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Summer Haircare Products

Learn to make haircare products

₹ 299

  • Duration

    5 Days
  • Language

    Hindi & English
  • Expert Doubt Solving

  • Lifetime Recording Access

  • Study Material

  • Sindhu Rao

    A skin care formulator and enthusiast with over 2 years of experience in teaching & conducting workshops. Passionate about creating skincare products that are natural and free of harsh and unsafe chemicals. MSME certified.


    Day 1



    Hair Growth Gel

    - Advanced gel with hair nutrient complex and extracts to boost hair growth

    Day 2



    Hair Fall Control Gel

    - Advance gel with 3% baicapil and protein to arrest hair fall

    Day 3



    Hibiscus Hair Mask

    - Hair mask for hair growth & hair shine

    Day 4



    Moringa Oil Hair Mask

    - Moringa hair mask loaded with omega 3 fatty acids

    Day 5



    Syndet Shampoo Bar

    - Luxurious shampoo bar made with Phanax Ginseng & Red Algae for nourished & healthy hair

    ₹ 299

    • Duration

      5 Days
    • Language

      Hindi & English

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    Customer Reviews

    4.7Course Ratings


      Excelleñt ,beautiful instructor who knows to take class interesting Attended few classes but here she is the best to learn👍 Very professional and each detail explained .Thank you 🥰

    • Leena Dinesh

      Thank you ma'am...it was a very helpful session

    • Shama Naik

      Very informative & Wonderful session ...thank you so much ma'am for such a lovely information 👏👏👏😊


      A well organized, detailed session really enjoyed 😉. Seeing you tomorrow again. Excellent teaching and informative. Enjoyed learning.

    • Ramya Rao

      Very informative session mam..got to learn much information in today's session..thank u😊eagerly waiting for many more sessions from mam🙂

    • Dr. Radhika B Rathod Raval

      Hi very nice session thank u so much❤️

    • Dr. Radhika B Rathod Raval

      Hi mam....best session....thank u so much mam n Alippo... It's totally new formulation for me.....amazing session....

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