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Customer Reviews ⭐

  • Learning baking with chef pooja is really interesting. My experience of my first course is extremely good. And the staff is really supportive.

  • I attended Chef Pooja's bread baking course. It was very useful and interesting. The recordings are also available in the app for lifetime, which is a great thing as we cannot fully remember each step even if we are able to write down the recipe. This way I can refresh my memory anytime. Thanks Alippo team for organising such good courses. Keep up the good work!!

  • A great platform for learning new things. They provide a very good instructor to teach you new things you can't imagine. People who have difficulties attending online class can opt for offline classes which is a really good thing and gives more opportunities.

  • I had a fun time loving these complicated recipes in a very friendly, convenient and easy way. Chef Pooja was very friendly to learn from and got good experience.

  • I really like this class.