses get over is commendable. Its been one year with them and they are growing tremendously 😍😍 the category of course they provide 😍 the highly professional instructors, the team who is handling all this all are superb..keep it up Alippo team. ❤️✨