From Start To Finish: How To Make A Realistic Cake

Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

By Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

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  • 20th December, 2022
From Start To Finish: How To Make A Realistic Cake

Making a cake is often seen as a daunting task that requires hours of work and specialised equipment. However, with the right recipe and a few simple tips, you can make a delicious and realistic cake at home. This blog will provide you with recipes, tips and techniques to help you create beautiful cakes without spending a fortune.

What Are Realistic Cakes?

Realistic cakes are cakes that look like real objects, people, or animals. They are often incredibly detailed and realistic, and can be quite breathtaking. If you’re interested in creating your own realistic cakes, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

• First, you’ll need to have a good grasp of fondant and gum paste. These two mediums are often used to create realistic cakes, as they can be shaped and molded into just about anything.

• Another important thing to keep in mind is the cake itself. When creating a realistic cake, it’s important to use a cake that has a smooth surface. This will allow you to get nice, clean lines when you’re decorating.

• Finally, when creating realistic cakes, remember to take your time. These cakes can be quite intricate, and they often require a lot of detail work. But the results are definitely worth it! If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating amazing and realistic cakes at home.

Amazing Realistic Cake

Book Cake


1. Bake a sponge cake of your choice in a rectangular pan (10″ x 8″).

2. When the cake is done and cold, use a bread knife to cut it in half.

3. Using your bread knife, cut the top of both cake pieces, trying to level the surfaces as much as possible.

4. Cut off any crispy sides.

5. Repeat the process with all sides of your two pieces of cake. Eat the crispy sides

6. Now take your cake board. Place it & put a small bit of buttercream between your cake board and the cake – this will hold the cake in place and prevent it from slipping. Spread some buttercream on the cake with a spatula.

7. We have put some strawberry jam in the centre of the cake, but you can choose to avoid it or add anything else you’d like. If you add jam as we did, remember not to use too much and not on the sides and corners – this is to prevent the cake from sliding in once it’s covered in modelling chocolate.

8. Now place the second piece of cake on top of each other like a sandwich.

9. Try using a small knife to give one of the sides of the cake a rounded shape that will be the spine of your book cake.

10. Spread some buttercream on the back and around the sides and top of the cake. Cover the cake completely with buttercream (note: don’t put on too much buttercream, just enough to cover the cake with a light layer).

11. Chill your cake for a few minutes while you prepare the modelling chocolate.

12. Take your white modelling chocolate and roll it out with your rolling pin. Cut out 2 rectangular pieces as big as the 2 smaller sides (tops) of the cake. Position the chocolate on top with your flat iron and press firmly. These are your text blocks.

13. Do the same thing with the front edge, leaving only the back uncovered. Now use your palette knife to shape the chocolate around the top edges as shown in the picture, giving them a rounded finish.

14. Now use a sharp tool and a ruler. Using the ruler, draw some straight lines on each part covered with white chocolate to create the sides. If you want to give the sides an antique look you can now airbrush them with some brown paint or if you don’t have an airbrush just use some cocoa powder and a brush.

15. Roll out your dark modelling chocolate (hint: don’t roll it out too thin, remember it will be your front cover and spine so it’s good to have it a little thicker).

16. Once you have it rolled out, cut out a rectangular shape that is larger than the pie top (this way you get a front cover that looks like a real book cover, which is always slightly larger than the book itself). 

17. Cover the spine of the book with the same piece of rolled chocolate. Once you have positioned the chocolate on your cake, flatten it out with your flat iron.

18. To make the corners, cut some straight lines out of your rolled-out dark chocolate. Just place them next to your pages/text blocks and the top margins.

19. Join the corners to the end of the book and do the same with the head cap on the other side of the cake.

20. You can also add a small piece of dark modelling chocolate between your text block and the head cap/tail to create a headband and connect it to the sides with your sharp tool.

21. We have now rolled out a piece of my dark modelling chocolate on a sample moulding mat. You can choose the pattern you prefer.

22. Cut out some corner shapes and brush them with some edible gold dust.

23. Glue them to the 2 corners of the book cake with some edible glue. You can repeat the process by creating two or more raised bands on the spine of the book with the same design.

24. Your cake is ready. You can now add any decoration you like (flowers, letters, etc.)

Things To Keep In Mind

1. Choose your cake base wisely. The type of cake you use as a base will determine how realistic your final cake will look. For example, if you’re going for a more rustic look, opt for a rustic cake like a naked cake or a semi-naked cake. If you want a more polished look, go for a classic cake base like a vanilla sponge cake.

2. Get the right icing. Again, the type of icing you use will dictate the overall look of your cake. If you want a more rustic cake, opt for a buttercream icing. If you want a more polished cake, go for a fondant icing.

3. Pick your decorations carefully. When it comes to decorating your cake, less is more. Choose a few key decorations that will really help to bring your cake to life. For example, if you’re making a beach-themed cake, consider using shells, sand, and sea creatures as your decorations.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a realistic cake at home!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are realistic cakes made of?

The first thing that is remarkable about these cakes is their amazingly realistic exterior. The key ingredient in these spooky cakes is fondant — a type of icing made from sugar, hydrogenated oils, glycerin, and gelatin.

These delicious sweet treats can take up to 14 hours to make, but no matter how much time it takes in the end we can probably all agree that these gorgeous cakes are worth every minute!

There are many good blenders in the market for cakes but some of the good ones are Philips blender, Morphy Richards blender and Kent blender.

It is very similar to fondant but tastes like chocolate. Modelling chocolate can be used like fondant for decorating and icing cakes or used as a modelling material to create moulds and shapes. It dries harder than fondant moulded pieces of modelling chocolate hold their shape well.

One of these people is Tuba Geçkil. In 2020, the Turkish "cake and sugar artist" went viral on the internet for her hyper-realistic cake designs, which ranged from busts of famous people to inanimate objects commonly found around the home, classic paintings and animated characters.


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