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Start your own Formulation Business - Pre Booking

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Hindi & English

Be Your Own Expert! This 8 weeks course gives you all the insiders about how can you start formulating products and business too with help of Live sessions and practicals, assignments, expert- consultation along with perks like MSME, NSDC CERTIFICATE under one course. HURRY BOOK NOW! NOTE: You have pre-booked this course so only 2 sessions will be unlocked for you to explore more please connect with our sales executives

Course schedule

  • Course duration

    10 Weeks

This course includes

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    Course study material

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Learn-by-doing with recorded classes

In 10 Weeks, you will learn:

Module 1- All About Business

  • Day 1

    Business Profiling


    - Learn about business profiling & certificates

  • Day 2



    - Learn about instagram analysis

  • Day 3

    Theory Of Skin Science & Anatomy


    - Understanding of skin type, the various layers of skin - Understanding the formulations of face wash & face wash base

  • Day 1

    Theory Of Skin Science & Anatomy

    - Understanding of skin type, the various layers of skin - Understanding the formulations of face wash & face wash base

  • Day 2

    Theory of Common Skin Conditions

    - Understanding the skin condition's causes & remedies - Understanding the formulation of face toners & creams

  • Day 3

    Theory Formulating Products

    - Understanding the formulas of face serums & chemical peels

  • Day 1

    Product Stability Knowledge

    - Get knowledge on emulsifiers, stabilizers, chelating agents & gelling agent - now about its types, usage, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and how it impacts the product texture, shelf life, and viscosity

  • Day 2


    > Toners rosemary & green tea toner for normal to oily skin - Toner with anti-bacterial properties that helps fight bacteria from getting into pores- Helps in fine lines and firm skin > Skin brightening toner with saffron, turmeric & niacinamide for all skin types - Multi-purpose toner for all skin types can be used in skincare and before makeup helping in brightening and making skin tone even

  • Day 3

    Face Scrub With Antioxidants

    > Scrub Red Wine extract & jojoba beads face scrub with antioxidants for glowing skin - Finely milt scrub which is gentle on the skin and has anti-aging properties helps protect skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental pollution > Coffee Walnut Scrub - Made with skin-nourishing oils & butter along with coffee oil and walnut shell powder for gentle exfoliation

  • Day 1

    2 % Salicylic Acid Face Wash

    > 2 % salicylic acid face wash - It is an amazing cleanser with salicylic acid that helps in reducing acne and clears out excess oil > Mint face wash with menthol crystals - This facewash refreshes /tones /cleanses the skin

  • Day 2

    Foaming Face Wash

    > Foaming face wash with green tea extract - Perfect for oily skin and extracts that work on the skin barrier and repair it > Skin-lightening face wash with lemon extract, saffron extract & kojic acid - Perfect for skin brightening and lightening - Learn to use combinations of actives and extracts safely - Learn about dermal limits

  • Day 3

    Creamy Cleanser Balm 2 in 1

    > Creamy Cleanser balm 2 in 1 - Creamy cleanser balm and makeup remover for all skin types - Protects skin by gently removing dirt and doesn't interfere with natural oils of the skin - Cleanser balm works as an excellent makeup remover and face wash too - Perfect for a double cleansing & mature skin > Learn to make variations of creamy cleansers

  • Day 1

    Party Glow Papaya Facial Massage Cream

    > Party glow papaya facial massage cream for instant fairness & complexion boost with goodness & antioxidant properties of papaya > Variation - Skin radiance 24 karat gold facial massage cream

  • Module 5 - Instant Facial Cream

    Saffron Gel Moisturiser

    > Saffron gel moisturizer - For glowing skin gel-based moisturizer suitable for oily skin - Quick absorption and nonsticky feel - Learn how to create transparent, easy glide gel - Learn customization using various extracts & actives > Variation: Learn blue pea flower gel

  • Day 1

    Wrinkle Control Cream

    > Wrinkle control cream with Bio Retinol - Anti-aging cream with a boost of bio retinol that reduces the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, eyes, and forehead - Helps in signs of aging > Variation: Skin repair cream with vitamin C & collagen for hyperpigmentation and spots

  • Day 2

    Anti Acne Cream

    > Emulsified anti-acne cream with willow bark extract & AHA - Skin-lightening cream that lightens pigmentation and scars - Improves overall complexion of skin, heals and cures from deeper layers of skin because of its molecular size - Variation: Pore minimizing cream for oily skin

  • Day 3


    - Get a chance for 1 on 1 consultation with your instructor

  • Day 1

    Vitamin C Serum

    - The stable form of serum with ascorbic palmitate, kojic acid & hyaluronic acid- works on pigmentation and helps in making skin brighter and glowing.- promotes skin lightening and Helps with a clear complexion > Hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5 serum - Serum that brings the skin back to life - Helps with bouncy, shining skin.- locks moisture in the skin for supple skin

  • Day 2

    Peel Off Mask

    > Collagen & berry peel off mask for mature skin - Mask that hydrates skin treats dull, dry skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and speeds skin healing > Variation: Learn to create an oily skin mask

  • Day 3

    Chemical Peel With Aha /Bha and PHA

    > Chemical Peel with AHA, BHA & PHA for bright, smooth supple skin - Beautiful thick liquid and quick working formula that repairs skin from inside by penetrating deep into layers of skin - Instant 10 min facial for night regime > Variation: 30% AHA, 2% BHA Peel with salicylic & tartaric acid

  • Day 1

    Under Eye Gel

    > Under eye gel with pea protein - Infuse active to reduce dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles - Under-eye gel for skin texture and dehydrated skin - Excellent for problems that are beginning to occur and stop pigmentation from growing > Variation: Under eye water-based serum with pearl protein and daisy flower extract to reduce crow's feet, wrinkles, and puffiness

  • Day 2

    Lip Scrub

    > Lip scrub base & banana smoothie lip scrub - Treat your lips to this bi-weekly scrub to reveal softer, perfectly primed and hydrated lips - Learn about Matcha Tea & Honey Formulate your scrub with ingredients that have an extremely rich source of antioxidants and moisturising and healing properties .

  • Day 3

    Lip Balm, Butter & Lip Serum Base

    - 2 lip balms and 1 butter - Learn to make lip serum base - Making of nourishing ,hydrating and softening butters and balms with simple yet useful ingredients . Variations on changing butters & oils Making of strawberry lip balm with strawberry flavour oil and nude coffee lip balm.

  • Day 1


    - Get in-depth knowledge on how to price your products

  • Day 2

    Small Business Essentials

    - Learn about lab testing procedures - What is required for the new bee in business - How to manage products and budget - Essentials to start a business - Tools and Ingredients to invest in

  • Day 3

    White Labeling

    - Get in-depth knowledge on reselling & white labeling of products

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