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Lesser days but bigger targets – Acing February Entrepreneur Style

vaishnavi gurang

By vaishnavi gurang

  • 5 mins
  • 21st March, 2024
Lesser days but bigger targets – Acing February Entrepreneur Style

Lesser Days, Bigger Targets!

February brings happiness and stress together in a basket. While some cheer up with the thought of lesser working days, people chasing big targets actually fear this loss of days. But Alippo and our women entrepreneurs took this challenge head on.

Achievements Cracked!

We ended the month of February with a total of 19 Entrepreneurs with a collective revenue of 90000/- in just last 10 days of activity!

54 women were listed on different E commerce platforms like Meesho and Zomato to crack the target board.

The Challenges Conquered?

The performance of January was a little benchmark for us but we were looking at a bigger scale this month. We were all set with our plans to ace order targets over e-commerce platforms.

Apparently, in the start of the month, we were just eyeing Meesho for growth but the growing demand from our entrepreneurs directed us towards Zomato. Where listing on meesho was just a one day process, Zomato listing took us days to finally go live on the platform. Nonetheless, our women entrepreneurs were head strong and started cracking orders in just 2 days of their onboarding on the platform.

We noticed a few patterns which we became rigid with, for ensuring a quality onboarding process.
-Any e-commerce platform demands a least of 20 products.
-While combos can fill up the space for 4-5 products, a sellers should be able to bring 15 unique products to get a strong listing.
-We also recognised the product presentation being a strong factor for reach. -Our women entrepreneurs are undoubtedly very skilled but definitely not skilled photographers.
-We brought them all together and clicked pictures aesthetically together in one class. Crossing one hurdle at a time, we seemed a little ready to be out there in this fiercely competitive market.

The Mantra to Success on E-Commerce 

Not just onboarding, but somehow we also have cracked the mantra to success on ecommerce platforms. To be quoting it humorously, it is - Pehle Aap Fir Apne Aap! In other words, ecommerce success is totally dependent on how you divert your organic audience towards the platform and then the platform automatically gives you a return of traction you brought to their platform! To summarise, here is how it worked out-

-To bring in the required traction, our team got on toes to get them the initial orders.
-Our women reached out to their people while we got placed a few orders for them.
-Surprisingly, we came across another huge error that must have kept the customers at bay. The delivery charges, if displayed separately, were higher than the product price itself on Meesho.
-This is where we suggested our customers to mark an MRP inclusive of the delivery charges to avoid scaring away the potential customers. 

GST Vs. NON GST Sellers

We also noticed that the Non- GST sellers were not getting a good response for obvious reasons and so we are targetting March to be led with GST owning entrepreneurs.

With these wise words, Alippo aims at bigger numbers, bigger growth and shattering the target board like never before in March as we end our financial year.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of support does Alippo offer to women entrepreneurs?

Alippo offers a range of support services, including skill honing, from baking & cooking to product formulation. It also helps women start businesses and provides them with ongoing support.

Women entrepreneurs can get involved with Alippo by reaching out to the startup through their website or social media channels, where they can learn about available programs and initiatives designed to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.


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