Anémone Home Decors

Anémone Home Decors

Founded by

Parminder Kaur

I started my business in my late 40s after a career in education. Despite holding degrees in Education, Law, and Political Science, health issues forced me to step back from my profession. As I found myself at home, grappling with feelings of depression, my family encouraged me to explore new avenues. Motivated by their support, I embarked on an online journey, turning my favourite pastime into a profession. However, being new to this field posed numerous challenges. That's when I discovered Alippo. Through their courses, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills, paving the way for my success. Today, thanks to Alippo, I proudly call myself an entrepreneur. I specialize in creating home decor products such as tea coasters, wall decor, table decorations, candles, and jewellery. My creations feature a variety of techniques including Lippanwork, Warli art, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, crochet, amigurumi, macrame, and cement work. Join me on this journey of creativity and entrepreneurship as I transform my passion into beautiful works of art. With Alippo's support, the possibilities are endless.

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Launched Anémone Home Decors
  • Anémone Home Decors
  • Anémone Home Decors
  • Anémone Home Decors
Parminder Kaur
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Agni Mirajkar is a highly accomplished corporate trainer in the IT industry, known for her expertise in personal sessions and meditation retreats. Born in India and raised in the Middle East, she completed her schooling in Doha, Qatar. Coming from a business background, Agni had a childhood dream of creating her own beauty products, which was further fueled by her encounter with Shehnaz Hussain in 1987. Inspired by Shehnaz Hussain's work, Agni pursued her passion, eventually leading her to join Alippo, where she found immense satisfaction and fulfilment. With over 87 national and international certifications to her name, including recognition from the Maharashtra government for Women's Empowerment, Agni is a multifaceted professional. She appears as an expert on Tata Sky and has been crowned Mrs. Dazzling Queen of Pune. Agni's expertise spans various fields, including psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching, and more. She is the founder of Agni Multivercity, a trademark-registered company, specializing in cosmetic formulation. With profound gratitude towards Alippo for transforming her life, Agni encourages others to join this authentic platform for education and self-discovery.

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