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Learn How To Be A Seller On Flipkart

Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

By Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

  • 12 Min Read
  • 13th April, 2023
Learn How To Be A Seller On Flipkart

Selling your products on Flipkart as a seller can open new revenue streams for your business, and provide an opportunity to reach more customers. However, setting up as a seller on Flipkart isn’t as simple as uploading some product details and waiting for sales to trickle in. You must first understand what sells on Flipkart, the competition you’ll be facing, how much it costs to sell your products on the site, and whether there is potential for growth among its user base. Unfortunately, the process of becoming a seller on any marketplace is not as straightforward as you might expect. Each marketplace has its evaluation criteria and protocols that sellers must meet before they can begin selling products.

This article will help you understand everything you need to know about being a seller on Flipkart.

How To Register As A Seller On Flipkart?

To sell on Flipkart, a company or individual must become a Flipkart seller by registering with Flipkart. This process is simple and can be initiated from the seller's home page on Flipkart's website.

A company or individual can register as a Flipkart seller by providing information about his/her company and the products that he/she intends to sell through Flipkart.

Some of the details that need to be provided and confirmed at the time of registering as a Flipkart seller include:

• Seller's name

• Seller's phone number

• Seller email address

• Business address/pick-up address

• Classification of the product that the seller wants to sell through Flipkart

• Tax registration documents; in particular GST registration

• Business registration documents such as incorporation certificates, articles of association, etc.

How Flipkart Seller Registration works

You can sell on Flipkart by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Business Registration

Sample Business Registration Form

If you want to explore the e-commerce phenomenon and market your unique products through it, the first step is to legally register your business.

Step 2: Open a bank account

Steps For Opening Bank Account

Once the business registration is complete, the next important part is to open a current bank account in the name of the company.

Step 3: GST registration

GST Registration Form

To be able to sell via the e-commerce portal, registration under the goods and services tax is mandatory. Your company's GSTIN should be submitted with Flipkart.

Step 4: Registration on the Flipkart website

If you have met all minimum requirements, you can apply for Flipkart seller registration at To do this, you must provide all of the above information and contact details, which will be verified by Time Passwords.

Step 5: List your products

Once all the registration formalities are completed, you can create your dashboard and view all the products you want to offer in their product categories.

Step 6: Start selling

Start Selling Your Products

Now you can start selling. When you receive order confirmation, pack the applicable product for shipment and mark it as "ready for shipment". After that, Flipkart executives will collect it from you and deliver it to the customer.

Step 7: Payment made

Once the order is successfully delivered, the e-commerce site will process your order within 10 to 15 days.

Important Things To Know Before You Become A Seller On Flipkart

There are a few important things to know before you become a seller on Flipkart.

Important Tips To Know

While the marketplace is built for sellers, it is not a retail store. This means that you are not allowed to sell any of your products directly to customers using Flipkart. You can, however, sell products from your website or through other retail stores that use Flipkart as an online platform.

• First, you must register with Flipkart before you can sell anything. This involves creating an account, uploading documents, and passing a background check. Once you’re approved to start selling items, Flipkart will send you a Seller ID and password so you can begin listing your products.

• Another thing to keep in mind is that you are responsible for all sales and shipments made on your account. If someone buys something from your account and the item doesn’t arrive or it isn’t as described, then it is your responsibility to make things right.

• Finally, some rules apply to all sellers: You must list only authentic products with genuine prices; you must ship items within 7 days of receiving payment, and you cannot accept returns or offer refunds.


Selling on Flipkart is a great way to make some extra money and get your products in front of a large audience. If you are looking to get started, be sure to follow the tips in this blog post. With a little effort, you can start earning a good income from selling on Flipkart.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a normal person sell on Flipkart?

Flipkart allows both individuals and companies to register by providing the required product and business information.

No, you cannot sell non-GST products on Flipkart. You can only sell online without GST if you sell exempt products. You must have a GSTIN even if your turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakh there is no such threshold as stated on some other websites.

No, you cannot have more than one account as a seller on Flipkart

There are no fees to complete the GST registration process. If companies fail to complete the registration process, 10% of the amount due or Rs. 10,000 will be charged.

Flipkart makes no representations or warranties regarding the item-specifics (such as legal title, creditworthiness, identity, etc.) of its users. You are advised to independently verify the credibility of any particular user with whom you are dealing on the Platform and to act in this regard to the best of your knowledge.

Sellers must make their arrangements. It's easy to sell and ship on Flipkart as they have 200 pickup centers and 10,000 couriers. Flipkart Advantage Delivery Process is a process where Flipkart takes care of product stocking and order fulfillment.

Yes, you can sell unbranded products on Flipkart if you are the manufacturer of the product or have a valid invoice. That means you don't have a brand certificate, barcode, etc. Be careful, this doesn't mean you can sell first-copy products.

Flipkart Seller Hub helps the department empower sellers with full visibility, competition and performance monitoring. One can get quick responses from customer support.


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