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Skincare Brand Development

    Instructed By Ruparna Ghosh

    Hindi & English



    Skincare Brand Development is an in-depth course that is typically offered as part of a business or marketing program. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the skincare industry and the skills needed to create a successful skincare brand. Students will learn how to conduct market research and identify their target audience, including their needs, preferences, and behaviors. They will also learn how to develop a skincare product that meets the needs of their target consumers, including formulation, packaging, and branding.

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    • Course duration

      9 Days

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  • Day 1

    Live class was held at 10 Apr, 23. Recording is available.

    Brand & Category


    - Learn about GST - How to select brand name - Types of Product - Explain the benefits of products & formulations in brief - Knowledge of product USP - Explain target audience > Explain hero product > Explain google worksheet

  • Day 2

    Live class was held at 15 Apr, 23. Recording is available.

    Product Development


    - Formulation chart changes to the individual audience (if Any) - Explain the process of the cost of each ingredient and calculate the product cost > Explain containers of the product category wise > Show prices of jar bazaar > Strong handhold of formulations of each product > Initial stock keeping unit based on product cost

  • Day 3

    Live class was held at 24 Apr, 23. Recording is available.

    Labelling & packaging


    - Explain the labelling of products (Refer to Recording) - Colour scheme - Show Packaging with examples (Refer to Recording) - Explain TPA for labelling and packaging (Upack & Printo)

  • Day 4

    Live class was held at 01 May, 23. Recording is available.

    Sampling & Pricing


    - Evaluate the labelling of each product individually & make changes if required - Smart Sampling of products and their importance - Calculate labelling and packaging cost - Set Prices of products based on cost and market prices - Photography of each product (Refer to Recordings) - Tell about background remover website for photographs - Show sample product catalogue through Canva

  • Day 5

    Live class was held at 11 May, 23. Recording is available.

    Social Media - Instagram


    - Evaluate sampling reviews - Social media pages of Indie Brands - Explain about profile Picture & Bio. - Difference between the content of posts, reels & stories and hashtags - Evaluate the social media pages of the audience (If Any) - How to design a poster in Canva (Refer to Recording) - Show chatgpt for caption management - Share Hashtag Sheet with the audience - Share the website to check hashtag relevancy

  • Day 6

    Live class was held at 15 May, 23. Recording is available.

    Social Media Calender


    - Evaluate posters individually - Make corrections if required - Check captions and hashtags - Explain content ideas through sheet - Give a social media calender to the audience

  • Day 7

    Live class was held at 20 May, 23. Recording is available.

    Review Day


    - Every saturday social media calendar check - Evaluate posters and reels individually - Check whatsapp community group

  • Day 8

    Live class was held at 22 May, 23. Recording is available.



    - Introduction to Amazon Account (GST members only) - How to list products on amazon - Amazon commission chart - Shipping options

  • Day 9

    Live class was held at 31 May, 23. Recording is available.

    Offline Promotion


    - Follow up on amazon account - Introduction to TP delivery partner - How to open a TP delivery account - Offline Promotion examples like connecting with local retailers - Give proper communication for how to approach retailer - Banner Printing and catalogue printing for promotion and distribution - Exhibition in respective states - check eventsgram and bookstall

  • Meet Your Instructors

    You will be guided through your sessions by these instructors

    Ruparna Ghosh - Skincare Brand Development course instructor

    Ruparna Ghosh

    Professional Formulator

    Ruparna Ghosh is a highly skilled skincare formulator with a passion for creating effective and natural products. Since 2019, what started as a small hobby has now become her profession. With 5 certification courses from India and abroad, as well as a diploma, Ruparna is a well-trained expert in all types of skincare and haircare product formulation. Recently, her handcrafted skincare products have been showcased at various lifestyle exhibitions throughout India, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft.

    • Conducted over $em{{17+}} Sessions

      Conducted over 17+ Sessions

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      Teaches in English & Hindi

    • Rating of $em{{4.8/5}}

      Rating of 4.8/5

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      4+ years of Experience

    • Taught over $em{{15K+}} students

      Taught over 15K+ students

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    Yes, the recorded Skincare Brand Development course contains all of the same information as the live session.

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