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Did we crack Zomato right in March?

Navya Mehrotra

By Navya Mehrotra

  • 5 mins
  • 9th April, 2024
Did we crack Zomato right in March?

This month started off with set plans of working out the last month errors in our favour. We were due with some big targets to close our financial year with. The entrepreneurs were all charged up and so was the Alippo team to help them achieve their targets on Zomato.

The Success Achieved

We finally achieved 5 entrepreneurs who successfully closed more than 5 orders each in less than two weeks of their onboarding on the platform. We were able to successfully list 10 entrepreneurs on the platform who were set with their targets in mind.

The Rectifications from February

For Zomato success, we rectified a few issues that we faced in the month of February. Our targets and learnings helped us set the laying ground for this month’s progress. Alippo worked on the following concerns -

  • We started off early in March than in February. The onboarding process took nearly 7-10 days and so we wanted to give entrepreneurs enough time to settle their restaurants and start getting orders in the remaining days.
  •  We learned from the Menu setting issue that happened last month. The vegetarian or non-vegetarian specifications were missing for many menus which let to the rejection of many applications. This time we were extra particular to specify these details beforehand to avoid any more rejections.
  •  Another major concern that was blocking us was duplicate accounts. We faced this concern even this month too. Any prior logins are automatically recognised by Zomato and so any new accounts are rejected for onboarding.
  • Gst issue remained a new problem that we tried solving this month too. GST has different slabs for different food categories. Not just this, GST blocks the addition of any such categories that may be packaged or not in adherence to the applicable rules.

All in all, the last month’s learnings helped us efficiently improve our onboarding process.

The Order Challenge

Post the onboarding, the challenge was to get the orders now.

  • Subbulakshmi ji worked out most orders from Swiggy and Zomato. She was able to crack 12 orders. The biggest learning here was that the first month was a bit of a struggle for her but as soon as the restaurant got a month or two old, the orders started flowing in. This may be because of Swiggy or Zomato’s algorithm of keeping the new restaurants last in line and then slowly promoting them up.
  • ⁠We collected maximum reviews possible to push our restaurants up in line.
  • We collected the first 2-3 orders from our known people to push forward our restaurants and get noticed by anonymous people.

    These few things worked for us and helped us get the orders good enough in the first month itself.
    We are set for even bigger targets in April with better learnings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of support does Alippo offer to women entrepreneurs?

Alippo offers a range of support services, including skill honing, from baking & cooking to product formulation. It also helps women start businesses and provides them with ongoing support.

Women entrepreneurs can get involved with Alippo by reaching out to the startup through their website or social media channels, where they can learn about available programs and initiatives designed to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.


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