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Start Your Formulation Business B4

Course Overview

Be Your Own Expert! This 8 weeks course gives you all the insiders about how can you start formulating products and business too with help of Live sessions and practicals, assignments, expert- consultation along with perks like MSME, GST, NSDC CERTIFICATE under one course. HURRY BOOK NOW!

  • Duration

    42 Days
  • Language

    Hindi & English
  • Interactive live class

    Interactive live class

  • Validated certificate

    Validated certificate

  • Lifetime Recording

    Lifetime Recording

  • Study Material

    Study Material

  • Doubt solving

    Doubt solving

This course offers the following benefits for FREE 😍

  • Small Cohorts

    Small Cohorts

    Learn in small batch and get attention

  • Free kit

    Free kit

    The course includes a FREE kit worth Rs 7,000

  • Career counselling

    Career counselling

    Career support & mentorship for 6 Months

  • Assignments


    Live Projects to enhance yours skills & techniques

  • Mentorship


    Get One-on-one Personal consultation

  • Govt Certificate

    Govt Certificate

    Get Government Certificate within 3 Months

Let's hear from the instructor

Find out more about the course and what you will learn from it from your instructor


This 42 Days course covers the following topics:

  • Day 1

    Hair Anatomy & Formulations

    - Introduction about hair structure - Factors affecting hair - Focus on holistic hair care by understanding how various internal & external factors play an important role in haircare - Common hair / scalp problems - Understand some of the common hair/scalps

  • Day 2

    Haircare Product Formulations

    - Shampoo Ingredients - Learn all about surfactants, their importance & types - Key ingredients in shampoo - Understand the role of ASM (Active Surfactant Matter) in formulating shampoos & its calculation - Actives & Extracts - Learn all about what are Actives & Extracts, the difference between them and their efficiency, usage rate, solubility - Conditioning Agents - Common conditioning agents used & their properties

  • Day 3


    - Get an overview of all the licenses required for formulation business - This DOES NOT cover applying & getting a license

  • Day 4

    Branding & Marketing

    - Learn Social Media techniques - All about whatsapp marketting - All about advertisement & promotions

  • Day 1

    Shampoo Formulations

    - Seaweed shampoo - Colour protection shampoo

  • Week 2

    Syndet Shampoo Bars

    - Pourable Shampoo Bar with Seaweed Extract - Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar

  • Day 3

    Product Labelling

    - Knowledge of Product Labeling

  • Day 1

    Conditioner Formulation

    - Conditioner - Creamy hair conditioner with avocado hydrosol - Intense moisturizing conditioner bar for frizzy hair

  • Day 2

    Hair Butters

    - Herbal hair butter for soft & smooth hair - Moisturizing hair butter

  • Day 3

    Product Pricing

    - Complete knowledge of product pricing

  • Day 1

    Hair Serums

    - Hair growth serum - Hair strengthening serum with plant extracts

  • Day 2

    Hair Oils

    - Hair fall control oil shots - Moisturizing oil shots

  • Week 4

    Lab Test Procedure

    - Learn about machinery - How to test your products at home - What is lab testing and what is the procedure

  • Day 1

    Theory Of Skin Science & Anatomy

    - Understanding of skin type, the various layers of skin - Skin function - Understanding the formulations of Face wash & face wash base (Verbal Explanation)

  • Day 2

    Theory of Common Skin Conditions

    - Understanding the skin conditions causes & remedies - Understanding the formulation of face toners & creams

  • Day 3

    Theory Formulating Products

    - Understanding the formulas of face serums & chemical peels

  • Still confused about joining the course?

    Don't worry! we are here to help you

    Meet Your Instructors

    • Sindhu Rao- Start Your Formulation Business B4 course instructor

      Sindhu is a skin & hair care formulator and startup enthusiast with over 5 years of experience in teaching & conducting workshops. Passionate about creating skincare and haircare products that are natural and free of harsh and unsafe chemicals, Sindhu has taught 1000+ students and has helped them in building their small businesses along with other ways of doing business such as white labelling and so on. Sindhu is conducting one of the most popular premium courses- The formulation premium course. Sindhu is loved by her customers, especially for her extraordinary yet easy-to-formulate formulations and her teaching style.

      Read more

    Find out who can take this course Start Your Formulation Business B4 📍

    • No AGE barrier (Whether you are 20 or 45, this course is for everyone)
    • Be Energetic, Enthusiastic & Passionate, No other skills are required
    • Proficiency in English or Hindi is must
    • No previous knowledge about the topics is needed

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    • Preeti Kalra

      Thanks for coming up with this course. Already enrolled for this course just because of Sindhu ma'am. Super excited to start my new journey

    • Yashika Ahuja

      I have taken so many courses of sindhu mam just love the way you teach

    • Sneha

      Oh My God Must Say Alippo Is Such An Amazing Platform For Wormen I took a lot of courses but must say baking is my all time fav. because of alippo only thanks team and chef

    • Mamtha Malvia

      I LOve alippo team and classes

    • Kritika Sethia

      Awesome courses, very nice staff and trainers. Value for money. Thanks alippo for giving us the chance to learn so many things in this covid environment by sitting safe at hom

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I've never used an online meeting app before; will Alippo team assist me in joining the session?

    Of course, even if you're new to technology, our Alippo team is always available to assist you. Before the session begins, our team guides and assists each participant to the best of their abilities.

    Sindhu Rao, our instructor, is knowledgeable and skilled in her field. She is not only humble, but also full of interesting insights that will help you easily understand the session.

    Yes, the Start Your Formulation Business B4 course can help you get started. Throughout the course, instructor Sindhu Rao shares her years of experience with everyone, providing you with useful insights, tips, and techniques for starting your own formulation business.

    No, you will not be removed from the Whatsapp group. After the course, the group transforms into an open Product Formulation community in which like-minded individuals share their work, ideas, and experience.

    All online Start Your Formulation Business B4 course classes are LIVE, conducted over the Zoom app. Please make sure you install the Zoom app before the scheduled live class.

    We provide LIVE practical classes conducted by our expert instructors. Everything will be shown in the live Start Your Formulation Business B4 course

    We hire the industry's top experts after multiple screening rounds. All our instructors are highly experienced and well-versed with the topics of Start Your Formulation Business B4 course that they are covering.

    Yes absolutely! We encourage you to do Start Your Formulation Business B4 course along with the instructor for maximum learning. We share all ingredients/products beforehand in the ebook so that you are prepared beforehand.

    No problem! You get lifetime access to recordings of the same LIVE Start Your Formulation Business B4 course after 30 mins and you can watch anytime.

    Sorry, the Start Your Formulation Business B4 course timings are fixed. However, you can watch recordings in case you miss attending the live class. However, we highly recommend everyone to take LIVE classes.

    Your certificate will be ready for download immediately after the Start Your Formulation Business B4 course is over.

    The amount listed is for the entire Start Your Formulation Business B4 course along with LIVE classes, doubt sessions, study material, recordings, certificate. Hard to believe, but it's true!

    If you have any inquiries or require more details, please get in touch with us at care@alippo.com

    Why you should take this Start Your Formulation Business B4 course

    • Learn everything LIVE from the expert instructor along with the right tips, tricks and techniques about Start Your Formulation Business B4

    • Complete study Start Your Formulation Business B4 e-book material to supplement your learning.

    • Lifetime access to recordings of the live Start Your Formulation Business B4 courses. Learning is timeless

    • Certificate with institution logo to enhance your credibility in Start Your Formulation Business B4.

    • Be a part of a buzzing community with people like you. Share your work, take their suggestions, grow together

    • Get confidence and right skills to start your own business and become an entrepreneur

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