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  • super

  • Very nice formulas are given here and the instructors are well experienced . I am very happy to learn from this unbelievable platform which really cares & support Women ! Alippo has very good intentions and They are very Professional as well as very well trained Team ! This team is outstanding 💐🌸 I can see very bright future of Alippo! Thank you so much for your humble attitude towards everyone 😊

  • Alippo has been the best learning app for students like me. It helped me to clear my doubts. Well trained teachers helped me to understand my lessons clearly and with clarity.

  • A women oriented learning platform, learnt many things from you thanks you for making me strong and confident..app is also easy to use...perfect receipe procedure ,explained hard receipes also very easy manner

  • Had a wonderful time learning with the chef and learnt a lot and the course is very easy to understand

  • Courses are good, recordings are available for lifetime plus you get a certificate of completion after the course good hands on experience

  • Excellent app.. instructions and trainers are excellent and they teach in a very uncomplicated and comfortable manner with very easily available ingredients. Also they answer each and every query very patiently.. highly recommended.