Pizza Galleria: Shark Tank India 

Prachi Sharma

By Prachi Sharma

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  • 3rd February, 2024
Pizza Galleria: Shark Tank India 


Pizza Galleria, featured on Shark Tank India Season 3, is making waves as a traditional Italian Pizza brand expanding its presence across India. The co-founder, Sandeep Jangra, who holds a Bachelor of Technology degree, initiated Pizza Galleria's journey in 2015 in his hometown of Gohana. His mission was to introduce the genuine taste of Italian Pizza to the local community.

Currently, Pizza Galleria boasts impressive monthly sales of 4 to 5 lakh pizzas. During their Shark Tank pitch, the founders shared their vision and allowed the Sharks to experience the delectable taste of their pizzas. When questioned about their success, Sandeep Jangra confidently stated, "Making pizza is not rocket science. Also, you can enroll in the pizza making course at Alippo.

StartupPizza Galleria
Founders Sandeep Jangra and Ishan Chugh
Ask₹ 1 crore for 2%
Final DealNo Deal
Sharks OnboardedNo Deal

All About the Pitch

The founders, Sandeep Jangra and Ishan Chugh portrayed their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication, earning praise from all the Sharks. Despite their enthusiasm, the Sharks refrained from investing due to uncertainties in the presented numbers and other unclear aspects. However, they expressed good wishes for Pizza Galleria's founders, hoping they achieve their ambitious goal of opening 500 franchises by 2030. The Sharks acknowledged the potential of Pizza Galleria and encouraged the founders on their journey towards becoming India's top Vegetarian Pizza brand.

Takeaways from the Pitch

From Sandeep Jangra and Ishan Chugh's pitch on Shark Tank India, several entrepreneurial skills and lessons can be identified:

1. Passion and Mission-Driven: Sandeep Jangra's passion for bringing the authentic taste of Italian Pizza to his hometown and Ishan Chugh's decision to join the venture showcase a mission-driven approach, a vital aspect for sustained entrepreneurial endeavours.

2. Adaptability: Sandeep Jangra's response, "Making pizza is not rocket science," reflects an adaptable mindset. It indicates a willingness to simplify complex processes, making the business more accessible and adaptable to different market conditions.

3. Effective Communication: The founders effectively communicated their vision and passion, leaving a lasting impression on the Sharks. Clear communication is crucial in securing investor interest and support.

4. Collaboration and Partnership: The decision for Ishan Chugh, who previously worked at Bharti Airtel, to join Sandeep Jangra highlights the importance of collaboration and complementary skills in building a successful business.

5. Resilience and Confidence: Despite not securing a deal, the founders displayed resilience and confidence in their business. Handling rejection gracefully is a crucial skill in the entrepreneurial journey.

6. Business Strategy: The founders' goal of making Pizza Galleria India's number one Veg Pizza brand and their ambitious plan to open 500 franchises by 2030 indicates a strategic, long-term vision for the business.

7. Understanding Market Metrics: The founders provided information about their monthly pizza sales and Zomato rating, demonstrating a keen understanding of key market metrics. This awareness is vital for assessing business performance and potential growth areas.

8. Acceptance of Feedback: Although the Sharks decided not to invest due to uncertainties, the founders accepted the feedback graciously. Being open to constructive criticism is crucial for improvement and future success.

By observing Sandeep Jangra and Ishan Chugh's pitch, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons in passion-driven entrepreneurship, effective communication, adaptability, and the importance of collaboration in building a resilient and successful business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How did Sandeep Jangra come up with the idea for Pizza Galleria?

Sandeep Jangra founded Pizza Galleria in 2015 with a mission to bring the authentic taste of Italian Pizza to his hometown, Gohana. His passion for cooking and the desire to deliver the ultimate tasty pizzas drove the inception of Pizza Galleria.

As of now, Pizza Galleria is selling an impressive 4 to 5 lakh pizzas per month. During their Shark Tank pitch, the founders mentioned having a Zomato rating of 4.2, showcasing positive feedback from customers.

No, despite the Sharks being impressed with the founders' energy and entrepreneurial zeal, they did not invest due to uncertainties in the presented numbers. The founders expressed their ambition to open 500 franchises by 2030, aiming to make Pizza Galleria India's number-one Vegetarian Pizza brand


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