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Inside Basis | A leading Fintech startup working for Women’s financial independence

Prachi Sharma

By Prachi Sharma

  • 5 mins read
  • 20th December, 2023
Inside Basis | A leading Fintech startup working for Women’s financial independence

What is Basis all about?

Basis is focused on addressing the financial needs of women in India. is focused on addressing the financial needs of women in India. Their mission is to bridge the knowledge and trust gaps that women often encounter while making financial decisions. They aim to empower women by providing a dedicated financial services destination tailored specifically for them. The founders of Basis are Hena Mehta and Dipika Jaikishan and this is a Bengaluru-based Startup. This startup aims to revolutionize the financial landscape by championing inclusivity and knowledge dissemination among women, fostering a generation of informed and confident decision-makers.

Basis’ Flagship product 

Image Source : https://www.femina.in/trending/achievers/co-founders-of-the-1st-finance-app-for-women-basis-say-being-aware-is-key-176479.html

Their flagship product is India's first prepaid card designed exclusively for women, offering increased safety by not being linked to a bank account and secured by RuPay. This card is intended to facilitate stress-free daily spending for women.

 The flagship prepaid card offered by Basis, being unlinked to a bank account, provides increased safety and security for women's financial transactions. Moreover, this exclusive prepaid card aims to offer women not only to manage daily expenses but also to promote greater financial autonomy and peace of mind in their day-to-day spending decisions.

Basis endeavor for women's empowerment

Basis targets women as their primary customers, aiming to support them in making informed financial decisions through financial education resources and fostering a community of like-minded women. Women can benefit from this care in the longer term by securing financial expenditure and saving with the right method and in the right direction.

What is unique about Basis

The unique selling proposition (USP) of Basis lies in its focus on creating a safe and dedicated financial ecosystem for women in India by providing a 100% secured prepaid card to empower women to manage their finances confidently.

The company's uniqueness lies in its tailored approach, offering personalized financial solutions and educational resources curated exclusively for women. This is India's first prepaid card designed specifically for women, providing increased safety and ease of daily spending, showcasing the company's innovative approach to empowering women financially. All these aspects set Basis apart, making it a pioneering platform striving to revolutionize financial services for women.

What does Basis wish to achieve in future

Basis’ mission is to empower and equip women in India with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to make informed and confident financial decisions, fostering financial independence and security. Also, their vision is to become the leading and trusted financial services destination for women in India, providing a safe and supportive ecosystem that bridges the knowledge and trust gaps, enabling women to navigate the financial landscape with ease and confidence.


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