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Selling on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

By Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

  • 10 Min Read
  • 3rd January, 2023
Selling on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

Why selling on Amazon is a great idea

Selling on Amazon is a great idea for several reasons. Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, with over 310 million active customers. This gives you a huge audience to sell to. Not only that, but Amazon is also incredibly easy to use. You can create a listing in just a few minutes, and there are no listing fees. You only pay a commission when your item sells. Another great reason to sell on Amazon is that you can take advantage of their fulfillment services. This means that Amazon will store, pick, pack, and ship your products for you. This can save you a lot of time and money, as you don’t have to do it yourself. Additionally, Amazon’s customer service is excellent, so you can be sure that your customers will be well taken care of. Overall, selling on Amazon is a great idea for anyone looking to start an online business. It’s easy to use, has a huge audience, and offers great fulfillment services.

The benefits of selling on Amazon

When it comes to selling online, Amazon is one of the most popular platforms around. And it’s not hard to see why. Amazon is a trusted site with millions of users worldwide. What’s more, selling on Amazon is relatively simple.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the key benefits of selling on Amazon.

• One of the biggest benefits of selling on Amazon is the sheer size of the market. Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce sites in the world, with millions of users. This gives you a huge potential audience for your products.

• Another big benefit is that Amazon is a trusted platform. People know that they can buy products with confidence on Amazon. This is because Amazon has a good reputation for customer service and security. Another benefit of selling on Amazon is that it’s relatively easy to get started. Amazon has a simple listing process. And once you’ve set up your account, you can start selling your products straight away.

• Finally, Amazon offers a range of helpful selling tools and resources. For example, Amazon provides detailed reports on your sales and performance. This can help you to track your progress and make improvements to your listings.

Overall, selling on Amazon has a lot of benefits. If you’re thinking of selling online, then Amazon is worth considering.

How to get started selling on Amazon

To become a seller on Amazon India, you need to follow four steps:

  • Step 1: Sign Up on Amazon India
  • Step 2: Decide What You’re Going to Sell
  • Step 3: Add the Product to Your Amazon India Seller Central Account
  • Step 4: Choose a Fulfillment Method

Step 1: How to register to sell on Amazon India

First of all, you need to create an Amazon India seller account. Of course, we will guide you through this process.

• Go to and click Start Selling.

• On the login page, select “Create your Amazon account”

• Enter your name, mobile number, email address, and password. Click on Continue”

• Amazon will send you an OTP to your mobile number to confirm ownership. Once verified, you will be prompted to enter your business name and provide additional details and documents to complete your Amazon India seller registration application.

Step 2: Required Documents for Selling on Amazon India

You will need the following documents when registering as a seller on Amazon:

• Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN)

• Permanent Account Number (PAN)

• Bank account number

• Copy of certificate of incorporation (if you are a limited liability company owner)

Step 3: How to add products to Amazon India

Once you have decided what you want to sell and have identified a supplier for your product, you need to create an offer on Amazon India. By creating an offer, you add your product to your Amazon Seller Central account. The process is simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

• Login to Amazon Seller Central India

• Navigate to the Inventory tab and select Add Product.

• On the next page, click “I’m adding a product that isn’t sold on Amazon”.

• Choose your product category and type

• Enter your product identification code, product title, and brand name. Complete all other relevant fields

• Click “Save & Finish” to submit your product listing for review. If everything is fine, Amazon should make it live within 24 hours

Step 4: Choose a fulfillment option

There are three types of fulfillment options you can choose from: i) Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), ii) Easy-Ship, and iii) Self-Ship or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).

The different types of products you can sell on Amazon

There are many different types of products you can sell on Amazon. You can sell books, electronics, home goods, apparel, and more. You can also sell private label products, which you create and sell under your brand.

Amazon is a great platform for selling products because it has millions of customers and a wide variety of products. You can reach a large audience of potential customers by selling on Amazon.

If you’re interested in selling on Amazon, you can sign up for a free account.

• You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your business.

• Once you’re registered, you can create a product listing. You’ll need to include a title, description, price, and pictures of your product. You can also create a profile for your business and add information about your company.

• Creating a product listing on Amazon is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can list your products in multiple categories and add keywords to help customers find your products.

• You can also create a sales page for your product. This is a page where you can promote your product and offer discounts. You can also include customer reviews and a video on your sales page. If you’re unsure how to get started, you can check out Amazon’s Help Center.

This is a great resource for learning how to sell on Amazon. You can also find helpful information on Amazon Seller Forums. These forums are a great place to ask questions and get advice from other Amazon sellers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to sell on Amazon in India?

To register your business, you must enter your valid GST number or Business Permanent Account Number (PAN). You may be required to provide business license documents.

Yes. Listing taxable goods require GST details to sell online. You must provide Amazon with the GST number at the time of registration. However, if you only sell GST-exempt categories, this may not be necessary.

The four main Amazon seller fees are sales-related, seller account fees, shipping costs, and Amazon FBA fees. Sales-related fees range from 6% to 45% of each product's selling price, with the average seller paying around 15%.

Over 4000 sellers made over 10 million in sales on Amazon India last year. A further 7,036 sellers received orders worth more than 1 million during the 2020 Great Indian Festival alone. Selling on Amazon India can be extremely profitable if you do it right.

In most cases, Amazon will pay you every two weeks. Each payment covers 14 days of your orders (minus Amazon's fees) that were delivered at least 7 days ago. The actual dates of each payout depend on when you signed up as a seller.

Third-party sellers are independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, and refurbished items. The steps to place an order with a third party are the same as any other order on You add items to your shopping cart and complete your order through the Amazon checkout process.


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