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Meesho Game Cracked Right!

Navya Mehrotra

By Navya Mehrotra

  • 5 mins
  • 11th April, 2024
Meesho Game Cracked Right!

March was closed on high notes for Meesho sellers who were able to fare well with their varied range of products and combos that brought in more than 10 sales in less than a month for most sellers.

Just like zomato’s success, Alippo had aimed making the women entrepreneurs successful on this e-commerce platform and the February learnings were definitely a good teach to pave our path for the March month.



  • We were able to close the month with a remarkable number of 12 entrepreneurs this month.
  • ⁠All the sales were hit on organically without any ad support or paid marketing.
  • ⁠The sellers were able to see a constant growth in their order numbers from the last month ascending in this month.


  • Sellers were able to crack 10+ orders if they had achieved 5-6 orders through external nudges like interselling and preaching within their circle, provided they should be active and keep changing the descriptions, product range etc constantly on Meesho.
  • ⁠Combo products are a clear winner on Meesho. Since the delivery charges on Meesho are a little absurd, they tend to throw off the customer. We rectified this behaviour by including the delivery charges in the price of the product and making a combo of products that hold regular utility for the customers.
  • Prices are very consequential on Meesho. Since this a platform highly credited for cheaper prices than other ecoms like Amazon, Flipkart etc, we need to ensure that our prices come along in the same league. This prices need an alteration accordingly to keep the audiences engaged and to spark higher conversions.
  • ⁠Meesho keeps introducing multiple seller programmes too. But they proved beneficial only when the discount percentages were least to be 20-25%.
  • ⁠While Brand approval was helpful for boosting the visibility and sales of the products, ads are a big no-no on Meesho. Ads seemed non relevant for a beginner seller and just increased their revenue losses.
  • ⁠If a product is getting hit with 3-4 sales in the initial days itself, it is suggested to include that product in as many combos as possible and also alter the prices to improve the sales percentage.
  • ⁠Finally, the ratings played a major role! Sellers were requested to add handwritten notes for the customers requesting in their reviews and it actually worked!


  • While March brought in a lot of insights for how the products work, we also had a rich insight on what products failed entirely as the summers embarked.
  • ⁠Candles and diyas lost major sales in March. To be precise, not a single sale came in for these products.
  • ⁠This could clearly indicate the fact that products need a diversification with each season and festive holidays.

These learning helped Alippo Entrepreneurs a great way. These set of understandings will definitely help you also grow your business online. On this note, Alippo women are all set to shatter down the target board for April and the game has already begun!!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of support does Alippo offer to women entrepreneurs?

Alippo offers a range of support services, including skill honing, from baking & cooking to product formulation. It also helps women start businesses and provides them with ongoing support.

Women entrepreneurs can get involved with Alippo by reaching out to the startup through their website or social media channels, where they can learn about available programs and initiatives designed to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.


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