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Candle Making


    Instructed By Arushi Saha


    In this comprehensive course, you'll : - Get detailed knowledge on candle-making - Learn to make various trending candles - Find all the tips & tricks for making candle - Get detailed knowledge on how you can start your own business NOTE: RECORDINGS WILL BE UNLOCKED ON 15TH OCTOBER,2023

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      6 hours+

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    Learn-by-doing with recorded classes

    In 6 hours+, you will learn:

    Module 1 - Introduction to Candle Making & Innovations and Trends

    6 classes22min 22sec

  • Part 1

    Introduction To Different Types of Candles

    4m 22s

    - Learn about paraffin wax, a commonly used option. - Understand soy wax, derived from soybean oil. - Discover beeswax, a natural and aromatic wax option. - Learn safety guidelines to prevent accidents. - Understand the role of wicks in candle burning.

  • Part 2

    Understanding the Different Candle Waxes

    3m 27s

    - Learn about the fundamentals of candle waxes. - Explore various types of candle waxes and their characteristics. - Understand the applications of different waxes in candle making. - Discover advanced techniques for working with candle waxes. - Illuminate your knowledge about these crucial elements in candle making.

  • Part 3

    Choosing The Right Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils

    3m 24s

    - Learn the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils for candle making. - Understand the right amount of oils to use, ensuring optimal scent without overpowering. - Discover the perfect temperature for adding oils, preventing fragrance loss or wax damage.

  • Part 4

    Overview of Candle Wicks & Their Importance

    4m 13s

    - Explore the pivotal role of wicks in candle crafting. - Learn the significance of wick size, thickness, and quality for optimal burns. - Discover two key wick types – versatile cotton wicks and charming wooden wicks – and their distinct attributes. - Elevate your candle-making prowess with essential wick insights.

  • Part 5

    Safety Guidelines & Equipment Needed for Candle Making

    3m 4s

    - Learn crucial safety guidelines for candle making. - Explore unique shapes and textures offered by speciality moulds.

  • Part 6

    Adding Colours to Candle

    3m 52s

    - Learn how to add vibrant hues to your candles using different colours. - Discover how to combine colours to match specific occasions or moods.

  • Part 1

    Aromatherapy Jar Candles- Floral

    4m 41s

    - Create stunning aromatherapy jar candles infused with botanical fragrances. - Learn the art of blending floral scents to craft candles that soothe and invigorate. - Explore candle-making techniques and design principles. - Elevate your space with handcrafted candles that combine beauty and therapeutic aromas.

  • Part 2

    Basic Pillar Mould Candles

    3m 56s

    - Learn fundamental techniques for creating elegant pillar candles using moulds. - Explore wax selection, colouring, and scenting options for personalized creations. - Master the art of wicking, troubleshooting, and finishing techniques for polished results.

  • Part 3

    Bees Wax Aromatherapy Jar Candle

    4m 28s

    - Discover the soothing synergy of beeswax and essential oils in handmade candles. - Master the step-by-step process of creating beautifully scented and eco-friendly candles. - Therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy through your handmade candles. - Develop practical skills and create charming candles that enhance your space with natural fragrance.

  • Part 4

    Secret Message Jar Candle

    4m 39s

    - Unlock the art of crafting exquisite secret message jar candles. - Immerse yourself in a guided journey of creating personalized candle keepsakes. - Learn the intricacies of wax blending, scent infusion, and message placement.

  • Part 5

    T-Light Candle

    3m 13s

    - Learn the basics of candle making, including the different types of wax, wicks, and colours. - Master the melt-and-pour technique to create beautiful and evenly-burning T-light candles. - Discover creative ways to decorate your candles with colours, scents, and other embellishments.

  • Part 6

    Mini Teddy Bear Candle

    2m 33s

    - Learn the techniques of making mini teddy bear candles from scratch. - Explore the different types of wax, wicks, and fragrances you can use. - Create your own unique designs and personalize your candles.

  • Part 7

    Mini Bubble Candle

    5m 2s

    - Learn the techniques to make beautiful bubble candles. - Discover the facts about bubble candles and their benefits. - Gain the skills of bubble candle making to start your own candle-making business.

  • Part 8

    Sculpture Candle

    4m 29s

    - Learn the intricate process of transforming wax into captivating three-dimensional sculptures. - Explore various techniques such as carving, molding, and shaping to craft unique candle sculptures, ranging from intricate designs to abstract forms. - Understand the harmonious blend of structural integrity and artistic appeal, as you choose colors and textures that enrich the visual and tactile experience of your creations.

  • Part 9

    Tulip Candle

    3m 18s

    - Learn the art of creating exquisite Tulip Shaped Candles, mimicking the delicate beauty of tulip flowers. - Explore techniques to achieve intricate petal detailing, realistic colors, and graceful forms in your candle creations. - Understand the process of selecting molds and mastering pouring temperatures to elevate your candle-making skills.

  • Part 10

    Mini Cupcake Candle

    4m 22s

    - Dive into the world of creativity with our Mini Cupcake Candle recorded session. Immerse yourself in crafting adorable, scented cupcake candles. Learn the intricate steps of molding, coloring, and scent selection. Discover the secrets of achieving realistic frosting swirls. Perfect for candle enthusiasts and anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their décor or gifts. Join us to master the art of making these charming mini cupcake candles that look good enough to eat.

  • Part 11

    Small 2 tier Candle


    - Elevate your candle-making skills in our Small Two-Tier Cake Candle Workshop. Unveil the magic of crafting intricate, multi-layered cake candles. Learn wax blending, molding, and assembly techniques to create a stunning centerpiece. Delve into color coordination, decorative accents, and realistic details. Ideal for candle enthusiasts seeking to master advanced techniques.

  • Part 1

    Rose Jar Candle

    4m 59s

    - Learn to create exquisite, hand-poured candles infused with the romantic aroma of roses. - Discover the art of selecting fragrances, melting wax, wick placement, and personalized jar decoration. - Craft a captivating ambience or gift a cherished token.

  • Part 2

    Botanical Candle

    5m 42s

    - Discover how to infuse candles with the captivating beauty and aromatic fragrances of botanical elements, bringing the outdoors inside with a rustic charm. - Explore techniques to embed dried flowers, herbs, and natural textures into your candle creations, allowing you to craft harmonious designs that capture the essence of nature. - Understand the process of selecting the perfect botanicals for your candles, ensuring that each element contributes to the overall aesthetic and sensory experience. - Learn to illuminate spaces with the enchanting glow of botanical candles, infusing artistic expression with nature's elegance.

  • Part 3

    Coffee Bean Jar Candle

    2m 18s

    - Discover the enchanting journey from Coffee Bean to Chocolate Bar in this immersive class. Unveil the origins, roast coffee beans, ferment cacao, and grind ingredients. Engage with the art of artisanal chocolate-making hands-on. Ideal for foodies, coffee lovers, and those curious about crafting delightful chocolate from scratch.

  • Part 4

    Glow in Dark Candle

    5m 5s

    - Discover the step-by-step process of adding a magical glow to your candles, creating an entrancing effect that awakens in the darkness. - Dive into the world of glow-in-the-dark pigments, understanding how to seamlessly incorporate them into your candle-making to achieve a captivating ethereal luminosity. - Gain insights into choosing the right colors and achieving the perfect balance of elements to ensure that your glow-in-the-dark candles emit a mesmerizing and balanced radiance. - Elevate your candle-making skills to a new level by joining us in mastering the creation of glow-in-the-dark candles.

  • Part 5

    Succulent Candle

    7m 39s

    - Learn the art of transforming wax into lifelike succulent candles that exude elegance. - Explore techniques for molding, coloring, and intricate detailing to capture succulents' realistic textures. - Understand the process from selecting molds to adding the final artistic touches.

  • Part 6

    Concrete Shell Candle

    7m 23s

    - Learn the art of combining industrial charm and coastal allure. - Explore techniques for crafting concrete shell candles. - Understand the process of creating intricate molds and pouring concrete. - Discover how to achieve weathered textures and embed candles for a unique coastal enchantment.

  • Part 7

    Advance Pillar Candle- Concrete Pillar Candle

    5m 14s

    - Discover advanced methods for selecting concrete mixes and designing intricate molds. - Explore the art of sculpting and molding concrete pillar candles, blending industrial chic with timeless elegance. - Understand how to achieve polished finishes and personalized textures for your concrete pillar candles. - Explore the fusion of modern opulence and creativity, crafting concrete pillar candles that serve as both works of art and illuminating décor.

  • Part 1

    Wallnut Brownie

    5m 3s

    - Craft indulgent walnut brownie-scented candles that evoke cozy warmth. Learn the art of layering scents, pouring wax, and embedding realistic walnut accents. Guided by skilled candle makers, you'll create delectable-looking candles without the calories. Ideal for candle crafters seeking a delectable twist and dessert lovers wanting to infuse their space with enticing aromas. Join us to master the art of handcrafting these mouthwatering walnut brownie candles, perfect for both decoration and relaxation.

  • Part 2

    Fruit Smoothie Bowl Candle

    5m 19s

    - Discover the process of creating captivating fruit smoothie bowl candles through expert guidance. - Dive into the world of blending colors and fragrances to replicate the vibrant appeal of real smoothie bowls. - Master techniques such as wax pouring and adding decorative accents to craft a visually delightful and aromatic masterpiece.

  • Part 3

    Sushi Roll Candle

    8m 11s

    - Learn the intricate art of wax manipulation, color blending, and scent infusion to replicate the allure of a sushi roll. - Explore techniques like moulding, layering, and decorative detailing guided by experienced instructors. - Understand the process of creating visually stunning and aromatic masterpieces that capture sushi artistry.

  • Part 4

    Pouched Egg Toast Candle

    5m 35s

    - Learn wax blending, moulding, and detailing techniques to replicate the look of poached eggs on toast. Led by experienced candle artisans, this session combines artistry and fragrance. Perfect for candle enthusiasts seeking an unconventional twist and foodies eager to infuse their space with comforting aromas. Join us to master the craft of making these charming poached egg toast candles, ideal for gifting or adding a whimsical touch to any setting.

  • Part 5

    Dimsum Candle

    4m 51s

    - Dive into the fascinating process of transforming wax into charming dim sum-inspired candles. - Discover vital skills such as molding, layering, and intricate detailing to capture the exquisite essence of dim sum. - Grasp the art of infusing captivating aromas reminiscent of beloved dim sum dishes into your creations.

  • Part 6

    Watemellon Wipped Candle

    6m 23s

    - Learn the art of creative wax manipulation, color blending, and scent infusion. - Explore techniques like whipping, layering, and decorative detailing for a lifelike watermelon creation. - Understand the synergy of artistic expression, olfactory pleasure, and the essence of summer.

  • Part 7

    coco wallnut smoothie bowl

    7m 16s

    - Discover the techniques of blending wax colors and layering, allowing you to craft visually stunning candles with intricate designs. - Delve into the science behind fragrances as you create captivating scents that evoke the essence of a delectable coco walnut smoothie bowl. - Engage your artistic and olfactory senses to fashion a conversation-worthy candle, adding nutty elegance and delightful ambiance to your space.

  • Part 7

    Coco Walnut Smoothie Bowl

    7m 16s

    - Discover the techniques of blending wax colors and layering, allowing you to craft visually stunning candles with intricate designs. - Delve into the science behind fragrances as you create captivating scents that evoke the essence of a delectable coco walnut smoothie bowl. - Engage your artistic and olfactory senses to fashion a conversation-worthy candle, adding nutty elegance and delightful ambiance to your space.

  • Part 8

    Popcorn Candle

    4m 49s

    - Dive into the art of crafting candles that capture the essence of movie night delight. Discover the secrets of wax blending, molding, and realistic texturing to replicate popcorn kernels. Guided by skilled candle makers, you'll infuse the room with the aroma of freshly popped corn. Perfect for candle enthusiasts seeking a playful and aromatic twist, as well as popcorn aficionados wanting to add a touch of cinema charm to their space. Join us to master the craft of making these whimsical popcorn candles, sure to spark conversations and cozy moments.

  • Part 9

    Samosa Candle

    2m 30s

    - Immerse yourself in the art of creating candles that mirror the charm of this savory snack. Learn wax molding, folding, and detailing techniques to replicate the iconic samosa shape. Guided by expert candle crafters, you'll also infuse the air with enticing scents reminiscent of Indian spices. Perfect for candle enthusiasts seeking a fusion of creativity and aroma, as well as food lovers aiming to add a touch of cultural flair to their ambiance.

  • Part 1

    Ice Cream Scoop Jar Candle

    4m 59s

    - Learn the art of candle crafting during our whimsical session. - Explore techniques like layering, molding, and decorative detailing. - Understand the process of transforming wax into a charming ice cream scoop jar candle. - Select and infuse your creation with a delightful fragrance of your choice.

  • Part 2

    Strawberry Cheese Cake Jar Candle

    5m 31s

    - Learn the art of layering, sculpting, and decorative detailing to recreate the tempting look of a strawberry cheesecake. - Explore a variety of scents and infuse your creation with a delectable aroma that will make your mouth water. - Understand how to craft a charming jar candle that adds a delightful sweetness to your environment and sparks engaging conversations. - Discover the perfect blend of artistic techniques and captivating fragrances in this unique opportunity to create a masterpiece.

  • Part 3

    Strawberry Drip Cake Candle

    6m 54s

    - Learn the art of crafting an enchanting strawberry drip cake candle, blending creativity and fragrance. - Explore techniques like layering, dripping, and decorative detailing to replicate the tempting strawberry cake appearance. - Understand the fusion of visual aesthetics and aromatic delight as you embark on this candle-making journey. - Choose a fragrance that perfectly captures the fresh, sweet essence of strawberries, enhancing the sensory experience.

  • Part 4

    Croissant Candle

    3m 42s

    - Learn the art of candle-making through an enchanting experience - Explore wax manipulation and fragrance infusion techniques - Understand molding, sculpting, and decorative detailing methods - Create a visually captivating croissant-inspired candle with a warm bakery aroma

  • Part 5

    Strawberry Donut Candle

    4m 21s

    - Learn the intricate art of wax manipulation and fragrance infusion, immersing yourself in the process. - Explore techniques such as molding, shaping, and decorative detailing to replicate the whimsical charm of a strawberry donut. - Understand how to choose the perfect fragrance that captures the essence of ripe strawberries and delightful sweetness.

  • Part 6

    Mango Cheese Cake Pastry Candle

    7m 20s

    - Discover the fascinating world of candle crafting as you're guided through the step-by-step process of creating a mango cheesecake pastry candle. - Explore various candle crafting techniques, including molding, layering, and decorative detailing, to replicate the mouthwatering appearance of a mango cheesecake pastry. - Understand the art of blending fragrances as you choose from a selection of scents that capture the essence of juicy mangoes and delectable cheesecake.

  • Part 7

    Chocoberry Candle

    5m 55s

    - Learn to make unique and elegant choco berry candle

  • Part 1

    Ladoo Candle

    2m 58s

    - Immerse yourself in the world of candle-making through a hands-on workshop. - Uncover the art of crafting as you learn wax melting, moulding, and infusing scents. - Follow expert guidance to craft charming laddoo-shaped candles, adding your creative touch with custom colors and scents.

  • Part 2

    Sonpapddi Candle

    6m 44s

    - Explore the charm of Sonpapdi and how it translates into a candle. - Discover techniques to craft a visually stunning candle resembling Sonpapdi's flaky texture. - Understand how to infuse your candle with the sweet aroma reminiscent of Sonpapdi.

  • Part 3

    Gajar Halwa Candle

    8m 16s

    - Learn the art of making candles from scratch. - Understand how to use colors and scents creatively.

  • Part 4

    Ras Malai Candle

    6m 55s

    - Craft a mesmerizing Ras Malai-inspired candle with our hands-on workshop. Immerse yourself in the art of candle making as we guide you through molding, coloring, and scent selection. Channel the delicate essence of Ras Malai's creamy richness and floral undertones into your candle masterpiece.

  • Part 5

    Kaju Katli Candle

    3m 16s

    - Learn to make the most beautiful kaju katli candle - Understand the classic techniques to make this delicious candle

  • Part 1

    Green Tea Candle

    2m 42s

    - Learn the art of crafting candles through a hands-on Green Tea-inspired workshop. - Explore the process of molding, coloring, and selecting scents to capture the serene essence of Green Tea. - Understand the techniques to personalize colors and fragrances for your unique candle masterpiece.

  • Part 2

    Matcha Tea Latte With Ice Cream Scoop

    5m 50s

    - Understand how to personalize colors and fragrances to create a candle that resonates with the calming vibes of matcha. - Explore the serene and invigorating scent of matcha tea, mirroring its soothing essence in your unique candle. - Learn the art of candle crafting, from molding to coloring and fragrance selection.

  • Part 3

    Coffee Latte Candle With Ice Cube Topping

    5m 52s

    - Learn the art of candle crafting through our Coffee Latte Candle Workshop. - Explore molding, coloring, and scent infusion techniques as you create a candle masterpiece inspired by the comforting aroma of a coffee latte. - Understand the nuances of personalization as you choose colors and fragrances that mirror the inviting essence of the beloved beverage.

  • Part 4

    Blue Lagoon Candle

    4m 21s

    - Learn the art of crafting candles - molding, coloring, and scent selection. - Capture the calm of a blue lagoon in your unique creation. - Personalize hues and fragrances for a soothing atmosphere. - Explore creativity and relaxation, gaining essential candle-making skills.

  • Part 5

    Whiskey-Inspired Candle


    - Explore the world of candle crafting through steps like molding, coloring, and selecting scents. - Learn to infuse your candle with the inviting fragrance of whiskey, creating a unique masterpiece. - Customize colors and scents to mirror the charm of your preferred spirit.

  • Part 6

    Red Wine Candle


    - Explore the world of candle making during our Red Wine Candle Crafting session. - Learn the art of molding, coloring, and selecting scents. - Capture the luxurious aroma of red wine in your own unique candle. - Personalize colors and fragrances for a mirror-like reflection of your favorite vintage.

  • Part 7

    Oreo Milk Shake Candle

    7m 1s

    - Savor the sweetness of creativity with our Oreo Milkshake Candle Workshop. Immerse yourself in the world of candle crafting as we guide you through molding, coloring, and scent selection. Capture the delicious aroma of an Oreo milkshake in your unique candle masterpiece.

  • Part 1

    Amethyst Candle


    - Discover the allure of amethyst crystals in a unique candle crafting experience. - Explore personalized colors and fragrances that mirror the soothing amethyst essence. - Learn to create a captivating amethyst-inspired candle, ideal for gifting or elevating your space. - Understand the blend of creativity and tranquillity in candle-making. - Gain skills to continue your enchanting candle crafting journey.

  • Part 1

    Soothing Massage Candle ( for skin)

    4m 28s

    - Explore the art of crafting a luxurious massage candle that transforms into a nourishing, warm oil. - Learn the process of infusing natural, skin-loving ingredients to create a soothing and rejuvenating experience. - Understand the perfect blend of creativity and self-care as you embark on your own soothing candle-making journey.

  • Part 1

    Lavender Wax Sachets


    - Create elegant wax sachets infused with the calming aroma of lavender. Personalize colors, shapes, and designs to reflect your style and preferences. Depart with charming lavender-scented sachets, perfect for gifting or placing in your drawers, closets, or anywhere you'd like to enjoy the calming fragrance.

  • Part 2

    Cherry Blossom Wax Sachets

    5m 53s

    - Create exquisite wax sachets infused with the enchanting fragrance of cherry blossoms. Personalize colors, shapes, and designs to mirror the elegance of these beautiful blooms. Depart with charming cherry blossom-scented sachets, perfect for gifting or placing in your drawers, closets, or any space you wish to grace with a touch of floral delight.

  • Part 1

    Lotus Biscoff Tiramisu Candle

    6m 16s

    - Awaken your senses with our Lotus Biscoff Tiramisu Candle Workshop. Immerse yourself in the art of candle crafting as we guide you through molding, coloring, and scent selection. Capture the delectable essence of Lotus Biscoff cookies and the rich aroma of tiramisu in your unique candle masterpiece. Personalize colors and fragrances to mirror the indulgent allure of this beloved dessert.

  • Part 1

    Rewax Candle

    3m 44s

    - Learn to creative process of candle rebatching and understand how to transform imperfect or leftover candles into beautiful new creations. - Discover various methods to salvage and reshape your candles, gaining hands-on expertise in this sustainable and cost-effective candle-making approach. - Grasp the nuances of combining different waxes, scents, and colors during the rebatching process, ensuring successful outcomes with every batch. - Learn to repurpose candles, experimenting with textures, layers, and colors to craft one-of-a-kind candle designs through the art of rebatching.

  • Part 1

    Green & Yellow Flower Theme Sand Candle

    3m 8s

    - Embark on a journey of creativity as you learn to blend various elements to capture the essence of a floral paradise, infusing your space with freshness and charm. -Gain insight into the art of crafting sand candles, departing with captivating creations that embody the captivating ambiance of blooming gardens – a perfect gift or addition to your space.

  • Part 2

    Ocean Theme Sand Candle

    4m 57s

    - Dive into the tranquil beauty of our Ocean-Themed Sand Candle Workshop. Immerse yourself in the art of candle crafting as we guide you through molding, layering, and designing sand candles that evoke the majesty of the ocean. Capture the essence of the sea with personalized colors, scents, and decorative elements that mirror the soothing allure of coastal waves and sandy shores.

  • Part 1

    Packaging of Candle

    3m 31s

    - Explore the creative process of designing candle packaging for enhanced protection and aesthetic appeal. - Learn techniques to make candles more visually appealing and marketable through innovative packaging solutions. - Understand how to craft packaging that not only safeguards candles but also elevates their overall aesthetic. - Whether for personal use or a potential candle business, uncover insights to create captivating packaging that adds value.

  • Part 2

    Marketing & Branding Your Candle

    4m 7s

    - Unlock the secrets to effective candle marketing and sales in this concise session. - Discover branding strategies that create a compelling candle story, and learn to capture captivating product photos. - Gain insights into maximizing exhibition and market presence, drawing in customers with eye-catching displays. - Explore techniques for thriving on online platforms, from crafting persuasive product descriptions to optimizing search visibility.

  • Part 3

    Building Customer Relationships & Maintaining Quality Control

    4m 58s

    - Explore strategies to engage and connect with customers on a deeper level, from personalized interactions to effective communication. - Gain insights into creating a seamless customer journey that fosters loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. - Dive into the world of quality control, mastering techniques to ensure consistent excellence in your candle production process. - Equip yourself with the tools to exceed customer expectations and maintain an unblemished reputation.

  • Part 1

    Candle Safety Standards & Regulations

    4m 18s

    - Unlock the complexities of international candle safety standards and regulations in this vital workshop. Gain insight into global compliance requirements, from testing and certification to labeling, packaging, and material selection. Learn how to navigate fragrance and wick safety, quality control, and documentation. Discover strategies for entering international markets while upholding safety standards. Equip yourself with the expertise to ensure your candle business meets global safety expectations.

  • Part 2

    Implementing Risk Assessment & Hazard Analysis

    4m 13s

    - Master the art of risk assessment and hazard analysis in candle production with our insightful session. Learn to identify potential hazards, from raw materials to manufacturing processes. Understand the principles of risk mitigation, including safety protocols, equipment safeguards, and emergency plans. Explore case studies to grasp real-world applications.

  • Part 3

    Scaling Up Production

    4m 10s

    - Learn strategies to optimize manufacturing efficiency, source materials sustainably, and ensure consistent quality control. - Explore logistics, inventory management, and packaging solutions tailored for increased demand. - Gain insights into marketing tactics and online platforms to reach a broader audience.

  • Part 4

    Identifying New Trends & Niches

    4m 50s

    - Explore cutting-edge design, sustainability, wellness-focused, and personalized candle segments. - Learn to align with consumer preferences, harness digital commerce, and create sensory experiences. - Elevate your brand with limited editions, collaborations, and eco-friendly practices. - Gain insights into international market entry and branding strategies.

  • Part 5

    Troubleshooting Issues Related to Candle While Buring The Candle

    3m 51s

    - Learn expert techniques to trim wicks effectively, manage burn time, and optimize scent diffusion. Acquire insights into selecting the right candle holders and placement for safe and optimal burning.

  • Part 6

    how to Start Candle Business

    4m 38s

    - Embark on the path to candle business success with our concise guide. Learn business planning, candle crafting, and sourcing quality materials. Navigate legal requirements, branding, and effective marketing strategies. Explore sales channels, financial management, and customer engagement. This workshop equips you to transform your passion into a profitable candle business, providing step-by-step insights for every aspect of your journey. Whether you're a novice candle enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, this session is your blueprint to launching and thriving in the world of candle entrepreneurship.

  • Meet Your Instructors

    You will be guided through your sessions by these instructors

    Arushi Saha - Candle Making course instructor

    Arushi Saha

    Expert Formulator

    Arushi is a four-year experienced entrepreneur who runs a buisness and also conduct workshop on organic skin, hair, body care products and unique-shaped candles. Her passion for using only the finest natural ingredients in her products sets her apart in the industry, offering healthier and eco-friendly options. Arushi's attention to detail and design ensures that each candle is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them a perfect gift for any occasion. Her commitment to her craft is evident in the quality and care she puts into every product

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      Conducted over 20+ Sessions

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