Founded by

Deepali M Deshmukh

Meet Kalashree, a brand that specializes in handmade and homemade fabric jewellery. I embarked on this creative journey back in October 2023, and in 2024, I took the first step by creating an Instagram page. It's been a humble beginning, but every order received is a milestone in this small yet meaningful journey. I strongly believe in the philosophy of "slow but steady wins the race." With patience and perseverance, I am gradually building my brand and expanding my reach. Thanks to Alippo Courses, I am constantly learning new strategies and techniques to nurture and grow my business. Join me on this beautiful journey as we celebrate the artistry of handmade fabric jewellery, one creation at a time. Let's weave together stories of creativity, passion, and success!

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  • Kalashree
Deepali M Deshmukh
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Cake Art
Ruth snell
Founded By

Ruth snell

  • Baking

Hi, this is Ruth I am a home baker by profession and mother of 2 naughty boys. I always wanted to have a small eatery business of my own but never tried no one encouraged or supported me to do it, It all started with my elder son when he fell sick he was restricted to eat outside food because of his health condition some time so that’s when I started to bake for him and learnt cooking as well. My son, husband, family and of course my lovely customers have encouraged me to continue my journey strongly. Cake Art It was started in 2019 but never took orders so went full-fledged last year on 19th June 2022. The brand journey was not easy had lots of ups and downs, but I made sure my brand stood out and was waiting to achieve great things.

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