Joy bakes n cakes

Joy bakes n cakes

Founded by

Khadeeja Siddiqui

Hello there, I'm Khadeeja Siddiqui, and I'm absolutely delighted to share my heartfelt journey with you. It's a journey that's been sprinkled with flour, glazed with passion, and baked to perfection. Welcome to the world of **Joy Bakes n Cakes** - where every bite is a slice of happiness! My love affair with baking ignited way back in school. I was drawn to the magic that happened when simple ingredients transformed into delightful confections. The kitchen became my playground, and the oven, my muse. Over time, my friends and family became the delighted taste-testers of my creations. Their consistent praise and infectious smiles were the sweet rewards of my baking adventures. But it was a witty remark from my husband that truly set the wheels in motion. He shared a quote from the Joker, "If you're good at something, don't do it for free." Those words resonated deeply within me, sparking the idea that maybe, just maybe, my passion could become something more. This epiphany couldn't have come at a better time - during the lockdown when traditional bakeries were closed, and people were craving homemade treats. With newfound determination, I decided to turn my passion into a small business, a venture that would not only keep me connected to my love for baking but also bring a little sweetness into the lives of those around me. The journey wasn't a walk in the park; it was more like a carefully measured recipe - filled with ups, downs, and a dash of determination. But every challenge I faced was an opportunity to learn and grow. With perseverance and the support of my loved ones, I navigated the world of home baking. One of the pivotal moments in my journey was discovering Alippo. Their courses provided me with a structured understanding of the home baking business. I learned not only the art of baking but also the science behind it. From crafting the perfect dough to mastering the art of decorating, Alippo became my trusted guide in this delicious expedition. And now, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the next chapter - Joy Bakes n Cakes 2.0. This is a promise to all my patrons and future customers that I'm committed to bringing even more joy through my baked creations. The oven is hot, the mixing bowls are ready, and my heart is brimming with excitement. With Joy Bakes n Cakes, every cake I create isn't just a dessert; it's a slice of happiness, a moment of joy. So, join me on this sugary adventure. Let's explore the world of flavours, textures, and endless possibilities together. Joy Bakes n Cakes is more than a business; it's a heartfelt endeavour to spread sweetness, one bite at a time. Here's to a future filled with delectable creations and countless moments of joy!

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Launched Joy bakes n cakes
  • Joy bakes n cakes
  • Joy bakes n cakes
  • Joy bakes n cakes
Khadeeja Siddiqui
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Nita Saigal
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Nita Saigal

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My name is Nita Saigal, and Iā€™m from Mumbai. I always had a passion for cooking, and my dishes were always, etc. appreciated byIn thell. In 2000,r 2000 I started a small business of making snacks & theming them at shops where people buy them to buy as early morning breakfast. My brother had a centre, Centre said, why don't you don't join us and start the meals? That, that's how I entered into catering. I would cater lunch n snacks to around 300 students. I always handled everything personally & never left it on staff 2005,n 2005 I stopped the business then, my daughter, and I set up suitcases and started packing for exhibitions in Mumbai Pune, Pune, and Hyderabad. Coimbatore till 2011, then took a break and entered the business of trading parlour and salon products, ayurvedic products, and khadi products. I started selling all over Maharashtra with a team of salesmen. And also on Amazon and Flipkart. But during the lockdown, there wasn't much work, and I stopped these portals, but I am still doing the cosmetics and Khadi trading. During the lockdown, since my cook was not there, I got time to peep into YouTube channels and started trying recipes. One that put me into business again was cookies and nankhatai. My daughter wanted me to start selling instead of just distributing. And with this, we came up with our brand HOMEBAKEOLOGY in 2021. In this one year, I had been learning from YouTube only, and one fine day I saw the Alippo ad on Facebook and joined my first course in Fusion Baking. This method of learning piqued my interest, and I enrolled in a slew of Allipo courses, including this professional baking course. I realised what learning with perfection is and how it has improved my skills. especially in baking, which was always a dream. because I was never able to succeed in baking. So now with all these learnings and the help of the perfect teachers, Alippo team, and platform, I think I will be able to prove to myself first and then to others that there is no age for learning first and that I can do what I dreamed of. Thanks to Alippo and the team for inspiring so much confidence in me to at least move ahead with fulfilling my dream of baking and cooking.

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