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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Krishna Panchal

    It was a great session 😍

  • Alippo's Customer

    Great instructor Gunjan have taken few courses from you & all courses are to notch thankyou

  • Alippo's Customer

    This is the best learning platform for all. Loved all their courses. Keep coming with more new courses. I love Alippo. Best learning platform. Thank you so much Alippo because of Alippo i have learn so many things.

  • Alippo's Customer

    Alippo is the best platform. All the courses provided by Alippo are very informative and knowledgeable.i have attended most of the courses and would recommend others too... Thanks Alippo and Team.

  • Ravinder Kaur Sokhi

    Gunjan mam i have taken your previous candle making course as well all candles were so beautiful & so much knowledge was given thankyou alippo & mam

  • Alippo's Customer

    गुंजन में बहुत ही अच्छा या मजादार क्लास थी