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In the heart of my kitchen, armed with a whisk and a heart full of dreams, I embarked on a journey that would soon fill not just plates but hearts with happiness. It all started with a simple desire to infuse celebrations with the sweetness of desserts. Thus, **Shreyoz** was born, a brand where we didn't just offer baked goods, but little slices of joy for every occasion. My journey began with a hunger to learn, and that's when I stumbled upon Alippo's baking courses. From the very basics to the intricate science behind baking, these courses became my guiding light. Mixing, measuring, and mastering the art of creating confectionery wonders felt like a second nature. Armed with new knowledge, I was ready to transform mere ingredients into moments of pure delight. The first cake I ever baked under the Shreyoz banner was a humble vanilla cake. Buttercream was my canvas, and the spatula my brush. The result was more than just a dessert; it was a manifestation of my dedication and passion. With each new creation, my skills improved, and so did the smiles they brought. Shreyoz wasn't just about cakes; it was about crafting edible stories for people's most cherished moments. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or just a craving for sweetness – my little baking haven catered to all. The aroma of fresh pastries, the allure of beautifully decorated cookies, and the elegance of tiered cakes became synonymous with the magic we aimed to create. But it wasn't always a smooth ride. There were days when ovens betrayed me, when frostings refused to cooperate, and when my creations fell short of the perfection I sought. Yet, every mistake was a lesson, and every setback a stepping stone. I persevered, honing my skills and pushing the boundaries of what I could create. Social media became my ally. The beautifully captured images of my creations found a place in the hearts of dessert enthusiasts, spreading the word about Shreyoz. One cake at a time, one satisfied customer at a time, my brand grew, not just in terms of reach but in the memories it was becoming a part of. As I look back on this journey, I'm filled with gratitude. From that first bite of vanilla cake to the intricately designed masterpieces that leave my kitchen today, every step has been a testament to following my passion. Shreyoz is more than just a baking business; it's a bridge between my love for baking and the joy it brings to others. With each celebration we grace, we provide more than just desserts; we provide happiness. And that, for me, is the true essence of my baking odyssey – to create a little sweetness in a world that could always use more. So here's to Shreyoz, to the countless moments of joy, and to the journey that's only just begun.

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I'm a baker by passion and an entrepreneur by profession. Cooking has always been very therapeutic for me, and I have the added benefit of a family that is open to trying new things. In the year 2001, I joined my husband in his business; we have a marketing agency based out of Ahmedabad. I have always loved cooking and baking for people, and once during the COVID-19 pandemic, a friend of mine asked me to bake a cake for her, and the response that I got was truly unbelievable. Which got me thinking: why not experiment more with desserts and start a business out of it? Hence the birth of Magic Whisk. In this journey of mine, the Alippo team has helped a lot, be it in the form of useful insights from the chef or lectures.

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