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How to Create a Google Business Listing


By Divijaa

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  • 3rd January, 2023
How to Create a Google Business Listing

A Step-by-Step Guide:

It's time to make your business profile stand out!
With a free Business Profile for your digital storefront or distribution network, you can generate instant leads from those who search for you on google!  Tweak your profile by adding pictures, offers, updates, and other content.

Showcase your products and services, introduce updates via posts, discounts or offers, and happenings, reply to feedback, communicate with customers via direct messages, and much more all from a single hub.

Generating this free profile is an excellent way to boost your awareness across Google services. Your Google Business Data may appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

Why You Need a Google Business Account

  1. Get discovered efficiently. 
    A Google Business Profile enables people to locate your company when they are searching for similar products and services in their location. A Google Business Profile can also help your local SEO.
  2. Keep your company's information up to date.
    You can update people that you've diversified your services, temporarily shut down, or completely reopened (a very essential function during crises such as COVID-19). Because Google Business Profiles possess powerful online Visibility, the data you post will rank higher than third-party sites that may have out-of-date information.
  3. Gain trust and confidence through reviews. Customers can submit as many or as few details about their experiences with your organization as they want using Google's consolidated star rating and room for quality reviews. This enables prospective customers to evaluate which companies to visit and which offerings to purchase.

Finally, How To Set Up a Google Business Profile?

Step 1: Sign in to Google Business Profile Manager.
If you already have a Google account, you will be logged into Google Business Profile Manager.

Step 2: Identify your brand.
Enter the name of your company. Click Add your business to Google if it does not display in the drop-down option. Then, choose the right category for your company and click Next.

Step 3: Enter your address
Select Yes if you have a physical location that customers may visit. Then enter your company's address. If your company does not have a physical site but provides in-person services or delivery, you can include your service regions. Then press the Next button.

If you did not submit a physical address, Google will prompt you to define your location. Select an option from the drop-down menu and then click Next.

Step 4: Type in your contact details
Add your company mobile number and website Link so clients can contact you. After you've finished entering information, click Next.

Step 5: Confirm your company's legitimacy.
Insert your address and click Next. You will be given the appropriate choices for validating your account. To authenticate their location, physical establishments will receive a postcard. An email address can be used to verify service-area firms.

Enter the verification code after you receive it, then click Verify or Verify business. After getting a confirmation, click Next.

Step 6: Personalize your profile.
Fill in with the essential information, business descriptions, and images. When you're finished, click Continue. You'll be taken to the Business Profile Manager dashboard.

You may manage your company profile, examine analytics, edit reviews and messages, and create Google advertisements from this page.

Take Advantage Of This Free Tool!

Businesses on Google My Business are 70% more likely to bring in target users for in-store physical visits simply because they have a listing and are appearing in local search results. Furthermore, your Google My Business presence might drive up to 35% more traffic to your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Profile?

Your Business Profile is a free service that allows you to control how your company appears on Google Search and Maps. You may use your Business Profile to engage with consumers, publish updates, list your products and services, take online orders, and more.

Yes, creating a Google Business Profile is free. Create your profile for free, and start reaching out to new consumers by managing your business through Google Search and Maps.

Yes, you may have a profile even if your company doesn't have a real address as long as you interact with clients in person. If you're a hybrid business that serves consumers at your business address and visits or delivers directly to customers, you may also have a profile. You may also have a profile if you are a service-area business, such as a plumber or cleaning service, that visits or delivers to consumers directly but does not serve customers at your business address.

You may, your free Business Profile complements your website by increasing exposure on Google Search and Google Maps.


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