Rooftop: Shark Tank India Season 3

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  • 5th February, 2024
Rooftop: Shark Tank India Season 3


Addressing the significant gap between art enthusiasts and the world of art itself is a critical challenge, particularly within the realm of Indian Traditional Art. Rooftop, featured on Shark Tank India Season 3, aims to unravel a solution to this issue, providing a unique opportunity for artists to learn and grow. Dedicated to imparting education in Indian Traditional Art, Rooftop conducts workshops and courses facilitated by over 2000 expert artists. This distinctive platform also features classes led by Padma Shri and National Award Winners, offering a unique chance for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of traditional Indian artistry. You can also enrol in the handicraft course at Alippo.

FounderKartik Gaggar
Ask₹ 2 crores for 4% equity
Final DealNo Deal
Sharks OnboardedNo Deal

All About the Pitch

Kartik Gaggar, the Founder and CEO, presented his vision to the Sharks. A Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, Kartik brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. His journey includes founding Kamaai Capital in 2017, an early-stage investment firm, and Rajasthan Studio in 2019. Rooftop, conceived in January 2019, reflects Kartik's commitment to narrowing the gap between art lovers and quality art education, providing a user-friendly platform for learning Indian Traditional Art from seasoned experts.

As the Shark Tank India Season 3 episode aired on February 1, 2024, Kartik Gaggar sought a substantial investment of Rs 2 Crore in exchange for a 4% equity stake. Despite the articulate presentation of Rooftop's business model, none of the Sharks felt a connection with the venture, resulting in no offers for investment.

Takeaways from the Pitch

Skills Learned from Kartik Gaggar's Pitch on Shark Tank India

1. Articulation and Clarity

Kartik Gaggar demonstrated a high level of articulation and clarity in presenting Rooftop's vision and business model. Communicating complex ideas concisely and understandably is a crucial skill, especially in a high-stakes pitch scenario like Shark Tank.

2. Entrepreneurial Vision

As the founder and CEO, Kartik showcased a strong entrepreneurial vision. Articulating not only the current state and success of Rooftop but also its potential for future growth and impact is a vital skill for any entrepreneur seeking investment.

3. Financial Literacy

Being a Chartered Accountant, Kartik displayed financial literacy during the pitch. He effectively communicated the financial aspects of the business, including the requested investment amount and equity stake, showcasing a keen understanding of the financial dynamics of Rooftop.

4. Storytelling

Kartik skillfully weaved a narrative around Rooftop's inception, its mission to bridge the gap between art lovers and traditional Indian art, and the journey leading up to the Shark Tank pitch. Storytelling is a powerful skill that engages and connects with the audience, be it potential investors or customers.

5. Resilience in the Face of Rejection

Despite not securing an investment deal, Kartik exhibited resilience and composure. Facing rejection is an inevitable part of entrepreneurship, and his ability to handle it with grace and poise reflects a valuable skill that every entrepreneur should cultivate.

6. Strategic Decision-Making

Kartik's decision to seek a specific amount of investment for a defined equity stake reveals strategic thinking. Understanding how to make calculated decisions, especially in negotiations, is a skill that can significantly impact the success of a business deal.

7. Passion and Conviction

Throughout the pitch, Kartik exuded passion and conviction for Rooftop's mission. This ability to convey genuine enthusiasm for the venture is a crucial skill that can captivate investors and stakeholders, aligning them with the founder's vision.

By observing Kartik Gaggar's pitch on Shark Tank India, aspiring entrepreneurs can glean valuable insights into these skills, understanding how they contribute to a compelling and impactful business presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Kartik Gaggar to create Rooftop?

Rooftop was born out of Kartik Gaggar's vision to bridge the gap between art lovers and traditional Indian art education. Motivated by the need to provide a platform where artists could learn and grow, Rooftop emerged as a solution to this significant challenge in the art community.

Rooftop sets itself apart as India's leading online learning platform focused on Indian Traditional Art. With over 2000 expert artists offering classes and workshops, including sessions led by Padma Shri and National Award Winners, Rooftop provides a unique and immersive learning experience, catering specifically to those passionate about traditional art forms.

In the episode aired on February 1, 2024, Kartik Gaggar, the founder of Rooftop, pitched the business seeking Rs 2 Crore in exchange for a 4% equity stake. Despite the articulate presentation of Rooftop's business model, none of the Sharks connected with the venture, resulting in no investment offers.


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