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Unraveling Daybreak: An overview of what this oral care startup is all about

Prachi Sharma

By Prachi Sharma

  • 5 mins read
  • 20th December, 2023
Unraveling Daybreak: An overview of what this oral care startup is all about

Deciphering Daybreak 

Daybreak, a pioneering company, stands at the forefront of oral hygiene and dental wellbeing. They offer oral care products that lend complete oral hygiene solutions. Their unwavering commitment lies in crafting evidence-led and science-backed products that redefine the standard for dental care. With complete dedication to purity, Daybreak champions the creation of toxin-free, oral hygiene solutions with the absence of Active Salt or charcoal from their toothpaste formulations. Sumedh Despandey, the founder of Daybreak is dedicated and driven in Daybreak's relentless pursuit of excellence.

What does the future of daybreak look like?

Daybreak's mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to thorough research and an unwavering focus on curating solutions that consist solely of beneficial ingredients. By carefully selecting and formulating their products, they aim to offer customers innovative oral care solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. They envision to transform the way people begin their day. They believe that a positive and refreshing start in the morning has a profound impact on overall wellness. With this vision at its core, Daybreak endeavours to enhance the morning routines of its customers, aiming to create experiences that positively influence the remainder of their day.

Who do they serve?

Their targeted customers seem to be individuals who value evidence-based, high-quality personal care products without gimmicks or exaggerated claims. They aim to appeal to people who prioritize valuable and quality products to customers who are not ready to compromise with the ingredients and formulation of the products that they use.

Daybreaks’ offerings 

Daybreak has a wide range of products to choose from. Whitening paste, electric brush, gum serum, sensitivity serum, whitening powers, whitening strips etc are available.  


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The Missionstartab series starts on December 19th.

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