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Professional Resin Art
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Professional Resin Art

3+ Hours


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Candle Making Mastercourse
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Candle Making Mastercourse

6 hours+


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Shivangi K Bakshi - Artist, profile image

Shivangi K Bakshi

Shivangi Khandelwal is a professional architect and interior designer. She received her degree from Bangalore, and after working for a year, she launched her own company. She pursued her passion for interior design by creating functional art pieces, and today, from her hometown of Bareilly, she successfully operates a business. She has more than a year of experience and has taught more than 50K students.

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Agrima Wadhwa - Artist, profile image

Agrima Wadhwa

Textile designer from NIFT Hyderabad. She has her own venture called The Square Knot. Having taken over 500 workshops, she has been teaching different textile related crafts for 6 years now

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Frequently asked questions about Handicrafts ⁉

Why should I enrol for a Handicrafts course at Alippo?

At Alippo, we offer a variety of professional and beginner courses in Handicrafts to enhance your skills. We give you the freedom to learn from anywhere at any time, with the availability of each session's recording on our application. Join Alippo and get access to our knowledge bank.

At Alippo we believe in the inclusivity and diversity of our customers. We offer various Handicrafts courses in regional language (Hindi) and English as well. All our Handicrafts expert instructors take the sessions in a dual-linguistic manner, wherein they instruct in English as well as Hindi.

Classes at Alippo are between 1-1.5 hours long and last for four to five days. This schedule allows you to learn new skills, practice your techniques, and learn more about Handicrafts

No problem! You get lifetime access to recordings of the same LIVE session after 30 mins and you can watch anytime.

We offer live practical Handicrafts courses led by our expert instructors. Every step of the process is demonstrated during the live classes. Furthermore, study materials will be provided.

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    There are thousands of Handicrafts businesses generating crores of revenue. Alippo will help you take your dream one step further by introducing you to the world of Handicrafts.

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    Handicrafts is not only a revenue generating business, but also a highly required skill, every month there are thousands of jobs created and freelance work being offered around Handicrafts.

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    Why learn with Alippo 💭

    Alippo currently has offered a number of courses where Handicrafts courses is one of most well received courses. The starting price of the Handicrafts course is Rs 149 where you get access to all the Handicrafts course materials such as videos and PDFs.