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The Cinnamon Kitchen: Shark Tank India Season 3

Prachi Sharma

By Prachi Sharma

  • 5 mins read
  • 25th January, 2024
The Cinnamon Kitchen: Shark Tank India Season 3


The Cinnamon Kitchen, founded by the confident and humorous entrepreneur Priyasha Saluja, appeared in Season 3 Episode 2 of Shark Tank India. 

She was looking for ₹60 Lakhs for 2% equity, ultimately securing a deal with Shark Aman Gupta for ₹60 Lakhs for 5% equity. The company specializes in plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free healthy snacks, along with made-to-order fresh cakes. Focused on more than 40 products, their star item is the Fudge made with vegan dark chocolate dates, available both online and in retail, including Amazon. 

StartupThe Cinnamon kitchen
FounderPriyasha Saluja
Ask₹60 lakhs for 2% equity
Final Deal₹60 lakhs for 5% equity
Shark OnboardedAman Gupta

All About the Pitch

Priyasha Saluja is the Founder of The Cinnamon Kitchen in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. She studied at Delhi University and worked in the Marketing department for Dentsu Aegis Network before starting her brand. Priyasha began with an investment of Rs 50,000 in September 2019. In the first year, her sales were Rs 1,40,000, and they steadily grew to Rs 6 crore this year. For the fiscal years 2023 and 2024, the sales were Rs 1.3 crore.

Feedback from shark Vineeta and Anupam included concerns about packaging and labelling. Priyasha explained that the brand’s focus is more on good quality to boost customer repeat percentage. When Shark Namita Thapar asked about scaling, Priyasha mentioned her focus on expanding platforms like Blinkit to other cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, along with deals signed with airports.

Aman offered Rs 10 lakhs for a 2% share in the company and an additional Rs 50 lakhs as debt with 12% interest over two years. Upon hearing the offer, she asked if Aman could consider an equity-only arrangement. Aman revised his offer to Rs 60 lakhs for a 5% equity stake, and they agreed on this final deal.

Takeaways From the Pitch

Here are the learnings from Priyasha Saluja's pitch on 'Shark Tank India' for "The Cinnamon Kitchen

1. Clarity in Presentation: Priyasha effectively communicated her business model, emphasizing the focus on plant-based, organic, and gluten-free treats. 

2. Product Sampling: Priyasha wisely offered product samples during the pitch, allowing the investors to experience the quality firsthand. This can be a powerful strategy to showcase the value of your product or service.

3. Addressing Concerns: When faced with feedback about packaging and labelling, Priyasha acknowledged the issues and explained the primary focus on packaged goods. As an entrepreneur, being receptive to feedback and having solutions ready demonstrates adaptability and a proactive approach.

4. Business Scalability: Priyasha discussed plans for scaling the business through distribution, extending product shelf life, and expanding into different cities. Showing a clear path for business growth is crucial when seeking investment.

5. Online Presence: She mentioned the availability of products online and on popular platforms like Amazon and Blinkit. Establishing a strong online presence is essential for modern businesses, 

6.  Dealing with Investor Queries: Priyasha handled questions about scaling and distribution effectively. As an entrepreneur, being prepared to answer questions about your business strategy and plans is key when seeking investment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Cinnamon Kitchen's snacks stand out?

The Cinnamon Kitchen distinguishes itself with plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free healthy snacks. The star product, Fudge made with vegan dark chocolate dates, is a notable highlight among their diverse menu of over 40 items.

Customers can conveniently purchase The Cinnamon Kitchen's products both online and in retail. The company has a strong online presence, and their offerings are available on platforms like Amazon providing easy access for those looking to indulge in their plant-based snacks and fresh cakes.

During their appearance on Season 3 Episode 2 of Shark Tank India, The Cinnamon Kitchen, led by founder Priyasha Saluja, sought ₹60 Lakhs for 2% equity. The deal was ultimately struck with Shark Aman Gupta, who invested ₹60 Lakhs for a 5% equity stake.


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