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Top 5 Items To Sell On Etsy

Tuesday | November 8th, 2022 |8 Min Read

Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

By Jasmeet Kaur Wilku

Top 5 Items To Sell On Etsy

Etsy is a large e-commerce site, but it's actually a collection of small businesses called "shops." Once you've decided to start selling on Etsy, it's not hard to get started, but you do need to do your homework before you hit the market. Proper pre-launch preparation will help you maximize your potential as a seller.

Build Your Inventory

Before you open a shop, spend some time on Etsy and see what competitors in your genre have to offer. How do you differentiate your products from other sellers? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Once you have decided on the items you want to sell, set up your initial inventory and take photos of the items. The Etsy Seller's Guide, available on the company's website, has many tips for taking product photos. According to the manual, the photo should grab the buyer's attention, clearly represent the product, and show details such as color, material, and size.

Top Selling Items on Etsy

Etsy has nearly 100 million items for consumers to choose from. What are some of these best-selling products?

    Masks were the must-have accessory for 2020, but let's take a look at a wider range of accessories. Choose from hats and purses, hair clips and ribbons, ties, personalized cufflinks and more to suit every occasion and outfit. After 2020, people will be ready to indulge themselves.

      A search for "art" on Etsy brings up over 20 million items. In other words, there is no limit to the items you can find. From original paintings to classic prints, from custom neon colors to clip art for kids, Etsy has it all.

      Collectibles are also popular on Etsy, including memorabilia, figurines, vintage ads, stamps, and coins. Nowhere else can you buy an original movie poster and a Precious Moment figure simultaneously.

        Etsy isn't just about finished products. Craft supplies are one of its best-selling items on the site and include yarn and patterns for knitting and crocheting. Jewelry makers can find kits, beads, charms, hooks, nails, and other tools they need. Etsy sellers also offer clothing patterns, embroidery kits, and supplies for almost any project.

          This is precisely what the category title means. An item sold digitally for the buyer to download and print. Artists can sell their work this way as wall art or greeting cards. It all depends on the size of the printed image. Other printable items include planner pages and stationery, with the buyer deciding how many copies to print. Best part? Buyers don't have to pay for shipping and sellers don't have to go to the post office.

            When you're redecorating and no longer need Art Deco wall art or a sunburst mirror, chances are someone will. Etsy is your one-stop shop for new, used, and handcrafted furniture and tableware, other kitchen items, custom front door wreaths, indoor and outdoor décor, and things to help you grow your garden. Things like adding a surname to a tapestry or doormat have viewers who want to update their homes.

            Selling Prices

            Selling on Etsy is easier than setting up your own website to sell your items. You have a built-in audience of millions of buyers, but know that there are fees associated with working with Etsy. The company does not charge user fees or monthly fees, but does incur three costs:

            Etsy Fees

            Every time you make a sale, Etsy charges 6.5% transaction fee to the final price (after any discounts), including shipping, product customizations and gift wrapping.


            If you've followed all the steps in this Etsy guide, you're well on your way to a successful Etsy business.

            Learn what it takes to run an Etsy shop so you can focus on improving your performance.

            Here's some advice. Don't spend too much time thinking about what to do if you fail. Instead, if it works, spend more time figuring out the next steps. This way you can take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.

            Please note that achievements are not random events. Success on Etsy takes a long time, like years. Be patient, keep showing up, and get your work out there. A suitable buyer will come.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            If you have any inquiries or require more details, please get in touch with us at care@alippo.com

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