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Wine & Beer Making

  • 5.0

Instructed By Chef Sushmita

Hindi & English

Do you ever wonder how beer and wine are produced at home? Learn how to make beer at home in just 6 days. Master this art from a LIVE wine and beer-making course by Chef Sushmita. Things you'll learn: basics of wine and beer, fruit beers and wines, unique wines and everything for you to be an expert in this field! This course also comes with lifetime access to recording, expert doubt-solving sessions and study material!

Course schedule

  • Course duration

    6 Days

This course includes

Let's explore the benefits of enrolling in this course.

Find out what the instructor has to say about Wine & Beer Making course
  • Wine & Beer Making provides lifetime community access

    Lifetime community access

  • Wine & Beer Making provides certificate of completion

    Certificate of completion

  • Wine & Beer Making provides course study material

    Course study material

  • Wine & Beer Making provides lifetime recording access

    Lifetime recording access

Learn-by-doing with recorded classes

In 6 Days, you will learn:


  • Day 1

    Live class was held at 30 Nov, 22. Recording is available.

    Basic Of Beer


    > Malt beer - Learn how to make beer at home with malt - Get knowledge about malt, malting, hops, and natural carbonation in the bottle - Learn how the beer gets flavor and color by roasting - How to use the airlock would be shown

  • Day 2

    Live class was held at 01 Dec, 22. Recording is available.

    Fruit & Vegetables Beer


    > Ginger beer > Fruit Beer - Learn flavourful beers which are different from malt beer - Get in-depth knowledge on the fermentation process for fruit beers

  • Day 3

    Live class was held at 02 Dec, 22. Recording is available.

    Basics of Wine


    > Black grapes wine > White wine - Learn the basics of wine making - How does brewer's or wine yeast work and difference between them - Learn how to rack and age wine - Learn how to store wine

  • Day 4

    Live class was held at 03 Dec, 22. Recording is available.

    Fruit Wines


    > Apple cider > Spiced Banana wine - Learn how to get clear wine with apple & banana - Learn how to make wines from semi-hard fruits

  • Day 5

    Live class was held at 05 Dec, 22. Recording is available.

    Unique Wines


    > Raspberry wine > Orange peel wine - Fruit peel wine is an excellent way to use flavourful skins of fruits in wine making - How to use processed fruits for wine making as few berries are not available in India or are very expensive

  • Day 6

    Live class was held at 06 Dec, 22. Recording is available.

    Flower Wines


    > Rose petal wine > Lavender wine - Learn the method of making wines from flowers - Learn how to extract flavor from flowers during wine-making process - Through knowledge of selling aspects of wine and other alcoholic beverages

  • Meet Your Instructors

    You will be guided through your sessions by these instructors

    Chef Sushmita - Wine & Beer Making course instructor

    Chef Sushmita

    Culinary Expert

    Chef Sushmita, who is located in Bangalore, has experience working in several five-star hotels, including the Taj, ITC, and Shangri-La. specialising in baking, mixology, international, Indian, and other cuisines. She also teaches workshops for Alippo internally, curates modules on various cuisines, and has a thorough understanding of international cuisines. She has worked in this field for more than ten years, and for the previous five years, she has been a culinary mentor, teaching more than 5000 students. She is well-liked by the kids due to her cheerful personality and engaging teaching approach.

    • Conducted over $em{{300K+}} Sessions

      Conducted over 300K+ Sessions

    • Teaches in $em{{English & Hindi}}

      Teaches in English & Hindi

    • Rating of $em{{5/5}}

      Rating of 5/5

    • $em{{10+}} years of Experience

      10+ years of Experience

    • Taught over $em{{100K+}} students

      Taught over 100K+ students

    We are a perfect match if you are

    • Wine & Beer Making suits baking enthusiast

      Baking Enthusiast

      Who would like to explore recipes and techniques related to baking.

    • Wine & Beer Making suits passionate chef

      Passionate Chef

      Anyone interested in upgrading their skill set and launching their own home bakery.

    • Wine & Beer Making suits homemaker


      Those who are interested in becoming home bakers.

    • Wine & Beer Making suits small business owner

      Small Business Owner

      Those who are interested in mastering baking & strengthening their skills.

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    Customer Reviews

    Take a look at what our customers have to say about our courses

    • 5.0

      Course rating

    • 100%

      Students loved this Course

    • 😍

      1K+ Students loved it!

    • Chef your all recipes are soo good I have taken all of your cooking courses and all recipes are super tasty and delicious

    • You have been such a great instructor Sushmita your recent course premix was amazing and super excited for wine making. Thanks, alippo

    • Indeed one of the finest instructors with immense knowledge. Super grateful that I'm am part of alippo family

    • Thanks alippo for bringing so many courses Please bring non veg course with sushmita only.

    • thank u tutor, so well explained.

    Frequently asked questions

    Get your queries addressed right away

    Can I watch Wine & Beer Making course recordings anytime I want?

    Yes, these Wine & Beer Making course recordings will be accessible for the lifetime, and you can watch them whenever you want on the Alippo app.

    This Wine & Beer Making course was previously held live and is now available as a recorded course.

    We hire the industry's top experts after multiple screening rounds. All our instructors are highly experienced and well-versed with the topics of Wine & Beer Making course that they are covering.

    Yes, the recorded Wine & Beer Making course contains all of the same information as the live session.

    Yes, you will get the certificate and a fully detailed free ebook with the Wine & Beer Making course.

    Yes, you can make with our instructor, you can also take help from the free ebook we provide.

    For more queries please write to us at care@alippo.com

    Still confused about joining the course?

    Don't worry! We will be glad to assist you. Feel free to request a call back and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Why you should take this Wine & Beer Making course

    Learn everything LIVE

    Learn all the tips, tricks and techniques of baking from an expert instructor.

    Lifetime Recording Access

    You will have lifetime access to recordings of the live Baking courses.

    Be a part of growing community

    Join a community with like-minded people. Exchange ideas, take suggestions, and grow together.

    Get access to your Certificate

    A certificate featuring the logo of the institution that enhances your baking abilities.

    Get Study materials

    A comprehensive Baking study guide to complement your learning.

    Become an entrepreneur

    Gain the confidence and skills you need to start your own business and become an entrepreneur.

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